Friday, May 13, 2011

Getting a tan in Paris

Amazing! I just looked at the weather report in Paris and the sun is still shinning like crazy. No wonder some people are taking advantage of this very unusual situation for the season (I actually took this photo at Parc des Buttes Chaumont right before my departure). FYI, it appears that it is forbidden not to wear a shirt in Paris, even if it's very hot (only seaside cities allow it), but I suppose that in this kind of situations (a park) there is not risk of getting a ticket.


  1. Hey, I was right—you WERE on your way to the park!
    Great shot, Eric. Wonder what this guy would think if he knew. :~}

  2. Sunshine!!! We enjoyed a day of sunshine yesterday. Can't wait for its return.

  3. Blogger has been out all day, so probably why so few comments.
    Yesterday's post/comments have disappeared to the great blog graveyard in the sky.
    It must be the Friday the Thirteenth curse - I'd put my shirt on it.

  4. Blogger is back, yes !!! Amazing day without you !
    I thought a little while that it was because Eric wanted to be totally out of Internet during his vacation but I could not put my shirt on it ;)
    The sun was again shining all day in Paris but I'm afraid this is not going on in the coming days... Too bad for outdoor activities but good for the trees.

  5. We had a few days of summer and now it is raining and chilly again (55 F, 13 C). I think I need a big pizza and a bottle of wine. These are the next best thing to...well, you know.

  6. I tried and tried to view this before...but to NO avail! Glad Blogger is back up and running!!! Took a tanning break during an upgrade fiasco, apparently! 8^)