Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A little piece of Brazil in Paris

A new shop opened in my street and it's really neat! It's a Brazilian store, called Não do Brazil, and they sell sneaker like shoes, of all colors. Really cool. I wonder if it's really Brazilian or just marketed as Brazilian and... made in China ! (I'm kidding). Maybe Monica (with one "n"!), my truest visitor from Brazil can tell us the truth...


  1. EVERYTHING is made in China these days, Eric. But I think the cargo planes fly over Brazil on the way to Parisian store shelves.

  2. Monnica with 2 "n's" here to say that these are cool shoes! I love all the colors - I'll take a hot pink pair, s'il vous plait. The real question is - do they sell Caipirinhas?? ;-). Can't wait to hear from Monica.

  3. I'll take one in green & another in blue please.

  4. Did someone say Caipirinhas? I think I'd buy several pairs if they also serve Caipirinhas!

  5. Oh and Eric, don't forget Rose! Don't know why "Caipirinhas" made me think of her! LOL

  6. Count me in! Comfortable shoes and sugar cane liquor...what could be nicer with my PDP Friends?!?!?

  7. Dear Eric, I got the hint!First,I am from London and now Monica is your truest visitor... lol
    Here is a little bit more about Nao do Brasil:
    The Legend says that, somewhere in the depths of the Minas Geraïs (arid region of Brazil) tired of walking barefoot and of hearing his poor mother answer NÃO at each of his requests to buy him a simple pair of shoes, little Adilson got into the habit of making his own footwear with colourful materials he found in the slums of Belo Horizonte. Over the years, his shoes became more and more beautiful. Today, a rumor goes around that Adilson is a happy man, as head of a small firm that produces thousands of multicoloured shoes every year for the enjoyment of all. When asked whether he had given a name to his shoes, Adilson would recall his mother's words and invariably answer NÃO, with an enigmatic smile on his face... Thus was born the name NÃO, or at least that's what the Legend says...
    Your not truest visitor,

  8. Marvellous illuminated shot, Eric I love it! Thanks for the link, below ;D

  9. @Rose LOOOOL OK, I get it too... I'm the king of faux-pas, aren't I?!

    Thnks for the story thne ;-) See Monica did not even bother commenting Pffff. When I think of all the macarons she got for her birthday LOOOOOL.

    Let me make you my official favorite Brazilian PDP visitor!

  10. ooh is this a Brazilian stand off!! :-) love the pic Eric, and Michael, I have nooooo idea what a Caipirinhas is so I have to go look that up now! Geesh, you sure know how to give a girl homework on PDP!! :-)

  11. A little piece of Brazil in Paris, a bit of the US in Paris the other day, is this week the International Week of PDP ? ;)
    OK, I know and you're so right! Everybody will confirm that your faux pas (if so) are just lovely ...

  12. They explain their employment policy at:


  13. What fun colors!! I'm not a big shoe person (sorry, Rose!) but these would be fun to look at! Can you imagine the ideas that would flow if you were wearing some of these beauties? :)

  14. Don't know what to say...I'm a brazilian reader and I've never heard of or seen any store called Nao do Brazil (wich means "no from Brazil") around here...
    But you guys got me thinking about opening a caipirinha place at Paris! You surely know how to appreciate good things in life! ;)
    Love from Brazil

  15. Shoes.

    Pont Neuf was lovely, and thanks so much for the July 4 good wishes. I actually went to see fireworks this year and met a great couple from Winnipeg. (No, Drummond, they did not look like the July 2 photo.)

    Monica: I've been feeling the pull of Paris, also. However, some people are going to be losing their jobs here soon, and we don't know who. No new shoes for a while...

  16. As soon as I saw 'truest', I knew you would be in hot water Eric, but I admire the way you acted swiftly and decisively by demoting Monica to number two (despite her belated blandishments). Now you've upset her as well. :)

    Jeff, two Winnipegers (for that is what they are called) is not a representative sample statistically speaking, so I reserve my judgement at this time.

    Seriously, I hope everything will be OK on the job front.

  17. LOL everyone.
    I would be in hot water too if I had to say who is to me the funniest... so I won't tell anything except you really make me happy ;)

  18. So does this mean it's okay to wear sneakers in Paris as long as they come from Brazil? Thanks for the backstory, Rose—I'd love to think it's totally true. And also that they DO serve caipirinhas! Bises from your truest visitor from "Noo Yawk," Eric. :~}

  19. @Jack "EVERYTHING is made in China these day" Well not these shoes apparently!

    "I'll take a hot pink pair", "I'll take one in green & another in blue please"... wow these shoes seem pretty popular (enven Michael would wear them - OK as long as they come with Caipirinhas LOL!

    @Flore "OK, I know and you're so right! Everybody will confirm that your faux pas (if so) are just lovely ..." ;-)))

    @Maria. "They explain their employment policy at:" Yes and it's written outside the store too.

    @Vanessa "Don't know what to say...I'm a brazilian reader" No need to say more ;-)

    @Monica "Eric!!!!!!!!!!!!! I´m here!!!!" I knew my bitter comments would make you react! So when will we see you (and this time try to avaid taking a flight just before - or after I don't remember - a one that crashes will you!

    "And about those FABULOUS macarons, you know I cherish the day we met at Musée Rodin for the first time and you gave me the sweetest gift ever: your friendship!!!! Awwwwwwwww ;-)

    @Jeff " I actually went to see fireworks this year and met a great couple from Winnipeg" Did they mention Claude Levêque ?!! Could you be in the list (jobs)?

    @Drummond "Now you've upset her as well. :)" I know, I'm good at that!!

    @Alexa "So does this mean it's okay to wear sneakers in Paris as long as they come from Brazil? " It's always been OK to wear sneakers in Paris!!! We have to stop this urban legend. It's only what you were them with. Sneakers and a dress for instance, no can do...

    BTW, I passed by the store today and it was really busy. I think their concept is really good.

  20. @Eric thanks for the recognition lol
    @Roniece Caipirinhas are a Brazilian alcoholic cocktailthat contains sugar, lime, lots of ice and as much cachaca (strong spirit made from sugar cane)
    @Alexa Brazil is massive when it comes to recycling. Everything get either reused or recycled. You need to visit and look around for you to have an idea.
    @Christie They are not my style really but they do have a shop in England and one os these days I will go and see if they have one on my size.
    @Jeff No shoes? Come to visit... we need to sort that out ASAP! lol
    @Drummond Wasn't he just? But he keeps getting himself into trouble and DOESN'T learn lol

  21. I really love the little brazil in Paris..

  22. Hi everybody !
    I know it's been a long time that you post that but i got to answer to you.

    This shoes are made in Brazil, my mom's boy friend is the director and I promise you there are from Brazil !!!
    He has his own factory and I visited it, no children ! of course ^^
    If you and to find some shoes there is more than one store and go online on the web site you have all the informations !!!

    Hope it can help you guys.