Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Popping the question...

The weather is soooo depressing in Paris at the moment (I feel sorry or the tourists!) that I refuse to use a photo du jour! Instead, let me offer you this very rejoicing one that I actually took last year at Beaubourg, when the sun was still shining. FYI, there are several companies that can organize marriage proposals for you... like this one for instance ! Hint, hint?!


  1. Ok, ok, I get the hint, honey. Will you marry me?

  2. Oh, Eric - I love to see Paris each and every day - good, bad, or ugly (which it could never be) ;)

    My friend proposed to his wife on the beautiful Pont Alexandre bridge and used a fake ring with a giant stone, thinking she would want to pick out her own ring when they got back home. She thought it was real until two days later when her finger starting turning green! Oops!

  3. Uh, Eric, you have to know me better to propose!
    LOL In the mean time, the US has taken all the heat of summer and kept it for ourselves. 100 degree heat (40+ in C, I believe) is baking us like bread in an oven. I would gladly send some your way in exchange for RAIN.

  4. They are lovely. We just wish to see their face now ...!
    @ Wren : Lol

  5. Salut Eric!
    I am hoping you will be visiting Paris' brilliant plan to beat the summer heat - the Paris Plages:
    I live in Honolulu most of the time, where there are some really good beaches, but I want to see the Plage along the Seine! :)

  6. Monnica, yeah, that's his story! Probably bought it from a gypsy who 'found' it in the street and told him it was real.

    Flore, you want to see their faces?
    as they were then :)
    as they are now :(

    Only joking, marriage is a wonderful institution.............

  7. Oh Drummond! I recall you always say lovely things about your wife so I can't picture you amongst those who are like that :( after!
    In fact, I wish I could see their face to see love in their eyes ! I can't imagine to see no love because the way they are standing is lovely.
    I can't speak a lot about this, btw, for 'parenting has been my biggest adventure so far' ;) hopefully I'll have some fabulous years ahead. L'espoir fait vivre as we say in French...

  8. These are beautiful and romantic, but wow, they are expensive! As for me, my dear hubby knows what I want to celebrate while in Paris...and he has promised that we can do so for my 50th birthday / 25th anniversary present! Yay! Dinner on the Eiffel Tower here I come! (I know, I know, cliche and all that. I don't care. I still want it!)

  9. A crappy day in Paris is still better than a great one where I live!!!

  10. Ditto, Monnica! (And, Anonymous!)
    And, what a funny story!!
    And, Flore and Christie --I hope all your dreams come true!!!

    Eric, you're so romantic -- its really sweet. This reminded me of one of the first PDP photos I ever saw - the two lovebirds, Manu and Smitha - who grabbed all our hearts when they got engaged in front of your lens a few years ago. Hope they're well and prospering.

  11. I searched for an upgrade to the weather on the web, but no luck...

    INSTALLING SUMMER..... ███████████████░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 44% DONE. Installation Failed. 404 Error: Season Not Found.

  12. Michael, very clever.
    You know, you really must get out more.

  13. If someone wanted to marry me, a proposal in romantic Paree would probably clinch the deal!
    (I do have to wonder what this couple would have thought if they'd turned around and seen you behind them going for the famous perspective—of their butts! Tee-hee)

  14. Alexa lol!
    Mais à y regarder de plus près, je me sens toute petite derrière eux...!
    @ Christie : never think of 'cliché' when you think of love. Only jealous people would think 'cliché'. I'm with you!!!
    @ Carrie, thank you ! You'll find a nice picture of Manu and Smitha in the making of PDP (in May). They look great!
    Now, people often meet themselves on websites like Meetic. Lately a colleague of mine talked to me the way she found love like that and described me the whole story... The process is stimulating... Never wait too long... Lol ! They were progressing well and fast and I'm looking forward the next lunch I'll have with her to learn the next step. I'm catching up on modern things ;)

  15. I really like this photo, and I really like this link! I want a job designing and facilitating scenarios like that in Paris!

  16. The weather is also awesome in UK. i really enjoy that