Thursday, February 07, 2013

European food aid support

Last Monday, the Restaurant du Coeur (a very popular French association that provides food to the people who need it) organized a happening on the Trocadero esplanade to raise awareness on possibly financial cuts by Brussels (the European headquarters). This happening was called the airfood project and consisted of bringing an empty plate and pretending to eat... nothing! Clever... (check their website if you want to see more). More than 18 million Europeans (4 million French) are concerned by this decision which will be voted today and tomorrow. Europe is not the only place where such cuts happen, watch this "funny" commercial that takes place in Australia for instance. (Sorry the quality of the photo really isn't good).


  1. Those are both fabulous. "We need it back." I love it. Reminds me that I haven't contributed to the food charity yet.

  2. No apologies needed for this photo. I like it a lot. And making it B&W was the perfect choice.

  3. Bonne photo. Souvent il faut qu'on regarde son oeuvre plusieurs fois avant de le voir.
    Ron Gaskill, New Zherzee

  4. I like it too.
    On dirait un cliché des années 1940et des personnes au premier plan, qui manifestent par temps de disette... Je sais c'est pas gai comme référence. Mais c'est le petit côté rétro qui frappe dans la photo. Outre la revendication en elle-même. A laquelle je ne sais que dire...
    Merci pour le lien vers la pub australienne. Elle met un peu de joie dans le gris! L'humour est un puissant anti-dote contre la grisaille. Contre la faim, je ne sais pas mais sans doute un peu aussi !

  5. I love your photo! These people's hearts are in the right place—and I hope Brussels does the right thing. We have a problem with hunger here in "affluent" America too. C'est honteux.

  6. Thanks Eric, very clever video..we will be going into full election campaigning here soon, will be interesting to see what promises are made oui!

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