Saturday, February 09, 2013

Good ol' tradition...

"Faire du neuf avec du vieux" (turn old into new) is what I thought when I saw these place mats decorated with old French symbols. I photographed them in front of a cool store called Comptoir de Famille, located in Le Passage Jouffroy (the passage when the wax museum of Paris - musée Grévin - is to be found). Needless  to say that there is nothing old in these mats, they're probably made in China out of brand new plastic. Still cool though ;-) Have a great weekend and if you're Chinese, don't forget to celebrate the new year!


  1. This passage is very pretty and fun. It originally was named "Jeffrey", a very noble name, but the Parisians objected because it was difficult to pronounce. So, the name was changed to "Jouffroy" to make them feel better.


  2. Eric these are magic colors !

    Le passage Jouffroy is one of my favorites.

    Also, it has been decided for good : our next destination is going to be Paris. So I'll be popping in here more often, to pick on good advice. So thank you for the time and energy you've been putting in this site for us, Eric. It is appreciated.

  3. This picture is so atmospheric. It makes me want to buy those placemats but the ones I chose have the entire metro map on it, blown up to a"people over 40 years old " size. Great for figuring out the day without reading glasses, while having breakfast.

  4. I love all the Paris passages, but this is one of my faves. These place mats are very colorful (but the ones PHX has do sound more practical)!

  5. Great place mats -- I'd buy them in a flash. Happy Chinese New Year to you. I think it is the year of the snake.

    I love the color photo you took -- it really pops -- get it, POP Art. That's a joke. :-)