Thursday, April 25, 2013


I took this photo on the Passerelle Léopold-Sédar-Senghor, a pretty new (1999) pedestrian bridge over the Seine. Well, when I say new, I mean the latest version, as the original one was inaugurated in 1861 (and was called Le pont de Solferino at that time). It's an interesting bridge for it has two entrances (one upper one from the street level and one lower one from the Tuileries gardens), but the real reason why I like this photo is because of what's in it; a middle aged man having a blast listening to his music and contemplating the scenery! If you noticed in the background, the love locks disease has also struck on the bridge!  


  1. Oh, yes, right near le Musee d'Orsay. That is a cool bridge.

    Thanks for the rotten apples! We'll throw them at the picnic!

  2. he is probably admiring that gorgeous blue Paris sky. lucky him! Anne

  3. 'He knows how to live' is what I thought !
    Listening and contemplating ... and a soft sun... and I could do that for hours ! Relaxing... and making everything else better. :-)

  4. Yes the sun , the music , blue sky and the camera , that's all you need for a relax day... Isn't that right , Eric ???

  5. We didn't know about your blog and is so interesting! we will be updated :)

  6. I will be in Paris in two weeks and I intend to spend a few hours on the Pont des Arts, harassing any idiot who tires to put a lock on that bridge. I'm old enough to look like a harmless middle-aged non-entity so I hope I'll get away with being a gadfly.

    Someone has to start making that illegal. It's vandalism, plain and simple.

    I also plan to take my mixed tape and my Walkman to Paris so I can dance on the Pont to the Style Council. I love '80s pop music.

  7. Wonder what he would have thought if he'd turned around and seen you down there taking that picture. :-} Lucky guy gets to enjoy Paris and be anonymous and famous at the same time.

  8. Just arrived in Paris an hour ago. The weather is sunny and 24° - a bit like Florida Eric!
    It's not expected to last though, Jeff.

    Just off to sit and contemplate a nice cool beer or two- it's happy hour!

    1. Actually the exact same temperature as in Miami right now!!

  9. You know some are working too... ^_^ !
    Reading that Eric is in Florida, Drummond and Jeff are in Paris, the anonymous and famous man in the photo is contemplating, .... I almost wonder if I'm not the one who don't know how to live... ! Ok this is just a little easy joke... Everyone its turn, ok ok... I'm waiting for mine and just hope I'll do as well as you, guys !