Saturday, April 13, 2013

Joan of Arc at Saint Augustin

Joan of Arc is a true hero in France so no wonder you find a lot of her statues everywhere. In Paris there are no less than 6 (the one at Place des Pyramides being the most famous one) including this one at Place Saint Augustin (which is also the name of the church you can see in the background). As you can see the weather is clearing up a little Sunday is supposed to be super sunny! I hope it'll remain so until May 5th when we have the PDP picnic this year!


  1. I seem to recall that St.Augustine was the first iron frame church. I need to go visit it again: I don't remember Joan's statute there.

    By the way, we have this:

  2. Great pic Eric.
    Weather here has been sunny all day but now it's raining :-(

    Too bad we shall miss the picnic by a few days but never mind, hope we can still meet up with you and any other PDP 'ers who might be around at the end of April.

  3. Eric… Beautiful pix… but I also need your help…

    In your travels, I’m sure you’ve run across the statue/monument at the intersection at Point St. Michel and Quai des Grands Augustins…. It’s called La fontaine St Michel but WHO is it a tribute to ?? That used to be my Metro stop every day coming back into the city from Massey so it’s near and dear to my heart….

    Thanks…. Winski

    1. May I? That's the archangel Michael, patron of mariners and policemen. (It was Michael who appeared to Joan of Arc and urged her to free her country from English occupation.)

    2. Thanks VERY much !!

      I used to come out of that Metro tunnel every afternoon and stare long and hard at that statue.. It was always an intriguing vision after a day in the French countryside… Thanks Alexa.. another quick lesson on the history of an enchanting place …..


  4. Beautifully composed, Eric! I'm kind of partial to the Jeanne d'Arc at Place des Pyramides—she really looks like she means business! (Besides, it's so nice and shiny.) Do hope the good weather continues for le pique-nique . . .