Monday, July 22, 2013

Le Tour de France has arrived!

Every year around the same date, the Tour de France ends in Paris. This year made no exception even after the many doping scandals that kinda spoil it. This time though, I'm not in Paris, so I could not witness the "boucle" (loop), that the participants make around and inside Paris so that people can see them. But I dug into my old photos and found this one, which seems appropriate ;-) Only I don't know who this is by This sculpture is by Edgardo Carmona (thank you Mario Baylon Jr) and I remember I photographed it on the embankment, by the Eiffel Tower. Oh by the way, in case you're wondering, the winner of Le Tour is a British citizen (well sort of as I read he actually is from Kenya, studied in South Africa and lives in Monaco!) : Christopher Froome.


  1. Watched it on TV yesterday evening, some beautiful shots of Paris and a light show projected on to the Arc de Triomphe to celebrate the centenary of the Tour.
    Re Chris Froome, we'll claim him as British for the time being. :-)

  2. Indeed the biggest cycling even of the year has finished in typical Parisian style. As expected Chris Froome lift the title, i was so excited about this event that instead of watching on TV i planned to attend this years Tour live. I booked our Paris apartment in St. Germain because we don’t want to miss a single second of the last moment action and this place was on walking distance from finish line. Had great time in Paris, special thanks to all Parisian people for making Tour successful.