Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer swing!

I just came back to Paris a few hours ago (but just for a day, I'm leaving again tomorrow) and the city is really quiet. Except... in the Tuileries gardens where, like I already told you, they have installed a small amusement park for children for the summer. I passed by it last evening again and I really love the atmosphere. It's very similar to the old amusement parks my parents would take me too when I was a little boy (only today you win an iPad if you manage to shoot the moving bear three times and not a miniature radio set LOL!). They also have a shaky merry-go-round called "Air Swing" ; the is pretty cool in the night... have a swinging week everyone! 


  1. Another very cool photo, Mr. Tenin. Unfortunately the only swinging that will be happening around here this week is the swinging associated with Codman's pendulum exercises. Mrs. Vandertramp has broken her shoulder. :(

  2. Poor Mrs. V! I hope you feel better soon. That's a tough injury.

    Eric, shouldn't that sign say "balancer de l'air"? Pardon my French.

  3. I bet they don't give away many "iPads"!

    'Have a swinging week' can have different connotations these days.
    Frank Sinatra brought out an album in the fifties called 'Songs for Swinging Lovers' the title of which always makes me chuckle. If only he'd known then.........but perhaps he did.

  4. Hope you're soon mended, Mrs. V! And I bet Frank DID know, Drummond. :-) Bon voyage encore une fois, Eric. Alors, ou tu vas?

  5. Cool photo and fun memory. I think all kids love going to amusement parks.

    Mrs. V, hope you heal quickly!