Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ecole des Francs Bourgeois

Another door, I know! But it's so beautiful, I could not resist! It belongs to a school  - or rather a set of schools - called Les Franc-Bourgeois. I wish I could visit the insie one day, as, apparently, behind these doors, you can find L'hôtel de Mayenne, a 400 year old building where some of the most famous families of France have lived 


  1. At the risk of saying 'Gorgeous!' too often ... it certainly is! I'm glad you give in to photographing such temptations, dear Eric.

  2. Now THAT'S a door. I love that you just shot it straight on—fantastic composition, Eric!

  3. Wonderful photo! I love that red door!

  4. Eric, I want to frame all of your photos and --

    No. Really what I want to do is visit all the things you've shown us. I want to try those doors and see what's behind them. I want to witness a Paris sunrise through the archways of the Palais Royal. I want to be in the crowd on the Champs de Mars on Bastille day. All of it. All of it.

  5. You could not have posted something closer to my feelings ! Not that this red door is not beautiful but the title inspires me so many pictures ... L'école des Francs bourgeois surely does a great job! This is as funny as weird. Discovering your posts always remains a great source of pleasure and will remain as long as you go on posting... The longest, the best :)
    Have a nice Thursday in a sunny busy Paris.

    1. Merci Fleur! I was actually in sunny Nice today - and now I'm back in grey Paris!)

  6. it is beautiful! & I couldn't help noticing your photos color combo; red, white & blue.
    : )