Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hugs for free!

There may not be free lunches, but there are free hugs, I can assure you! I witnessed this scene in front of La Gare Saint Lazare where these two charming ladies (Kathryn Hudson on the left and my favorite kiwi Roniece on the right) would open their arms to hug anyone who wanted to. It did not last very long as... the SNCF (French railway company) police asked them to give hugs somewhere else! Which they did, with a lot of success! I would never dare doing something like that, so I'm really impressed that they did. Bravo Mesdames ! 


  1. The railway police need to learn how to relax.

    NIce shot!

  2. They do that in different cities around the world and it is a very nice thing to do.

  3. Replies
    1. C'est vrai, mais c'est précisément pour ça que c'est mignon !

  4. Well done ladies, but I can't help thinking that free shrugs might have been more Parisian.

  5. Such a fun movement around the world! Went out of my way and across the street to get one in Chicago :-)

  6. I admire their chutzpah—you go, girls!
    (BTW, the graffiti art that you showed on Sunday: I bet you took that picture on rue Jean de Beauvais, in the 5th.)