Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Paris mayor to leave soon...

It's not too cold in Paris at the moment, but it's still possible to ice skate! -) I'm posting this photo today because 1)I like it! and 2) because it shows the Paris town hall in which our mayor held his last city council yesterday, after 13 years in power. In a little more than a month there will be elections and he won't run again. It's very likely that the new mayor will be his current deputy mayor, so things should not change too much!


  1. What a wonderful photo! Were you on skates, too?

    Also, I love how you weave in current events :)

  2. Magnifique photo .
    Si on se fie au Telegraph, quelqu'un aura une maman à l'Hôtel de Ville et un papa à l'´Elysée

  3. I like your photo! So you think Anne Hidalgo will be the next mayor? (Whoever it is, it will be a woman, so that's different.)