Saturday, February 22, 2014

The surfing and jumping mannequins

OK, I've had my day off! Time to go back to PDP work ;-) And what's better than a quick drop by my favorite mannequins store, it's been a while ;-) From their attitude you can tell that summer is coming! It's actually the first time I see a mannequin in a diving position ;-) Anyway, I just wanted to put a little summer in your day, with a few weeks in advance ;-) (well for those who live in the Northern Hemisphere).


  1. I'm more reminded of the Man of Steel, actually!

  2. Didn't realize this was a mannequin store when I photographed these guys. Thought it was a new shop going in and they just hadn't been dressed yet. I have a friend who likes zany pics like that. Nearly 70 here today and I'm headed out for a good walk. Doesn't mean it won't be cold next week, however. After all, it is still February. Have a great weekend!

  3. Like William, my first thought was Superman. And I love this photo!