Saturday, September 20, 2014

Everything grows in Paris

Who said cities are not green friendly?! Not in Paris! Not only do we have trees, parks and gardens everywhere, but on top of that, when we miss a little green spot, we draw it! How clever is that? PS: sorry for the late posting, bad scheduling...


  1. That's a good way to brighten up what would just be a dull corner.

  2. Replies
    1. And I've late Sunday again!! (But this time because I partied too late LOL)

  3. The second I saw your post - which relieved me ! - I wanted to say thank you and send a smile but I retrained myself :)
    Anyway this graffito shows one thing : this plant is an evergreen plant that has leaves throughout the year... Nice find....Eric !

  4. And that does look like the kind of corner where this "evergreen" might get "watered" late at night by men who've had too much to drink. :-)

  5. Quelques feuilles vertes dans un coin pissotière de Paris sont un beau clin d'œil de l'artiste citadin qui les a dessinées. Mais rien ne vaut des plantes dans leur milieu naturel. C'est sûr. Les plantes, les animaux, les enfants, tous ceux, que l'on apprivoise un jour et dont on se sent responsable, font naître et pousser en nous la racine de notre condition humaine...