Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Canned Parisians!

The holiday season is over (the ones we call Les vacances de février or Mardi gras) and my scooter is still en panne (down)! This morning I had no other choice than to take the overcrowded metro to work. I love this photo though, it's kinda like witnessing the rat race (Metro Boulot Dodo/ Metro, work, sleep) right in front of you! Meanwhile, in Papua New Guinea...


  1. OMG, where are you all?

  2. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!! Great, great shot!!! :-D

  3. welle, what about coming in by metro?

  4. I was in a hurry so I didn't check properly, it's not a red head, it's a red bonnet

  5. I love the metro! Even when I'm packed in there's something about it that I enjoy. I can't wait to ride it again when I'm there in May...

  6. Wouldn't like to be packed in like that everyday. Glad I cycle into work. Also gives me the opportunity of stopping & taking photos.

  7. What is going on?
    Lynn, someone new fighting for the GF?
    Congrats Lili :)

  8. I would say you were lucky enough not to be on your sccoter, with the bad weather we had this morning on Paris : strong wind, rain and cold! At least, inside the metro (or the tramway), we are not completely wet...!
    Funny photo, you had to take it!(discreetly but certainly visibly, I guess, it is not so easy to do). Good try!

  9. First of all: Bon Anniversaire PDP!!!!!!!

    Eric, this is an amzaing day, 3 years now huh?!!

    Congratulations for all PDP has achieved, you certainly deserve it, I'm sure a lot of people are grateful to you for this wonderful community you've started!!!!!

  10. Lili may be first, but Justine unknowingly won the GF award, congrats~Justine!!!!

  11. It's pretty much the same here: (crowded) metro boulot dodo.

    I wonder how you took this picture, you seem so much taller than everybody else there...

  12. phx - a small part of me was hoping that I'd won. I remembered reading something about a minimum length...

  13. Eric, I like the picture BUT when I come to your blog, I just want to see other things which those I see all day long. LOL. No I'm kidding, the picture is nice. But it reminds me the tube in the morning,with all this people (already) sweating... :)
    It's fun coz to me, the people looks very parisian. I'm maybe too used to this people...

    Phx, Lili and Justine are probably wondering:"what are they talking about?? Gf??"...

    Et bon anniversaire PDP,ça se fête!! 3 ans...et encore tant de photos à découvrir!!

  14. Monica, put your hand up in the air, put your hand up in the air! (famous song). And you'll have the same picture.

  15. Ohhh poor scooter. But this is a great photo! What was the reaction of the people around you, whilst you were taking the photo? Hello to Lili and well done Justine!

    So 3 years, really?? Eric what fun! Are you celebrating tonight i wonder? Languishing back on some bar somewhere - yes i know you don't drink, but... - surrounded by adoring fans, patting you on the back, letting you take their photo... then dancing into the small hours. Congrats, Eric! x oh yes, girls, THAT is a kiss for Eric on his 3rd birthday. So there.

  16. Veinard ! At least you got the metro running in Paris. We here in Berlin have an ever lasting strike of public transportation, so no bus, no metro and no streetcar.

    1 kilometre on foot is wearing, is wearing,
    1 kilometre on foot, wears out your shoes for good.
    2 kilometres on foot is wearing, is wearing,
    2 kilometres on foot, wears out your shoes for good.
    3 kilometres on foot is wearing, …

  17. Great photo. I can almost feel the press of people. Thanks so much for the tour of Paris via your photos and posts.


  18. I love it! I want more Metro!

    I have a weird affection for le Metro; its wonderful stations, its cars, its talented performers, it's never-ending stairways, everything. I love that one part of Paris J'Taime with the man and the crazy couple across the tracks.


  19. Ah, the smell of damp clothing inside a crowded Metro train. Yes, I'd much rather be on my scooter as well.

    What are you riding (when it's running that is)?

  20. I love Paris and would like to live and write and photograph there. I absolutely love your metro photo. Very Artisitic. btw Watched Moliere this weekend end loved the film

  21. First time here. Found your blog absolutely wonderfull and will be visiting daily. And love your pictures.

  22. Girls I almost forgot. I talked to Michael on the phone yesterday and he asked me to say hi to all PDP people!

    So there, hi!

  23. Commuting by train or subway can be such a drag but cheer up. It could be worse. For example here or here.

  24. Qu'un beau site web ! J'habite en les Etats-Unis mais je voyage à Paris cet été et ne peut pas attendre. Qu'un plaisir ! Tout mon meilleur,

  25. overcrowded but that still looks like a pretty sociable mob on a train... and at least you get some walking exercise catching public transport.

  26. 'Secrets of The Paris Metro' by Taras Grescoe (The New York Times, November 19th, 2000):


  27. Bonne anniversaire, Eric! C'est vrais? Trois ans? Magnifique! Merci, merci, merci!

    I love this photo. Love the Metro. I agree with Jemima, they look pretty sociable. Not as crowded as the trains used to be when I lived in Chicago, though.

    Here's a fun video (supposedly) shot on the Metro:

    Someone said yesterday the French and Americans don't like each other. I think that's an old stereotype, or just the news media talking. When people meet people they get along fine. We're doing it here, aren't we? The CDP blogs and other such web portals can bring people of all kinds of cultures together.

    You gotta love the web.

  28. 'Secrets of The Paris Metro' by Taras Grescoe (The New York Times, November 19th, 2000):


    My last attempt at inserting the URL 'went off the rails', as it were.

  29. Ahhhh, such a cheerful looking group riding the metro in Paris this morning. :) LOL Lynn, I saw that little kiss you gave Eric, and I imagine him blushing madly (and loving every moment!).

    I wonder the same thing though...what do people think when you (Eric) are taking these photos? Would be grand to be a spectator and watch PDP in the making. Hmmm, could be a fun documentary, PDP in the Making, Eric in search of inspiration for the perfect picture, interviews with PDP fans worldwide, how his photos have led to unlikely friendships and romance, generated hundreds of stimulating conversations, the prize for the “golden finger” (congrats lili), confronted stale stereotypes, inspired other daily blog sites, all of course in commemoration of your 3rd anniversary.

    btw "Happy Anniversary!!!"

    Lucio, thanks for the link. I'm off to read the NYT story. :)

  30. The red hat is cute, he reminds me of "Where's Waldo." :)

  31. Wow, talk about packing them in like sardines! Looks rather squishy!

  32. Jennifer: My pleasure.

    It's a consciously "colourful" piece, and not written by a Parisian, but still well worth reading: although I am sure Parisians who travel the network on a daily basis might have even more interesting tales to tell - or, indeed, quibbles with the article's portrayal of their city's famous underground arteries.

  33. Jennifer, I'll bet Eric doesn't have to explain himself to anyone. Everyone knows him.

    "Ah, the famous Eric Tenin, from Paris Daily Photo! Please take my picture, Monsieur Tenin!"

  34. Je suis étudiante aux États-Unis et j'adore cet(te) blog énormément... Paris me manque beaucoup et c'est absolument superbe de voir vos photos comme ça. Merci!

  35. I am very glad I found your site. I miss Paris and this site will help me wait the days until I return.

  36. Congrats. on 3 years, Eric, and capturing Paris with a fresh eye for all your fans.

    Re: the metro, I have learned a LOT of French history from it (I know who Felix Fauvre is!), I have invented my own pronounciations for some of the stops--just try Denfert Rochereau if you are a clueless American--and have enjoyed some nice conversations with French people, mostly in English.
    Why oh why oh why can you get cellphone reception on a French metro and NOTHING in an American subway?

  37. Could be Montreal,QC, Vancouver, BC
    give us a picture of the station as well.

  38. Wow indeed, it's packed.
    Never expected Paris has this kind of hectic morning, should admitt I was only there for few days and a tourist.
    Never had ordinary life there.
    But still like your pics. :)

  39. Bonjour Eric! Beautiful picture, great weblog! I Love Paris every moment.... Visit me at iwritefromtehran.blogspot.com Yes, I am Iranian but not a terrorist (they do exist!) :) Bon courage!

  40. Dearest Eric,

    You should make a trip on the metro in Singapore. It's 2 times more crowded than you have in the photo.

    Train frequencies run at 7 to 8 minutes and every time the door opens, hordes of people push in And out like the Rugby International 2008.

  41. guille, I know very well what phx is talking about!
    I visit this blog and read the comments every day since... phew forgot when, but do not comment so often

    I thought I'd got it, I wasn't aware of the number of lines requirement

    Je note dans un coin de ma tête ;o)

  42. Bonne chance Lili pour le fois prochain.
    Oooh dear i'm sure that's bad French.

    Petrea yes perhaps you're right. Maybe Parisians form a queue when they see Eric and this accounts for the tube crowd there. They're all waiting their turn.

    Jennifer: I haven't received one back yet though lol.

    Monica how sneakily you squeezed in the fact that you and Michael were speaking on the PHONE! Pah. He's never called me. I'm in a huff. p.s. How is he? Okay i hope...when's he coming home?

  43. Eric, I absolutely love your site, I just jumped on today to check through the Blogger noteworthy sites and yours really caught my attention. I love how brave you are with your camera. Look forward to seeing Paris everyday, I have never been..but I am longing to go.


  44. Just checked out Petrea's recommendation. Naturally Seven on the Paris Metro is so cool. Thanks Petrea

  45. Nice urban photo capturing the feel of the daily commute to work. It's much more attractive than the snarl of morning traffic on the freeways of Los Angeles!
    It brings back memories of my subway ride in New York City last summer.

  46. Sublime picture, i loved the earlier one with the lady shoping too (somehow you always catch the human part).

  47. great i went to paris for christmas it was very fun bu soooo cold

    if you need a dow walker

  48. Eric, well, it netted you this great photo! I love the lines all rushing toward the vanishing point, and the large gray swirl overhead juxapposed with the gray cap in front of you. The accent of the red cap on the right is like the cherry on top! Hope your scooter is mended soon.
    Seattle Daily Photo

  49. Lynn not sneak at all, it's just that I almost forgot to give you guys his message.
    He's fine, working a lot with a bunch of other women, he tells me... he returns to Paris next weekend but can you believe he's going to Spain afterwards?? How lucky can a person be?!!

    Phx, here we get cellphone reception on the metro too.

  50. I LOVE Paris! This made my day!


  51. It just goes to show that on one's third anniversary, one can stand taller that anyone on the Métro.

    Madame et moi, vous souhaitons un troisième anniversaire très heureux, Eric.
    Quand nous sommes à Paris, nous vous apporterons un Piaggio MP3, célébrer tout le plaisir que vous nous avez donné.

  52. HA AH!!! I take one metro exactly like this to work EVERYDAY and I normally think that my life has been «Metro-Boulot-Dodot»!!!!

  53. tres joli
    on reconnait meme pas le metro

  54. merde ... ça me manque :(

  55. great picture.
    great idea for a blog, btw.

  56. petrea: "you gotta love the internet". Yes, absolutely. Couldn't agree more. :)

  57. Brings people together that would otherwise never have met at all. I think we might take it too much for granted these days.

  58. Alexandra: I'm old enough to remember when we didn't have the web, so I get pleasure out of connecting with people around the world every day. Maybe it'll save us! (I'm going to read that Tehran blog after this and let her know not all Americans are war-mongers.)

    Noa Rose: Another Angelino!

    Tall Gary: thank you for making that into an attractive link. I love that video.

  59. As usual, a great look "inside" Paris. Bon Anniversaire Eric & PDP !

  60. like this perspective, they did not all turn around at once and say? "hey! there is eric from paris daily photo!"

  61. Looks like my morning commute in Santiago! Love the idea of your blog...it´s making me want to start keeping me camera with me to capture all the different faces of this city.

  62. Any day now, Jay, i reckon Eric won't be able to freely walk the streets of Paree without people taking HIS picture.

  63. An other metro story, take a look, it's absolutely fabulous!


    (btw, how do you link something without making a cut/paste?..I want to make a blue link as you all!)

  64. I just noticed that my Blogger Dashboard has 'ParisDailyPhoto' listed on its 'Blogs Of Note." Does this mean that you will have yet _more_ visitors, Eric? :-))))


  65. I found your site via the "Blogs of Note" dashboard feature and wanted to tell you how much I enjoy it! We were lucky enough to spend a week in your beautiful city five years ago, and we hope to return someday. Until then, I'll have to content myself with enjoying your photos. Thanks!

  66. Génial ce blog et toutes ces photos très belles!!!! Merciiiiii :)

  67. Guille: Thanks for the link. A well crafted and engaging short. If only all such films could be this simple, sensitive and succinct! (Although the central character's speech might well rank as the longest pick-up line in history.)

    An yes, how does one create a blue link?

  68. Thanks Monica for reminding me of PDP anniversary!! I can't believe I forgot...

    To all. How did I take this photo? I simply handed out my camera from my nap sack, made it obvious to everyone that I was mostly taking the upper part of the car and pressed the button!

    LOL Guille on the "I don't want to see more metro!"

    Lynn "surrounded by adoring fans, patting you on the back, letting you take their photo... then dancing into the small hours." you're on drugs!!

    A strike in Germany anonymous?? See, it happens in Germany too LOL

    Tall Gary, you're right. Could be MUCH worse!

    Tout mon meilleur aussi Bookworm ;)

    Petrea the Naturally Seven video is AWESOME!

    Jennifer "Eric in search of inspiration for the perfect picture," Actually "Gee,n what I am gonna post tonight... Er... oh yes, the crowded metro. So much for inspiration eh??

    Petrea ""Ah, the famous Eric Tenin, from Paris Daily Photo! Please take my picture, Monsieur Tenin!"" I wish!

    K. rice. Merci ;)

    PHX "Why oh why oh why can you get cellphone reception on a French metro and NOTHING in an American subway?" It's actually recent. In the beginning they thought people would reject people on the phone in the metro!! What's wrong with Denfert Rochereau? You simple say Denfert Rochereau, that's all LOL !

    Farideh "Yes, I am Iranian but not a terrorist (they do exist!) :)" LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL That is very funny ! BTW, why don't you start a tehran daily photo?

    Photolicious "Train frequencies run at 7 to 8 minutes" that is all? Humm... On my line in the morning it's one every minute and they're currently changing the software so that they can increase the frequency!

    Kim "Hope your scooter is mended soon." Thank you. They said Wednesday - that probably means Friday...

    M. Benaut "Madame et moi, vous souhaitons un troisième anniversaire très heureux, Eric.
    Quand nous sommes à Paris, nous vous apporterons un Piaggio MP3, célébrer tout le plaisir que vous nous avez donné." That is so sweet - An MP3 player will do you know, much lighter to carry from Australia LOL!

    Emily ".it´s making me want to start keeping me camera with me to capture all the different faces of this city." please don't refrain!

    Mari Naci "I just noticed that my Blogger Dashboard has 'ParisDailyPhoto' listed on its 'Blogs Of Note." Does this mean that you will have yet _more_ visitors, Eric? :-))))" Again?
    Well I swear I did not pay Mr Blogger!!

    Thank you leeanne et "Paris" et à tous les autres ;)

  69. lol Eric never in a million years. You must admit you lead an exciting life late at night on occasions. Ironing...? Ring any bells? I think those ladies were just ironing your shirts willingly in public. I believe you're a bigger star in Paree than you'll let us know. he he.

  70. Your "blog of note" listing is still there, Eric.

    Farideh: Tehran Daily Photo, yes please! I couldn't find your other blog.

  71. It's amazing to answer to all... one by one!!!

  72. Congratulations! And thanks from all of us who so look forward to checking out another daily photo of Paris taken by a most congenial Parisian.

    Every day! How can you do it? I hope you are able to kick in a bit of auto pilot even on days you aren't away on holiday.

    This is inappropriate here but did anyone explain the "how to" of those blue HTML hyperlinks? Only by the good graces of Michael, who explained it here some time ago, do I have even a clue. I'll try to put something on yesterdays comment box.

  73. Oops. Today's comment box.

    HTML links (the blue "click-on" things).

    There is a kind of tutorial here, if you can call it that. It's actually just a kind of formula or pattern to write. The problem is that we can't write it here in this box exactly or it becomes a link or dead link.

    So, anyway, I'll walk you through it. You have come to a point where you want to put in a link. Let's use Naturally Seven at Paris' Milliardaires Club as an example.

    You can hear them do...

    < a href = " http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvF3kaUuWUg " > "Fly Baby" < / a >

    If you take out every "single" space above, while leaving one space between the first a and the href (and between Fly and Baby) you'll have it.

    Step by step, type one of these guys < then next to it an "a" without the quotes, put in one space then href then an equals sign = followed immediately by a straight up and down quote thingy " then type in or paste the url, in this case http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvF3kaUuWUg followed by a quote mark " then one of these > then the words you want to use as the link such as "Fly Baby" then one of these guys < followed by a slash / then an "a" without the quotes and finally this guy >

    You can hear them do "Fly Baby" if you click on the blue.

    It's a lot easier to reference if you look at the grey box in the "here" link above.

  74. Very generous of you to go to the trouble, Tall Gary. I'm going to go practice.

  75. I remember how thrilled I was when I first got one to work. "It's like magic!" Actually, I still feel that way.

    You can experiment a bit here by doing the "aperçu" and having the window show the toolbar from the View menu. Then you can go back and redo things if something is amiss or go back and "publier commentaire" if things look good, which I'm pretty sure they will, considering our new HTML writer. ; )

  76. Tall Gary: Thanks for lowdown.

    Now, let's give it a test drive...

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  78. Tall Gary, thanks a LOT!

    (yes I found funny to link to a song which says 'j'aime plus Paris' LOL.)
    I tried without the quotation marks and it seems to work too.

  79. Great blog and excellent photos. Nice job! (Found you on the Blogger list of blogs to note)

  80. Guille, Thanks for that song. It made me think of a musician (bass player) I met who lived in Japan, Jeff Hallam, who now lives in Paris. I wonder if he would have any suggestions for your trip to Tokyo.

  81. Tall Gary, I listenned to his music, it's really nice! Exactly the kind of music that I love.
    If I have some questions about Tokyo (it will happen in few weeks when I will have my guide book!)I will ask YOU!

  82. Feel free to ask away, Guille.

    You know, I think Jeff has gigs often around Paris. When I knew him he was playing in an acid jazz band. From his site it looks like his "Ghost Stories" CD will be on sale soon, if not now.

    If you have a chance to see him a good "ice-breaker" would be to go up to him and say something like, "You probably don't remember me but we had a drink together at "Rock Mother" in Shimokitazawa. Or was it that DJ bar outside of Kichijoji? I was totally disgusted."

    I just got an idea for another comment elsewhere.

    See ya.

  83. That's a great, great shot. I like this point of view right from the top looking at peoples heads. Nice!

  84. The French metro looks cooler than the subways in New York, haha. I like the photo.

  85. This is a great picture and the title is perfect.

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