Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Surfing the wave

Remember last week's photo in La Défense with the human butterfly? Well, I told you I would show you a few other shots that I took there at the same time. Here is one that I love. The guy is actually on the rooftop (click here for a broader view) of one of the oldest buildings in the area (inaugurated in 1958) : le Cnit (for Centre des nouvelles industries et technologies). It was a very modern building at that time, but now, even after a complete renewal in the late 80s, it still needs some work...
BTW, I finally managed to upload the full length version of the picnic video. If you're interested, it's


  1. Love this. Can't stay away from "Paris" even if it looks cold... Looks like snow.

  2. Wow...fancy surfing on one of those?
    I can't think of anything else to say...I just need to post two lines of relevant subject...
    Does white and it looks like snow count?

  3. Oh no beat me to it!
    Congratulations :)

  4. What an awesome photo with that "snowy" roof against the blue blue sky! And the broader view of the whole building really shows what a nut this guy is to want to be on the roof. At first glance of the smaller photo it looks like the guy's standing in a pool of blood or something, but it's really ropes. Makes me a bit nervous to think of that guy up there.

    Rose you lost out on GF, but you have an aweseom new profile photo! Again, love all your necklaces!

  5. I love the video! Very well done, Eric! How nice to see even more of you!

    Okay, I know it is not about the photo. Yes Rose, I agree, isn't it white and snowy looking? ; )

    Seriously, after looking at the wider shot it even gives me a shiver to think of somebody up there so high.

  6. Now that is too cool! How did you manage this one?

  7. Katie
    There is a story behind all the necklaces. Guille and I were talking on MSN and I said to her that I was very weird and dressed really mad.
    At the time she said "No" and I said "Yes, I wear many many necklaces and a weird hat".
    She didn't believe me so I made a point of turning up with the necklaces (I just grabbed all the ones more or less the same length) and bought a hat that didn't look too weird.
    So this was the reason why I wore that outfit, the hat and all the necklaces.
    The only problem with that was that I kind of liked the idea of wearing my hat and all those necklaces... maybe I was born excentric and just need time in accepting it.

    Can you believe how brave that guy is?

  8. This photo has the look of someone climbing a glacier. The roof texture could very well be ice. Great photo and thanks for the full view shot.

  9. Great shot! I remember that building sitting all by itself way at the other end of the mud field that was the Parvis at the time!

    I didn't realize it was built that long ago, though. Just goes to show you. I think it's still look pretty modern (especially considering its age!).

    I went in there 2 years ago to see Grand Corps Malade but FNAC (who had organized it) had not realized how many people would come and we never could get in, although we showed up an hour early. I bought his CD anyway and a bigger memory card for my camera since I was there. Then, I went and photographed the Grand Arch about 150 times from every possible angle ;) OK, enough out of me.

  10. OH, what the heck one more won't hurt ..

    Great shot!!! Really great shot!! Most creative and fun.

    By the way, isn't the roof made of some kind of plexiglass? Just curious.

  11. tomate, if it were up to me you could just keep telling stories.

    It's a "knock your socks off" shot for sure. Eric, I'm glad to know you love it, too. You should. I'm going to watch the video now.

  12. Rose that's a funny story about you and necklaces and hats. But you look fabulous in them and it's a great style, even if it was originally so that Guille could find you in the PDP crowd!

  13. OMG - I freaked out when I clicked on the broader view photo! Quelle nutso this guy is! Brilliant shot, Eric!

  14. Wow! What a great photo! I showed it to my kids. Great rooftop, but I sure wouldn't want to be up there :)

    Loved the video of the picnic, Eric. Wish I could be in Paris. The closest I'll get is next January, when I'll be in England with 8 of my students.

  15. Station break - thank you for your support. kisses - bisou bisou

  16. Great picture!! I hope that guy is not afraid of heights! What a great shot though...

    And thank you for putting the full picture so we could see how far up it really was!

  17. Only SAINT Eric could be flying so high to take these photos. As a saint, he does indeed have friends in high places. Of course, those of us who have...fallen, I think is the word...have seen such things, but now, because of bad behavior, I'm a bit more...grounded. Well, there's better wine down here anyway, and prettier women.

    Watching the video, I just had to open un bouteille du Cotes du Rhone, have a few sips, and think: about that garden of earthly delights that is Paris. (What did you say, M. Bosch?)

    One more comment: I'm unpacking and found the bag that held my macaroon, sunglasses, and t-shirt. It was sitting next to all the picnic food. In the bag was a bitesize chunk of baguette from the picnic. It made me laugh.

  18. No, Rose, I can't! I think that Pont-Girl said it best: "Quelle nutso!"

    Eric, where were you that you were able to see him? I suppose I had better go reread the original post.

    Did you get the completed butterfly too?

  19. Eric -- so how did this guy get up on the roof ? Surely he must be there legally. And what is he doing with all the rope (is that what it is)?
    You definitely like La Defense, n'est-ce pas? You've inspired me to go there -- with a camera, of course -- next time I'm in Paris. Also, the video was worth the wait (and especially for those fortunate folks who were at the picnic and are in it, I'm sure).

    BTW, Rose, I love your photo. Eccentric is good -- embrace it!

    Off-the-subject aside to Lois: Knew a couple of those Factory people (the ones who came to Paris). Found them physically beautiful and emotionally just short of a train wreck. What did you think? And, yes, AW was seriously weird AND creepy -- but, come on, how cool to have been in Interview!

  20. It really does look as if he is skying - the white of the roof, the crispy blue sky it is so sports d'hiver. Bon sang, pourquoi je commente en Anglais?

  21. Before I enlarged the photo, I really thought the guy was skiing on some snow mountain! And yeah, the rooftop does need some good scrubbing....

  22. Mon Dieu!! What a brave person!! You wouldn't get me up there!! Great shot though..and I bet he got quite a sunburn that day!! LOL!!

  23. rosecarlsbad wrote...

    More clues about you on PDP! This is like some sort of game, "what else has Lois done."

    She is tooooooo funny. bisou Rose

  24. Once again, a prize-winner! I like the colorful cords (or whatever they are) that are coiled around his feet. What is he doing up there? Is he repairing or cleaning the roof? Or is he protesting something :-)

  25. surf up dude! this is just breathtaking!

  26. When I first saw this photo, before reading the text, I just thought;what on earth is this ?, it's not water, it's not snow, what...?
    I can't believe anybody would surf/ski on a rooftop. But ofcourse it's Paris - and where else would this happen ?

    I finally managed to see the whole full lenght PDP picnic video. You guys are GREAT and I can't wait to meet you all next year.

  27. I've some problems with your pictures Eric, you know. It often happens that I don't catch their meaning at the first sight (yesterday's pix, Eiffel Tower and her reflection in the water etc). It's a compliment I swear. I have to scrutinize for a long time!!
    This one was not an exception, I thought you posted a Alps picture from February! I really saw a man climbing an ice mountain...
    That's what I love with your pictures actually, these double meanings photos...

    Rose, I didn't know that your picture was due to me!! I'm glad of it. And to tell the truth I enjoyed the way you dressed and all thes necklaces you wore at the PDP picnic. You looked gorgeous.

    Eliane, LOL yes, it happens sometimes, de parler en Anglais. On s'y fait très vite. ;)

  28. Guille
    You must either have been very drunk with all the caipirinhas and other drinks you had or your English is even worst (not!) than you insist on telling us...because I told you more twice!
    Tut tut...

  29. Rose i love your weirdness. That's a sentence i never thought i'd say...

    Great photo Eric. He looks like a tiny model. You sure you haven't been playing with toy soldiers and some cellophane in your office?

    So for those who enquired and are interested, i've now posted my hospital-humoured tale over at Cheltenham. Same photo, different story. Back to bed for me for a couple of hours now...

  30. Very nice and unusual picture Eric ! Bravo !

    Hello Tomate. No this was made of concrete. And it's still a record in world architecture.

  31. Awesome photo!! Yes, it seems like a toy surfing on plastic waves. Really different after enlarging it!

    I am currently enjoying the free time in Paris I promised myself to take. Three days off for my best pleasure. It feels soooo good!!!!!
    I went this morning at Jardin des Tuileries and sat down beside the water. Just lovely. With the fabulous weather there was, everything was simply perfect and sweet. Sorry for all of you who are missing Paris... I do understand ;)
    This afternoon is devoted to my children (Quai branly museum at the end, I think). We are going to walk on the famous Passerelle Debilly (remembered something- Smitha?!). And tomorrow is just going to be devoted to me;). Many 'PDP must see' au programme!

    Love Paris!

  32. Wow, this photo is 100% impressive! At first, it looked like someone was snow boarding, but n-o-t! I love the surpise factor. :)

    Rose, it is so wonderful to hear about women (and men) who celebrate their individuality, wear what they want, say what they believe and who are truly original. I am visiting family in Boston and almost bought this book last night. "Wacky Chicks: Life Lessons from Fearlessly Inappropriate and Fabulously Eccentric Women" by Simon Doonan. I say "Life is precious, Live it outloud!" I can only hope to become half as interesting. :)

  33. Wow! Eric-so cool! When I opened up to the first shot, I was all intrigued like, what is this? then to find out -that was truly amazing.
    You have inspired me to go out and take pictures-again!
    I am sure everyone here agrees with me that you are a creative genius!

  34. Bravo encore, Eric, for the wonderful blog venue that you have created for people to collaborate, as you said so well in the charming video, in a positive rather than a confrontational way. The old saying says that a picture is worth a thousand words -- and it's true. But, hearing your voice in the video, and the voices of the picnic participants, is worth at least a thousand more! Thanks for all your efforts.


  35. Rose, REALLY?! I remember that we talked about your necklaces that's right, but we didn't talk about this picture, did we?
    Your Caipirinha was so strong (n'est-ce pas Michael?!) that I couldn't understand what you were saying...
    Or my English really sucks. That's an other solution. LOL

  36. I tell you, i could do with one of Rose's Caipirinha thingies right now, though they would not go with my antibiotics. I can't wait to try it. I think i deserve one!

    Your English is superb, Guille.

  37. Not true, but even if so, that doesn't mean it would be better to avoid it...!

    (Apologies to Mark Twain)

  38. Eek, Lynn slipped in before I posted. Try again:

    It is not true that your English is bad, but even if so, that doesn't mean it would be better to avoid it...!

    (Apologies to Mark Twain)

  39. Jeff, LLOOOOOOLL. It left its mark on you, right?!It wouldn't have been better to avoid you finally!
    Mark Twain will forgive you.

    We owe an explanation: I gave to Jeff a postcard during the PDP picnic with a quotation of Mark Twain:
    "Ce fut admirable de découvrir l'Amérique, mais il l'eût été plus encore de passer à côté."
    Something like: " It was admirable to discover America, it would have been even better to avoid it". He he.

    Lynn, to thank you, an other Twain's quotation! "Avec un bon compliment, je peux vivre deux mois."
    But I was not fishing for compliments, it was a joke! :)

  40. Just for you to laugh, here is a photo of me taking the pictures from the rooftop of the tower I was on.

  41. Love the photo Eric. Very sensible attire i should think. You look kind of sexy in it, kind of doctor-like. Oh sorry i have good-looking doctors on the brain...swoon... Actually, Eric, my pain is still there....?

  42. Lynn paging Dr. Eric. He does look good in that mask though.

    I still can't believe this is a roof. Love that blue sky.

    Bisou to you Lois. Ohh, I've been outed.

  43. Hi
    I am coming to Paris, your photos have inspired me. I have always wanted to go to Paris for many years and I am now finally putting it out there that I will make this trip.

  44. Good friends you are Lynn and Jennipher, one calls me weird and the other associates me with wacky/eccentric chicks! lol

    Guille, you are funny. When I tell you you speak English extremely well you ignore me, when I joke about you speaking bad English you beleive me! Silly girl... you speak English very well and your accent is so light and lovely!

    Lynn, get better and come to spend a few days down here. We can get drunk everyday on caipirinhas!

  45. Eric,
    Une sensation de malaise?
    Des céphalées?
    Une altération de l'état général?
    Des frissons?
    Une fièvre?
    Une diarrhée?
    Des nausées?
    Des vomissements?
    Des douleurs abdominales?
    Une confusion?
    Une désorientation?
    Une léthargie?
    Des hallucinations?
    Une dépression?
    Un délire?
    Une obnubilation?
    Un coma?
    Be careful, you have the legionellosis!!

    Sorry, I couldn't resist.

  46. Looking good, Eric! What professional photographers won't do for their art...whew!!! You are dedicated and we appreciate it. Amazing view, eh.

    Guille...your English sounded fine on the video. I'm horrible with video cameras in my face. I thought you all were splendid. You all have a time capsule of memories. Thanks for sharing.

  47. Rose, your accent is lovely too. I know that you're fed up with all the people asking you where you come from, but it's delightful.
    May I join you (for the caipirinhas) ?

  48. Coltrane, I HATE me on videos, and just before Eric came for the interview, I told Lynn (PHX CDG) that I couldn't face it!
    And when I see the result, I know that I was right. LOOOOL

  49. Lynnn "Very sensible attire i should think. You look kind of sexy in it, kind of doctor-like. Oh sorry i have good-looking doctors on the brain...swoon... Actually, Eric, my pain is still there....?"

    LOOOOOOL! These are my work attire - If I had known I'd be standing of top of the world (well La Défense) I think I would have dressed differently. The other photographer (the real one(!), who took this photo of me) was not exactly in a suit...)

  50. Coltrane_lives, I thought they all were great on the video too. That is what the "shout out" on PDP and the bisous were all about earlier. I had just watched the video and heard what they said about me in Pareee. I wasn't expecting that.

    rosecarlsbad wrote...
    More clues about you on PDP! This is like some sort of game, "what else has Lois done." Rose is known as "from cali" on PDP.

    Alexa, Yes, Warhol wanting me to be in Interview was a compliment. Actually, I was in there a lot. It was because my photo was part of an advertisement for Interview subscribers to renew their subscription or whatever. He use to put that in every issue towards the back.

    So that's what Eric looks like when he is working. You look nice in a suit Eric.

  51. Euh Guille, what is this list? Because I feel like I have about 80% of these syndromes!

  52. Such a fun here !!!!! Lynn and Eric and then Guille and Eric, I am still laughing!!
    Eric, 'about 80% of these syndromes', LOOOOL!!!!!! What does happen to you? I could witness you don't seem that ill ;)!! Are you 'vacationsick'?

    BTW Eric, I guess you were very lucky to be invited up there!!
    NB : I could also witness about 'your work attire', yep;)!!

  53. Thank you Lois. Actually I think I had the exact same suit when I saw you in SF!

    Corinne, so how was Passerelle Debilly? Chouette non ?

    And yes, I had rather stayed on vacation;)

  54. So, I'm sorry for you Eric... :)
    They are the Legionellosis syndroms of course.

    Corinne, nice to make you laugh! :)

  55. So, Eric, it would have been better to avoid it?

    Guille's list, and your response, reminds me of the little warning on exercise machines at the health club: "If you feel faint or weak, stop immediately."

    Well, hell, don't we feel like that every time we use the damn things?

    Beudeu gue DEU!

  56. Eric, you already know my thoughts about Passerelle Debilly :) I think that is the perfect place for lovers and for Paris lovers for ever (like me)... And I saw many of them during the few minutes I stayed there. That was gorgeous. My children were with me too. They have to know good things of the life in Paris.
    And Quai Branly museum is also an awesome place (the building by itself and the gardens are really worth seeing at least!).

    Guille, hi !!! You always make me laugh a lot and that is a real happiness! Bon courage pour tes exams... I know what it is(in the law subjects). D'accord, ça fait un certain temps;) mais ça m'a marquée à vie!!

    Jeff, 'don't we feel like that every time we use the damn things?' ;) LOOOL

  57. LOL Corinne, ça m'a déjà marquée!Je commence cette semaine, 16 examens en perspective...So,thanks!

  58. Er...Lynn Calling Dr. Eric....Lynn calling Dr. Eric.......

    Le Cali thinks you should do a house call, Eric. I'm thinking that's a good idea :) Wear the mask.

  59. Rose that sounds lovely. When i'm antibiotic-free and stronger, we should do that!

  60. I don't agree with Eric. The building is still very modern in its architecture. The surface available on the ground is 22000m² with not a single pole. That's amazing!

  61. At first, I thought he was surfing/skiing on some weird planet. Good stuff!

  62. when i just looked at the photo i never realized it's a roof top... this is pretty cool...

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