Friday, May 09, 2008

Thanks for a wonderful evening

It's always a bit tacky to thank everyone for coming to a party you organized, but I don't care, I really want to thank all the people who showed up yesterday evening, who brought gifts, who called (Lynn and Suzy) and all of you, who commented -a lot! I really enjoyed myself even if I did not get the chance to speak to everyone very long. That brings me to the video which is currently being uploaded... I really hope I'll manage to show it to you because it did take a lot of time to edit (gee, I'll never make a video blog!) and I really would like you to see it;) - I won't know until tomorrow when I wake up to go on Holiday for a week... Whatever the result is, there will still be photos for you here ;). PS: a big thank you to Michael, who ordered all these badges from Zazzle; He gave 33 of them last night! Update : check this, if you want to see more photos... Update 2: the video is here, but only 5 minutes ;-(


  1. I have got one of them
    they rock :)

  2. GF!!!

    That is really lucky uhm?
    Well guys, I wasn't surprised. I was shocked!

    It seemed that everyone knew everyone and what amazed me was how well we knew each other and how well we got on.

    Oh there is so much to tell...
    Monica, Michael was sucha gentleman and pretended really well he liked the caipirinhas I made (I saw him throwing them all in teh Seine)

    PHX-CDG, I am inviting you to my parties because you sure bring the fun factor to any event. She brought super glasses, great pens (have one for you Monica and Lynn), a great quizz (thanks too Monica) and presents... she is great that girl!

    Guille... she is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S. And will never guess what Guille does when she needs...

    Oh there is so much to tell
    Eric hid behind his camera most of the time but he is so smart, modest and wonderful.

    Michael, well... he is unique, perfect. We all loved him even more now!

    Marie, Justine, Corinne, Jeff, Thib, everyone was so lovely...

  3. I've one too, they rock. You're the best Michael and Eric. I really wanted to thank you for that you did and do...

    Good journey Rose?

    I had a picnic tonight with some friends, guess where it was?! Yes, to the end of the Amiral de Coligny Street!!! It's an amazing coincidence to me.
    And I even met someone there, someone I met last night at PDP picnic.. Barb! She was on the quay too, walking to Concorde (Am I right Barb?)...She took a picture of our band to remember this coincidence.

    'And will never guess what Guille does when she needs'

  4. LOL! Don't believe a word they tell you here! I certainly DID NOT throw those hand made caipirinhas into the Seine! There are laws against getting fish drunk you know...

    It's true, everyone was so nice and it didn't feel uncomfortable at all. I do have to say that I also missed having Tomate and NastyGG with us. Laure (Eric's friend) too! Maybe next year.

  5. What cool buttons!! They are so neat!

    I'm so glad that everyone had a lovely time and I hope that some May I can join you all.

    Eric, thanks for arranging something that we could all enjoy, even if it was vicariously!!

  6. We made a video too -- of the SF PDP picnic. However, it is a huge file and I cannot email it to you. We made the movie towards the end of the picnic when we were drinking pink champagne and eating macarons. We were all giggling a lot. It's the bubbles. I giggle a lot already; and after a glass or two of champagne, I giggle for the slightest reason. So, maybe it's a good thing that you don't see this movie. It is very silly!

    I have some still photos too, if you would like to see them, just say the word.

  7. It looks like you had such a wonderful time. Paris, the river Seine and the wonderful PDPers, I can't think of anything better. Maybe one day I will be able to join you all. Enjoy Paris and the beautiful weather, for those of you who are there.

  8. Eric, you're a generous guy, you know that? That took a lot of planning. I echo Christie's comment--it was something we could all enjoy, even from many miles away.

    Michael, you, too. Those pins are cool. Are you sending them to all of us?

  9. Lois, I was wondering how it went. Please let us know (and for the video you can upload it to Youtube or Google Video.
    I'm sure someone can help you here.

    I'm sorry but I can't, it's already 1:30 am and my taxi is @ 7 tomorrow!!

    Gotta go...

  10. Eric, your photo slide-show gave those of us not there a real feel for what a wonderful evening you all spent on the banks of the Seine. Thanks so much for sharing. David

  11. Have a wonderful vacation, Eric. You deserve it!

  12. You don't really invest your time and yourself in your blog Eric, what a pity... ;) Well, sleep tight!

  13. Eric, It went very well. We had a lot of fun. And plan to do it again. Katie posted photos at her website

    You sound exhausted. We were thinking that you might be. Take care and have a wonderful week of relation and fun.

  14. One of the many things I love about the PDP community is its boundless goodwill.

    I say this because I can't think of anyone among my current group of friends and acquaintances who, without being prodded, would go to all the trouble that Eric et. al. went to in order to organise, host and document last night's picnic. Which is sad, really, but also a testament to the fact that, often, it is the kindness and generosity of "strangers", not our family or friends, that arouses the strongest feelings of hope and gratitude in our world-weary hearts and minds.

    I know we often often talk about the bad and the ugly in this comments box (indeed, I'm one of the chief culprits in this department!), but there's a whole lot of good out there too - something easily forgotten in this increasingly selfish, savage and superficial world.

    In other words, it's comforting to know that, thanks to both the internet and the unforced human decency of some genuinely warm-hearted and open-minded individuals, the City of Light will always offers us temporary respite - if not a refuge - from the darkness that, sadly, has descended upon is in so many places and in so many ways.

    Feel the love, people - it won't bite!

    PS Oh, I almost forgot to mention the sporting sense of humour shared by PDPers, which helps prevent us from becoming too serious when deliberating or too heated when debating. Where else would I have risen so quickly from the ranks of the "plebs" to become "Count Crispino"?!

  15. That slideshow is awesome!! I think I'm coming next May even though I'm also going this November - you all had way too much fun! I want in!!

    Have an incredible vacation, Eric!

  16. I have one of them too, they rock!!!

    I can say that too because Eric gave me one last year!

    Rose, I'm glad you enjoyed all the fun, that the caipirinhas were a huge success and the you enjoyed the quizz. Didn't I tell you how great Phx was??!! That's why I keep saying she is the best. And I'll tell you what, I haven't met her in person yet but I feel like I have.

    Next year, we are definetely going to meet, right Phx??!!!!!

  17. Well, I can't wait to watch the video. Maybe next time, Eric, you can do a live streaming video!!

  18. The photos and video are marvelous! Thank you for doing that so quickly for our sake.

  19. What cute little badges! I have no idea what this zazzle is but I see it mentioned on here alot...I'm going to have to google it eventually!

  20. Lucio...loved the Tennessee Williams reference. The spirit of Blanche DuBois' "kindness of strangers" lives on in Paris, eh? These badges look cool. Are they magnetic? Glad to see that all had a splendid evening. Anyone see the ghost of Gene Kelly dancing along the Seine with...hmmm? Now what was her name? ;-)

  21. all look like you had such a great time!! Fantastic!! Have a great holiday Eric!!!

    I really do love those 2008 glasses..great idea!!

  22. And as PHX-CDG said Tonton, "They are collectibles because you have 2009, then 2010, and you can't make glasses out of those years!" LOL

    Well I hope you get the video done Eric, but what I've seen so far looks great. Even for those of us who were there it's good to be able to see the people again and remember, "I wish I would have asked her this..."

  23. This photo turned out nicely. They look lie pdp scabble tiles. i enjoyed being pinned!

  24. lucio! It was nice to finally see your hansome mug on your blog. thanks for posting the big hello to pdpland in photo form from your site:)i put your flash fetish widget on my site too. it makes it so easy to add a musical twist to any blog page!

  25. I just love the video and the slide show. You are ALL so nice and look so happy :D
    I am more jealous than ever over not being there. See you all next year.
    Thank you Eric for the big job yoy're doing with all this PDP thing. Have a nice holiday !!!!

  26. Rose, I confirm your caïpirinha was great, and I'm sorry I didn't have more than a drop! But you kow I had to drive 2 hours back home after the picnic..; So I also enjoyed the pineapple juice (safer) ;-)
    Michael, thanks for the badge!
    Eric, your video/slideshow is great, great, great! Cool memories... Enjoy your holidays, you deserve them!

  27. Wow this is just what i was craving. All the details, all the fun. I'll have to watch the vid again with sound on my son's pc when i can. You all look fantastic and having a great time. Thank you so much Eric for putting it all together for the absentees to see. By the way Rose was kind enough to call ME - i didn't make the call. She's very special. I love all the pics and will watch them again soon.

    Pins, buttons - when i first went to Zazzle i was confused- why would someone want to make buttons? In UK they are the things which fasten your cardigan together through a hole on the other side! We'd call these badges.

    I've just popped in very quickly i'm feeling dreadful; fever and really terrible abdominal pains - is there a doctor in the house? lol - so i'm in bed and waiting for the doc. What do you mean i have a propensity for being dramatic?! MOI? Ok, Yes i admit it, but it's true; i feel AW-FUL. Hardly any sleep since the picnic. I'll check in when i can. love to you all... mwaaaah!

  28. I just got on the computer for the first time. The photos are great. The picnic was fabulous, and yes, Reine Guille gave me a big rose. Men do love flowers, folks.

    The lunch at Jules Verne was the most marvelous meal I've ever had. I have to rob a bank now.

    Must run, Julie and Craig are waiting to go to Versailles. I'll send some photos when I can and e-mails to mes amis de picnic.

  29. Coltrane Lives: You have a keen eye for detail, but you do realise, don't you, that in being so clever you've made a rod for your own back? I'll be expecting you to spot all my carefully secreted references from now on - and grading you on your body-count and accuracy, too! LOL!

    Marie: I think George Clooney's crown is pretty safe, but thank you for the compliment. It was great to see you (and Guille, and Rose, and Justine) moving and talking in Eric's video, which brought you all into my microscopic studio apartment without making it feel either small or cramped! (I did think that Eric deserved a dunking, though, for forgetting where Rose lives and what you do for a crust. LOL!) Finally, I'm thrilled that you've acquainted yourself with the Flash Fetish widget. I'll pop over to your site later and see what use you're putting it to.

  30. Handsome Count Lucio, from 'plebs' I became 'Reine Guillemette the First'! Isn't it amazing?

    Jeff, Le Jules Verne? Gosh, I hope that you already bought your return ticket for the States, if not, you're probably stuck in Paris, moneyless! :)

    Lynn, c'est parce que tu n'es pas venue au pique nique que tu es tombée malade...Les photos et vidéos sont de bons remèdes, prend soin de toi!

    Thx for the video and slideshow Eric! I guess you spent a lot of time working on it, so please stop to be sorry!!

  31. If I turn any redder from all this delicious female flattery, I might soon be indistinguishable from Tomato Farcie! Thank you, ladies, you are too kind. I do hope, though, that you also like me for my mind! (BTW, it's okay to like me for my aristocratic title, too.) LOL!

  32. Thanks, everyone, for the stories about this momentous event. Yes, this is a fun and happy community (on which I comment only once in a while, usually due to time constraints)! And mucho thanks to Eric, for having organized this picnic, and documented it so nicely in the exciting photo montage and in the cool "documentary" video (hope we get more when he's back from vacation.)

    The buttons are extremely cool, Michael!

    I am very excited at the prospect of meeting Eric and Michael in just a few weeks!

  33. Merci Guille, j'suis la encore! J'suis sur que tu es correct! Alors, j'ai envie de j'etais la au pique-nique parce que j'ai le prix maintenant. Le Doc a dit c'est probablement - grumbling appendicitis (ne me le demande en francais!).mais en ce moment la n'est pas necessaire d'aller a l'hopital. En CE MOMENT LA - EEEK! Je suis en douleur mais de temps en temps les visites ici sont tres agreeable. Ok so i tried it all in French. How did i do? Eek, again. I await your corrections please.

  34. Lynn,
    I remember a few years ago, one of my English colleagues refused to correct my english, because "it's much better than my french" (he said!).
    So I won't correct your French, and will highly appreciate that you make the effort to use our language.
    But please take care of yourself, and get better soon ;-)

  35. Rose: Using the power invested in me by Queen Guille the Magnificent, I command you to change your profile photo! Your current one simply doesn't do you justice. You've got too much pep and pluck to go with the verging-on-incognito image you're using at the moment! Update or stagnate, baby!! :)

  36. Eric and Michael - what a wonderful show. I enjoyed looking at the photos and video.
    Unfortunately I haven't been participating too much in the comment conversations but I can see that this will have to change.

    Lynn: I can read your Francais my dear. I won't even attempt corrections though. I can't believe that you have "grumbling appendicitis". I would be going to hospital in an ambulance if you feel any worse or start vomiting. I had my appendix out when I was 12 and I can still remember how awful the pain was. But they didn't operate until the next morning! When is the doc coming back to see you?

  37. Thanks Thib! I studied it at uni but that seems eons ago and i don't get chance to use it. I like to get it back a little by speaking on here now and again. Therefore, i appreciate being corrected. I know Guille won't let me off so lightly! Thanks Thib for your good wishes. Doc's parting words were "Well, it'll either get better over the next few days, or it'll get very much worse." LOL. Great. I feel so much more informed. Along the lines of 'it'll either rain or get dark before nightfall.'

  38. Eric

    THANK YOU for the video of everyone! It was fun to HEAR how everybody sounded. Now they all seem real! And you don't sound at all like I thought you would. Very lovely. Very handsome. Not at all like Pepe Le Pew, if you know what I mean. I was so fascinated watching the video that now I am late to work. Mon Dieu! But I go to Montreal next Friday to spend thee days hearing French, eating French, and listening to jazz. Not Paris, but a good second. I am also imaging 5 years from now when the PDP picnic is a major PR event and the newscasters show up! I wonder if you can get this event into the Guinness Book of World Records? What would the event be called?

  39. Thanks Mme, that's useful to know. She said to ring if it gets any worse or if i'm sick. I'll just have to wait and see i suppose. Typically when Doc was there, i didn't have the worst pain! Yes it's dreadful isn't it. Got it now though again. Doc is ringing me on Monday if i don't call before then. I will of course call if it changes, as i know that's important.

  40. Lynn, you take care of yourself you hear??!!! I don't like the news the doctor gave you, EEK the CE MOMENT LA too.
    It won't be necessary to go to the hospital. Period.

    Get weel soon xx
    (hehe I still adore this way of signing!)

  41. Nice performance, Eric. I wish you will have a great holliday week so as to relax after this stunning meerting. I hope I will be able to join the next gathering. Read you soon.

  42. Let's hope not, Mon'! My son just went cooking dinner, he's being very sweet and helpful; Back to bed for a while now, i'll be in later.

  43. Rose!!!!!! Hello to you too!!!!!!

    Just watched the video, it's awesome, can't wait for the rest of it (well, actually I can wait Eric, you deserve your nice holidays!)

    I was so excited when I heard Rose saying hello to me! And so touched! Oh how I wish I was there... thank you for remembering me dear, see you next year!!!

    Very amusing to hear Guille speaking too, she sounds lovely. Did Eric interview Phx?? Did anyone interview Eric??

  44. Lynn I think that if we were there and Eric interviewed us we'd be a bit embarrassed when he asks if we comment a lot (at PDP). err... I suppose there are days that's all we do, isn't it?!?

  45. The video was lovely - and I agree that Eric didn't sound like one had imagined! But very nice nonetheless. Thank you again for posting the video so quickly (I understand that you're busy and have a lot to do)!

    Monica, you were so seet to pop in like that just to reply to me on yesterday's comment.

    And Lynn, hope you get better soon!

  46. *sweet (my keyboard does not obey me!)

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  49. Oh, and the animation was great too! I loved the sequence pictures!

  50. You have a very nice voice, Eric. The slide show and video were fun to watch. All of you looked so happy and sober! Thanks for all your hard work and do enjoy your vacation.

    Monica: that would be one heck of an interview!

    Lynn: your doctor makes house calls? Get well soon.

  51. Yes, Guille, as I said, I need to rob a bank now. Tonight I will go shopping and we will eat dinner in the apartment. Saw Versailles today, and on the way we passed le Parc Citroen, which I remember seeing on PDP, balloon and all. Julie had her PDP pin on her purse, so all of Versailles saw it.

    The picnic really was a gas. We got home after 2:00 am, because we missed the last Metro and had to walk. Oh, well, walking in Paris...

  52. I've just watched the video. Rose, when you said my name I cried! I guess I wanted to be there more than I knew. Thank you for remembering me.

    Lynn, I hope you feel better this minute. I'm glad your doctor makes house calls. That's something I haven't seen here since I was a child.

    Now I have to get to work. I'm going to miss every one of you all day! It's terrible!

  53. Lynn, you get better sweetheart. I am so sorry to hear about your health. It's great that your son is attending you. He sounds like a very compassionate young man. And you sound like a very proud mom. Get lots of sleep dear.

    Eric, thank you for posting the movie. It is so fun to see all those smiling faces. I cannot post the SF PDP movie as I promised I would not post it. Some people at the SF PDP picnic are very shy about the internet, etc. That is why I was going to send a copy to you via email. However, the file is too large.

  54. Feel better soon, Lynn!

    Great to hear all the stories here. Keep talking!!

  55. I have some pictures on my facebook profile... have a loo

  56. varooom...screech..I'm BACK..after a 24hr. grueling day from CDG to JFK to PHX.
    Was asked by Corrine(sooo charming) about the moniker PHX.For those who are unfamiliar with American airport codes, it stands for Phoenix (Arizona)and for those who haven't been to France,CDG is the airport most people fly into when you arrive in Paris (Charles de Gaulle).ORY(Orly) is the other.
    Now, to the PARTY! I think because our personalities and lives shine thru in our comments (That's how to pass the QUIZ for next year, hint, hint), there was no ice to break when meeting everybody. It was like a rockin' reunion, with lots of questions you could ask everyone. Those of you who post pictures must have felt like celebs when we unknowns walked up to you and said your name.I showed up and said in a French accented English"Guess euh I em?" and immediately Michael said PHX! Sheesh!!! Was it the Bloomingdales Little Brown Bags I was carrying?
    And UKLynn, I KNOW YOU would have muscled your way into MY spot in the photo between Michael and Eric. Our rivalry just never ends... Just you wait for next, yr...
    Second thought,maybe I'll give up my space so I can stand between Thib and Jeff.
    Thank you Guille and Rose for the very special b'day gifts. I truly was touched.
    The quiz brought some constant bloggers to life at the picnic(we missed you, but believe me, you were THERE, LOL!) but hopefully, we can meet you all in person next year.
    BTW, Marie does a wonderful imitation of a dead bug.She had to raise her hand to admit she got a question wrong on the quiz. Not only did 2 hands go up, but so did both of her feet.
    Monica-did you see the Rio magnet you sent me featured in the video on top of the UKLynn represented t-shirt?
    Eric also filmed Jeff's first taste of a Laduree macaron.
    Michael-I didn't know you were responsible for the pins! THX.
    Tomate:I buy the festive glasses every yr. since 2000 for New Yrs. parties. I saved 12 for the picnic. Just tell me how many you want in Dec and I will mail them to you.I will bring the 2009 glasses to the picnic next yr. but will poll in Dec. to see how many people plan to show up so everyone can have one.
    I've gone on too long,but I enjoyed talking to each and every one of you. The setting was magical and the people made it even more so.

  57. Hi, thanks for your lovely wishes, really cheers me up. I don't do laying in bed very well so i'm tuning in again here for my fix! Don't make me laugh too much though - it hurts!

    The doc calls at your house only if it's urgent. It used to be the case if you were just feeling unwell, then house calls were more frequent. It's the first time i've had a house call for myself. I was impressed, she seemed thorough and is going to phone me on Monday if i don't phone the emergency services over the weekend EEEK again. She said she kind of expects me to have to. Double EEK. I'm hoping it will settle down and disappear. I loathe being ill. Funny laying in bed, being boiling and with the window open throwing covers off to cool my star-shape, in the day. I heard a woman telling her man off - apparently he always does that, whatever that and when is he going to grow up?, a mother telling her little son to race a car (uh?) and a couple of dogs in a barking competition. Oh and the car was brought home fixed by the garage, which they parked in someone else's space. I gladly got my son to give him the keys to move it. He's a volatile one, that one. Brr. That's my afternoon, folks.

  58. Taking a break - sneaking a peek - PHX, you do not go on too long! Tell us more! I'd love it if someone would post the quiz and direct us to it.

  59. Definitely post the quiz What a great idea !!

    Okay, a couple of late photos just uploaded to flickr: you can actually see Eric in action here ...

    Just one tip: go to the end and work your way back – for some reason, it posted the photos back to front.

    Also, here are a couple of recommendations for Jeff, Craig and Julie (and whoever else happens to be in Paris at the moment) to help them recover from Le Jules Verne. Both are simple and unpretentious, and based on just one meal in each place, I’m prepared to vouch for their excellent, basic cooking.

    1. Le Trumilou – it’s on the Quai Hotel de Ville, right along the Seine, stage right of the Hotel de Ville. 20 E menu formula, and wonderful. Sitting streetside is a bit loud but lots of fun with scooters, cyclists, buses, cars and tourists almost mashing into each other constantly. I had a steak with a béarnaise sauce and mashed potatoes with gruyere ….. drooooool. Theo had pork with prunes and a potato gratinee, and he ordered a second round of my mashed potatoes with gruyere. Evelyn had the amazing mushrooms, miles of soup and frites. Omigawd

    2. La Fleur Jaune (I think that’s the name), which I tried to describe to Julie: take the metro to Grandes Boulevards – 9th – and make sure you look for and take the exit “Rue Rougement.” Standing facing the buildings as soon as you exit, you’ll see Rue Rougement on your left. Go down Rue Rougement and near the end of the block, on the opposite side of the street, you’ll see the restaurant. It has a brown awning. I had a grilled tuna with ratatouille …… Still sighing

    Merci a tous pour un nuit mémorable, et je vais retourner …

  60. Barb they were fantastic pictures. I was just about to come here and say More picnic stories please, more picnic stories please... but i didn't need to. Thank you!

  61. barbscoots, those are really nice photos. Thank you for sharing those. Eric looks very handsome. You really caught him with that magnanimous smile of his.

  62. HeeeHeee Heeeeeeeeeeeee as uklynn would say. Both of you(Petra and UKLynn) were featured. I will go into my unpacked luggage to see if I can find my papers. I hope I saved it, but if not, I think I can remember some of the quotes. Here's 2 easy ones.
    "When I think of Paris, I think of macaroons"
    #2 Eiffel Tower
    Eiffel Tower
    Eiffel Tower.
    OK, first one who posts the right answer will get a present next yr(no pdp picnic attendees can guess)and the 2 writers are also eliminated
    GO!(these are no brainers)

  63. Rose, Barb, your pictures are great!
    Suzy, the cute guy blushes ;-))

  64. lol! Pipped at the post. Well done Thib. At least, i think that's right?

  65. Sorry, Lynn, first ! But I leave my place to you, poor dear ill friend. LOL

  66. Guille,
    Answering your post yesterday: Yes everything fine, here, thanks.
    Tha auction in on June 8th, if you want to attend!

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  75. Sorry for all the cancelled posts. Keyboard problem ;-(

  76. You mean, I have to give my rival a present??? I guess if that means you will really show up next year, I will be GLAD to.
    This one was harder. Guille was totally puzzled by it.
    "When I think of Paris, I think of a longing I had when I was there...a compulsion to touch the past. I felt as though I walked among the dead.And I was glad of it.. My house was built in 1924 and is considered an antique here on the West coast, I think I need to move to Europe.

  77. That's so sweet Thib but no, you won fair and square! Thanks for the wishes though x
    he he that's some keyboard problem!

  78. THIB, picnic attendees aren't allowed to guess(but I am glad you are enjoying this)! Monica or Lois, hit him with a stale macaron.

  79. Actually, with the word 'dead', I thought it was Lucio, our cynical and melancholy artist ;) but the 'West Coast' disturbed me...I know who is it now.

    Btw Lucio, I like when you use your aristocratic power with the note of my name. LOL

    Thib, it will depend of my exams, they finish on the 20th of June...we'll see!

    Barb, I took ALL your pictures! How was the wander on the embankment last night?

    Lynn, I won't correct your mistakes here, but in private if you want. ;)

    Yes, I had to change my profile picture, again! Blame PHX! She sent me this one and I love it. She gave me a tiny shoe with a crown on it (yes, remember that I'm a queen!)so I posed with it.

  80. CALI!!! You had to have paid attention to the blog because in 5 minutes, it would have been impossible to check EVERYTHING out. Well done!
    Should I do more?
    I'll put another on.
    "I love Eric's baccarat and Burt's Bacharach---the temtation was too great. But I will resist making all the corny references to Burt's songs, when he walked into the baccarat store, saw the crystal chandelier and sang Raindrops Keep Falling on my head" and "This guy's in Love with You"OK I couldn't resist
    By the way, PHX, do you know the way to San Jose?"
    Noone could cheat by looking it up on the internet, so I will be watching the minutes of the winner's posting of this one.

  81. Just for fun: Michael???

  82. Yes!!! And I gave up golden finger to answer you back as there were 0 comments as of now--hope you get GF Cali.
    Anyway,you are good at the game.

  83. I love guessing games!

  84. Pipped again i think? lol.

    Gorgeous new profile Guille.

  85. Ohhhh i would've said Michael....:( i pay attention, too, Phx, i doooooooooooo.

    lol more please!

  86. Hi Phx, glad to hear from you : your trip back might have been more tiring than usual, I guess!! But you are back on PDP with the same good mood than last wednesday ;) Great!!

    Hi Rose too ! Hope your feet are getting better and better?

    And Michael, yes thx, the PDP badge (or pin's ?) is a nice present : I feel like being part of the big PDP community and proud of it!! :)

  87. Barbscoot: Thank you for the photos! They add yet another dimension to our vicarious experience of the evening.

    PHX: That's a very funny gift you gave Guille! I'm afraid to think what you might give me!

    Guille: Yes, your new profile shot is excellent - and, now that I have seen you "animated", as it were, far more aligned with your cheeky personality. (Oh no, I just called my queen "cheeky"! I'm in trouble, for sure. But am I off to the dungeon or the guillotine?)

    PS I hope I haven't developed too strong a reputation as a cynic or melancholic. There's a lot more to me, you know - unless I get sent to the (Guille)otine, in which case there will be much less of me! LOL

  88. Lynn: Sorry, I keep forgetting to say that I hope you get better soon.

  89. I've been out, but of course it's Monica and SUZY SUZY SUZY!

    You win Lynn, or Thib. (No, Thib, you can't win, you were there!)

    Barbscoot, the pictures are magnifique!

  90. Ooh, I just looked back further and found myself quoted. It's eerie fun!

  91. LOLLLL everybody loves the quizz!!!

    Phx that was really a great idea of you.

    Thib guessed it very quickly, but as you said, he WAS at the picnic so it doens't count!!!
    "hit him with a stale macaron" hmm that just wouldn't do because you know what I do when I have a macaron in my hand, I eat it in a sec like there's no tomorrow.

  92. And Phx yes I saw the Rio magnet in the photo but too small. I'll have to look again to see it better.

    Hi from Cali!!! I'd be curious to see your interview too!

    Hi Alexandra, here I am popping in again to answer you... although I'm late in my reply again!

  93. There's no such thing as a stale macaron with certain people around...

  94. Guille
    The journey was almost perfect. I sat by the window, sipping a glass of rose wine and watching the beautiful sunset and wishing David was there to share the moment with me. That is the trouble when you are utterly in love with someone, you miss them every minute they are not there.

    Thanks for asking...
    My feet gave up the following day after I spent hours in Versailles; did some more shopping and then had to drag my suitcase - which by this time was three times heavier than when I arrived in Paris - back to the Eurostar.
    Anyway, I had a very relaxing day yesterday so they have almost recovered.

    Like most people, I always think I look hidious in my photos. I will have a look to see if I find something that shows my personality a bit more ;)

    Next year you are coming even if I have to go all the way up to Cheltenham and drag you to Paris!

    I am glad you had just a half sip. I would have hated to find out you drunk and drive! It is something I feel quite strong about... so you didn't disappoint me :)

    I had to make the caipirinha without ice and instead I used water. It wasn't the best caipirinha I have made in my life... :(
    Eric spent all his time taking pictures and interviewing people. I didn't see anyone interviewing him.

    I didn't see anyone commenting on Anissa the lady with long hair standing last on the right. She is the lady sitting in the PDP picture in front of the Hungarian Embassy a few days ago. She is an amazing person in real life with incredible personality.

  95. What, next to the statue of the bronze lady, Rose? That would be interesting. Her hair was incredible.

    You look great in your photos Rose but i know what you mean, i loathe them of myself apart from little profile ones - they're ok. I was a little nervous watching the filmed interviews (still haven't heard them yet though). I mean, i'm far too shy for that ;)

  96. Rose: I'm the same. In fact, I usually run like the wind when someone whips out their camera. It may as well be a loaded gun as far as I'm concerned! So take your time: I did! I've had my blog for almost two years and only this week posted a photo of myself. Also, you don't have to wait for us to ask questions about people in the PDP picnic photo. Fire away!

  97. Lol, Monica, that's ok! Love yours and Guille's new photos, by the way. :)

  98. Rose, thanks for pointing Anissa in the picture for us. I didn't recognise her, in this photo we can see all of her hair, it's really long.

    What a lovely stay you seem to have had in Paris. I'm glad your feet resisted, hope they heal real fast.

  99. Rose, you are beautiful! Clip a shot from the picnic photos.

    Anissa is beautiful, too! I'm so glad she went to the picnic. She was meant to be there. I assume some of the people in the photo are "lurkers." Bless the lurkers! I lurked here for almost a year before I spoke. Now I can't shut up.

    Lynn, I hope you feel better today.

  100. Monica
    You would have loved meeting Anissa. She looks stunning and has so much character...

    Lynn and Petrea, you are adorable...
    keep telling me I look good and I shall enter Miss World competition... Is there an age limit to enter?lol

    Can I borrow your photographer because whoever he is, it made a damn good job of transforming a monkey into that handsome guy in your blog!

  101. he he Rose! I like the profile changes, it's fun.

    Petrea, yes not so painful thank you!

  102. Rose: LOL!! I was going to call you a "cheeky monkey", but I think that role's already been filled by me!

    BTW, I took the photo myself - using the built-in camera on my laptop and a desk lamp for lighting - and had to shoot about dozen or so before I had one that even remotely satisfied me. The hard part was clicking the "publish" button on that particular post, as I have (until recently) cultivated a publicity-proof anonymity that was hard to jettison.

    But thank you for the compliment. We simians have been getting a lot bad press ever since those 'Planet of the Apes' movies, so it's a relief to hear something complimentary being said about us - well, one of us! LOL

  103. Hi All..just to thanks all for this "Rapture's Night" in Paris,with simple things we have made the Best of Humanity between Destiny ,Fate or Eric?....!!!!!!!
    I want to join now this family of Bloggers..Anissa

  104. Anissa!!!
    So nice to hear from you :)

  105. Bienvenue, Anissa! You look lovely in the photos.