Monday, February 09, 2009

More snow...

Gee, 61 comments on the snowy Eiffel Tower on a Sunday! You must love snow a lot!! Here you go again then... I told you yesterday that I would show you more; this one was taken on the Pont de Arts, where the wind was really blowing, as you can see. It was cold but really breath taking. Again, I feel a little ashamed to talk about snow while I just heard on the news that there are about 100 deaths because of heat and fires in Australia. Have a nice week everyone, you are great!


  1. Beautiful, but dangerous. This is a great photo, though. Love the girl with the red umbrella!

  2. I'd love to see Paris in the snow, but I'm very glad the weather was nice when I was there over Christmas.

    Walking 14 miles a day in that would have made things less enjoyable.

  3. I adore this photo. The splash of red makes it. How do you manage it, Eric? The falling snow is so romantic. Hey Alexa GF!

    It's a really great photo Eric, I have to say it again! Zazzle? Hey I wonder if this young lady will get in touch? he never know.

  4. It's even better that's she's looking down I think - pensive.

  5. Eric, what is the green to the right, trash receptacles? Keep warm out there.
    Seattle Daily Photo

  6. Brilliant photo Eric!! I love everything about it. I hope we hear from your Parisienne du jour.

    I think - and this is very difficult to say - I am very glad not to be in Paris right now! I need the sunshine.

  7. Great shot! And of course, everybody knows what happens when you go cross the Pont des Arts ;)!

    (from Wiki:

    Si, par hasard, (If by accident,)
    Sur l'pont des Arts, (On the Pont des Arts,)
    Tu croises le vent, le vent fripon, (You meet the wind, the mischievous wind,)
    Prudence, prends garde à ton jupon ! (Prudence, guard your petticoat !)
    Si, par hasard (If by accident,)
    Sur l'pont des Arts (On the Pont des Arts,)
    Tu croises le vent, le vent maraud (You meet the wind, the marauding wind,)
    Prudent, prends garde à ton chapeau ! (Prudent, guard your hat !)

  8. Sure she was walking towards you Eric, wasn't she!...
    I used to have the same nice red umbrella (I think I don't have it anymore), BUT I still have a pair of boots ;)

    Deaths in Australia, so sad.

  9. It would be lovely if the girl with the red umbrella could see this shot. It would bring back such memories in the springtime!

    Australia's fires are indeed terrible. I'm also thinking of the vulnerable wildlife...

  10. You took your camera out by this weather?! I would have been too afraid to get it wet! Courageux, Eric.
    Your picture well typifies the day...Was snowy but it didn't stay in the streets,alas. This red stain makes the photo.

  11. Beautiful umbrella on a cold and blustery day!

    (Last time I carried an umbrella in a snowstorm it blew inside out!)

    Stay warm, Eric!

  12. How good would this picture look as a Colour Isolation (everythig black and white except for the umbrella?).

    Yep she's pretty hot down here in Aus, if anyone wants to know more there's a couple of links to news stories on my blog.

  13. Lydia, they showed some footage on the news this morning of a firefighter trying to push a possum along the road away from the fire with his water bottle. Might sound cruel to push it along but those things BITE!

  14. I won't make 68 but la tour is exquisite frosted avec la neige. Ce photo avec le parapluie rouge est trés belle. ( Help me out here Eric, I am taking French classs for my visit this summer!)

  15. I hope the weather is nicer in March! This reminds me of my days in Pennsylvania as a kid- sleet and snow.

  16. Parapluie! Virginia, I'd forgotten the word, merci.

    You know this is a good one, Eric. As usual! Sooner or later you're going to have to post a bad photo just for a change. We're getting spoiled.

  17. okay even in this stormy, snowy weather this parisienne(right?) manages to look fabulous and do you people do it?

  18. That umbrella looks very non protective against that gust of wind!

  19. What a great way to frame this photo Eric. I feel like I'm leaning into the wind with her.

    Yes Kim, the green flying things are the recycling receptacles.

    LOVE the song Tomate and Tall Gary. A great way to improve my French too!

  20. Eric, another beauty. Those splashes of colour. Gorgeous.

    Sorry, I'm trying to be cheery but things are very sad here in Australia. Thank you for all your caring thoughts. It's happening a fair way from where we live but the nation is grieving.

    Lydia, the human toll is hard enough, I won't let myself think about the wildlife or domestic animals. {It all happened so fast.} Several towns have been obliterated, with virtually no warning. We'll pray for lots of rain on all of the bushfires.

  21. Brrrrrr...I'm cold just looking at this photo. I do love the way the red umbrella makes this pop. You are bringing us the goods Eric. Merci and may you have a good week ahead.

    Shell and're in our thoughts and prayers.

  22. Tomate and Tall Gary - thanks for the song! I wonder about the sort of trilled gutteral "r" that Brassens sings with - is it a convention from a certain part of France, or is it an older form of pronunciation that has gone out of style. We have that sort of thing in the evolution of spoken English. Or, is it something else altogether. The song is charming.

  23. Michael, do tell -- ithingy!! : ) Have fun!

  24. No wonder Michae has been complaining about the weather for weeks... it does look cold!

  25. These lovely photos are cooling us Aussies down! Beautiful shot!

  26. We're glad you got that i-Thingy Michael. It's good to see you around here more often.

    Fire and ice. I'm sorry to hear about the marauding flames in Australia.

    Clicking on "more info" over on the right of the (same) video one can see the complete lyrics.

    I tried to come up with some English words in the same ballpark but I never finished a year of college French. So..., my apologies. Help would not be unwanted here.

    Thanks for the first stanza Tomate and Wiki.

    Si par hazard, (If by accident,)
    Sur l' pont des Arts (On the Pont des Arts,)
    Tu crois's le vent fripon (You meet the wind, the mischievous wind,)
    Prudenc' prends garde à ton jupon. (Prudence, guard your petticoat!)
    Si par hasard (If by accident,)
    Sur l' pont des Arts, (On the Pont des Arts,)
    Tu crois's le vent, le vent maraud (You meet the wind, the marauding wind,)
    Prudenc' prends garde à ton chapeau. (Prudence, guard your hat!)

    Les jean-foutre et les gens probes (Scamps and honest people)
    Médis'nt du vent furibond (Slander the furious wind)
    Qui retrouss' les bois (Who turns up the forests)
    Détrouss' les toits (Rips off the roofs)
    Retrouss' les robes. (Rolls up the dresses)
    Des jean-foutre et des gens probes (Of the scamps and honest folk.)
    Le vent, je vous en réponds (The wind, to you I answer)
    S'en soucie, et c'est justice comm' de colin-tampon! (I care, and it is justice, not a bit.)

    (au refrain)

    Bien sûr, si l'on ne se fonde (Of course, if one does not base one's views)
    Que sur ce qui saute aux yeux (On what leaps to the eyes)
    Le vent semble un'brut' raffolant de nuire à tout l'monde (The wind is like a crazy beast that harms all the world)
    Mais une attention profonde (But close attention)
    Prouv' que c'est chez les fâcheux (Shows that it is the little unfortunate ones)
    Qu'il préfèr' choisir les victim's de ses petits jeux. (That it prefers to choose as the victims of its little games).

    (au Refrain)

  27. TG, brilliant translation, as it it's not easy French!
    Maybe just one point to amend : the subject of "s'en soucie" is "le vent".
    So it could be:
    "The wind, I guarantee you,
    Cares, and it is ..."

  28. I have a photo of my wife standing in a blizzard in front of the Pantheon. Next time, I'll have to bring a red umbrella for her.

  29. Thanks Thib. Very kind of you. As you could tell, I'm way over my head here.

  30. It sure is some heavy weather in Paris at the moment.
    This photo is really good. You can almost feel the icy wind. At first I thought it was a B&W with the red umbrella as a splash of colour in it.
    BTW you're the great one, Eric. Giving the rest of us our daily dose of Paris, when we can't be there ourselves - thank you !

  31. Maybe this lady will show up here too and see that she's now famous on PDP.

  32. Even though she doesn't look that upset, walking in that kind of wind and snow...

    Still I am willing to trade with her any second!!
    Wandering in Paris .. lovely in any kind of weather!
    I had the pleasure to be in Paris 2 times when it was snowing and it was an experience!

    Great picture as usual Eric!

  33. Frozen bisous for you and your camera... please dont take a flu... take care... grab a hot chocolate and enjoy the weather... I like to be there in the snow... I love Paris, I love Snow, I love Art... and If everything is mix... I love your pictures... merci for sharing....

    Love Lau

  34. Really eye-catching. Photo.

    The red umbrella coming toward us, and the other at the other end of the bridge. By the way, UKLynn, I don't know if she is pensive: for those of you not accustomed to walking in snowy weather, you learn very quickly to keep looking down or you will step on ice and be sitting down very quickly.

    My condolences to those Down Under experiencing the disasters. Mother Nature does cruel things sometimes.

  35. Just a wonderful snow portrait... . I can feel the bite of the cold.... jjjj

  36. It is not snowing here in Paris today, It is raINING, AND i wound up with a head of curly hair. It started out straight.
    I read the the Pont de Arts will stop letting people bring wine and spirits to their outdoor gatherings sometime in May.
    Alexa, your presence in Cafe Procope was everywhere and | have the photos to prove it, with Mr. PHX's help when I get home.

  37. I hear that all the hot air on PDP has finally caused the Paris airports to shut down!

    Well...... not really, but, I'm reading there may be pretty bad wind storms which will shut them down -- so, I hope you all stay safe there.

    Thank goodness its not Christmas Tree chucking season - there could be some devastating results! : )

  38. PHX - does this mean you'll be grounded??!!

  39. Carrie, you're "Christmas Tree chucking season" got me imagining day-glow orange rivers of melted flocking running into the Parisian gutters...yucky!

    P.S. Sending day-glow orange rivers of STRENGTH to all our Aussie PDP friends...XO

  40. Eric great picture. If you have more snowy photos please show us.

    PHX, what´s that? They will stop letting people bring wine to the Pont des Arts?? Say it isn´t so.

  41. Ah, yes, ETS - gutters of dayglo orange melted flocking only works (and only aesthetically) if you live across from the Centre Pompidou. Of course, were that to happen, our Eric would be there down at river level to get us a great shot, I'm sure!! ; }

    I'll join you in sending out the strength and healing rivers to our Aussie friends - it sounds devastating. And to all the many others who suffer every day around our poor little globe.

  42. I love the pink umbrella and flying green recycling bags! They're beautiful against the black and gray tones of the city.