Friday, August 21, 2009

Heat wave 2009

We've been experiencing a heat wave since the beginning of the week. It's so hot that people have been using some of the public water fountains to cool off. Today I went by the Eiffel tower where they have large fountains at Le Trocadero and this little one behind the tower, on the Champs de Mars side (for those of you who know the place). As you can see from the sky, a storm is coming up but as I am writing this caption (3 hours after taking this photo) the sky is still quiet. I wish it would rain though...


  1. ET! RT!! ET!!! What a fabulous photo. The sky is so dramatic. Love these fountains, and hope you're managing to stay cool, Eric!

  2. Does it count if the middle one is RT? That stands for radio tower, since that's why the ET wasn't torn down like it was supposed to be—or at least that's my excuse for my stupid typo.
    So when you say "heat wave," just how hot is it?

  3. Meant to say that I also love that you're giving us your signature perspective.

  4. Alexa, it only counts when I say it.


    Otherwise known as more proof that Eric loves me the best. ;)

  5. Rain? You want rain? We received 3-6 inches yesterday, and it's been raining all day today. Even a tornado touched down in Minneapolis. Nobody was injured, thankfully, but property damage occurred. It is the monsoons and hurricane season, I guess. But we are 1,000+ miles from an ocean!

  6. "I wish it would rain (oh how I wish it would rain) Oh let it rain, rain, rain..." I've got that Temptation song in my head.
    Eric, love this moody picture. Will add it to my collection. It never rains in the summer in San Francisco, just gets foggy. I'll do a little rain dance for you (but I'll exclude you, Jeff, as you've definitely had enough).

  7. Rain, Rain...what is that? I live in Melbourne Australia and we have been in a drought for many years. Our dams are at 25 % capacity and we face water restrictions in the middle of winter.
    The last time I witnessed a good rainfall was when I was last in Paris, 2 years ago. Perhaps that is a sign I need to return!

    Thankyou for the wonderful photos Eric. I always start my day with your blog.

  8. Suzy -- I know, I know, but I couldn't help myself. Please forgive me! :~}

  9. Merci, Monsieur Eric! Moi aussi j'espère bien qu'il pleuvra....

  10. A quick hello before I am off to bed. Love the photo, Eric. I am missing Paris...

  11. Just listened to the weather report today while in Milan and some cities in Europe will get to 40. I just know that is HOT. You wouldn't want to be in this heat here, either.
    Nobody can air condition like the Americans, tho! The Milan subway system had fans that dispursed water vapor to cool off the Metro waiting area. You could use that in Paris when it gets like today.

  12. Very dark and brooding ~ I hope you get some cooling storms soon!

    LOL, Alexa and ET Suzy!

  13. lol Alexa when you said RT I thought there was a video coming - we say Roll Tape. My goodness you WERE brave to use the Suzy format. My, my, how I stand back in amazement and admiration. For Suzy too in her dry humoured defence!

    Love the photo Eric; we've had it hot here too. I spent the hottest day shopping in Birmingham. Not a good move really. That fountain looks so inviting. Did you dip your toes?

  14. I just can't see the Eiffel Tower anymore without thinking of Suzy, it's quite a brand you've got there Suzy,LOL...

    It's a great photo, Eric. Hope all of you Parisines stand out the heat wave...

  15. Thank You for making my day, Eric! My day was crappy (due to my job) and then I saw this beauty on your site and OH LA LA! I love this photo! You've brought immense happiness to this Misplaced Parisian today.

  16. Even with a cloudy gray sky behind it, the tower still makes us sigh....

  17. Thanks Eric, I don't feel great at all today and your posts are a positive help to me. Like MP (all the same) I love your site and wish I could catch things as beautifully as you.

  18. If I get there first next time there's an ET shot, I'm going to say Suzy! Suzy!! Suzy!!! It's pretty much synonymous by now!
    As for rain, we're expecting the arrival of Hurricane Bill. I'd be happy to send him your way, Eric, to cool things down. (There was a big storm in NYC this past Tuesday—so powerful that a hundred trees were uprooted in Central Park!)

  19. Why should Suzy be the only one linked to a paris landmark?
    Perhaps we should all adopt one and everytime it appears we are the only person allowed to repeat it three times!

    Now then, which Paris landmark/institution shall I choose? - of course - Eric Tenin!

    ET! ET! ET!


  20. I always feel bad when my dry humor isn't seen as such. Let's not turn this into another GF thing.

    Drummond is correct. The Eiffel Tower belongs to everyone, and everyone can yell ET! ET!! ET!!! whenever they wish. Ain't nothing I can do about it, nor do I wish to.

    Moving on...

    I have a question: did Paris get its rain last night or not?

  21. I just finished reading "Eiffel’s Tower" and they tell the tale of the riveters racing to finish the tower during the winter, with small fires burning on the upper layers to stay warm....what a contrast to this picture during a heat wave. The iron lady has seen a lot...


  22. EuroStyle, do you recommend that book? I've been thinking of getting the audio version (reading bothers my eyes).

  23. LOL Drummond.
    I do yell your name three times each time I see you - in the comment box - and fall on your neck ;)
    Sigh... vicariously ... :))

  24. Alexa. "hope you're managing to stay cool, Eric!" & "So when you say "heat wave," just how hot is it?" Guess what, I have the only office where the air conditioning is jammed! Temperature? Well I don't know but it was hot (probably something like 35 c in the shade).

    Suzy "
    Otherwise known as more proof that Eric loves me the best. ;)" tsss, tsss ;)

    Jeff. Tornado. Hum, not nice. Fortunately noone was injured.

    Rimabirdgirl "I'll do a little rain dance for you (but I'll exclude you, Jeff, as you've definitely had enough)." I dare you!

    Melbournegirl. I know you have terrible water problems in Australia. Blame it on the farmers ;) Maybe Rimabirdgirl could do a little dance for you too ;)

    Anne Reeves. Sorry, I know. But there is not much I can do. You'll have to come back here soon!

    PHX. Actually I'm an air condition freek, I cannot stand the heat. But in France it's almost a sin to use air conditioning! In my office [in the parts where it actually works] people open the window!

    Lynn. heat wave in England? What, the thermometer went up to 15°c one day?! LOL "Did you dip your toes?" Nope, I did not not.

    Misplaced Parisian "Thank You for making my day, Eric! My day was crappy (due to my job) and then I saw this beauty on your site and OH LA LA! " Oh that is sweet and makes me feel good.

    Monica. "Even with a cloudy gray sky behind it, the tower still makes us sigh...." I agree, it's really stunning.

    Cxx "I don't feel great at all today " I think I discussed with this Cxx today and I'm sorry to hear things are tough at work right now.

    Drummond "Now then, which Paris landmark/institution shall I choose? - of course - Eric Tenin!" LOL Actually a lot of people used to call me ET when the film came out because of initials (or was it because of my face?! Hummm now I wonder!)

    Suzy "I have a question: did Paris get its rain last night or not?" NO! I still had to water the plants!

    Eurostyle "I just finished reading "Eiffel’s Tower" Hum. I did not know this book

  25. ET Suzy, it was OK....billed to me as very David McCullough-ish, but in the end the subject/details were great, but the writing was a little less then inspired....


  26. I miss the rain, too. Summer rain is pretty cool! We don't get any around here.

  27. Grrreat shot :))
    Love the composition... I can almost feel the storm in the sky! Hope it is cooler now over Paris.

  28. I just finished the Eiffel Tower book. Started out great, loved the details about the building of la tour, but the tower was built about a 3rd of the way through the book, then much more time was spent on Buffalo Bill ?!? Still a good read for Eiffel Tower fans, of which I am one, and therefore love this photo, Eric :-)

  29. This is a great picture! Makes me want to go back right now!! It also makes me want a crepe from that little creperie stand at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower! (the brown octogon like place) Nothing beats having a nutella crepe at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. Thanks for reminding me. :-)

  30. Amazing picture,I can't believe you didn't use photoshop!!! The fountain water, sky, and eiffel tower are perfect.

    Thanks for the picture.

    Harry Simitian,