Tuesday, October 30, 2012

French army monument

Gee what a long day! Work, plus launch or Portraitsparisiens (thank you very much for all your nice comments and "likes"!) not to forget plumbing problems (I will spare the details!)... I did not have the time to take a single photo today. So here is one from my "collection", that I never showed you, even if I like it. It's a monument to the "glory of the French army", located at Trocadero. It's actually what we call a "bas haut relief", that is a hallow depth sculpture often located against a wall, like in the present case. It's a beautiful monument, made by Paul Landowski to commemorate the WWI (1914-1918) French army. Also, a special thought to my American visitors who live on the East coast of the USA and who are going to have a rough time with Sandy...


  1. Gorgeous monument. It is pretty bad on the East coast right now. Earlier today, a crane that is being used for a new building in Manhattan was dangling from the top of the building because of the winds. At the time the crane fell and started dangling the winds were at 20 miles per hour. The winds up that high now are around 80 miles per hour and they are monitoring the crane as they do not know in which direction it will fall to. All surrounding buildings have been evacuated and I guess it's a wait and see event!! Lots of flooding expected.

  2. Yes and I just saw there are a lot of power outages. Not to mention the cost of all this... Pretty bad I must say.

  3. Nothin' like being "stuck" in Paris for an extra day because of Sandy. How ya doin' Alexa? Do you have power?

  4. Sorry for nitpicking but isn't it more of a "haut relief" rather than the "bas relief"? But I'm no expert myself...
    Anyway, thanks for your work on PDP!

  5. What a full day, Eric! And a lovely photo for us even though you were so busy. One wonders how these monuments will be viewed in the centuries to come as new generations who don't remember wars like this grow up. Will they make monuments like this?

    We're getting a little bit of snow this morning because of Sandy. I can handle a dusting in October to not be flooded, but hope everyone out East is staying warm and as dry as possible!

  6. Demo may have a point, but whether haut or bas, it will be a relief to hear that Alexa hasn't been swept off her feet by Sandy.

    Beautiful as it is, let's hope that they won't have to erect too many more memorials such as these in the future.

  7. @Alexa. The PDP crowd is worried about you?! Where are you ? "Power" less?!

    @Dermo. Yes you're right, I corrected it the minute I saw your comment. Shame on me! (And thank you for letting me know.).

    Going back to CNN now...

  8. I like this wind map--

    I don't know how accurate it is, but it sure looks treacherous out east right now. Thinking of you, Alexa, plus others whose locations I might not realize, and of course PDP has friends who don't often comment, but our thoughts are with you all.