Friday, August 23, 2013

A (very) French café

I had a meeting at Place de la Bastille this morning and since I needed a quiet place the person I was supposed to see recommended that we meet at Le Café Français, at the corner of the Place and the rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine. I did not know this place, but I'm glad I went, for it's pretty cool. As you can see from the blue, white and red colors, the main theme is definitely France! After investigating on the web I found out that this café belongs to the famous Costes brothers who own most of the trendy cafés in Paris (about 40 places!)... 


  1. With 40 place that are still surviving, these brothers must be very successful and innovative.

  2. Just fun! (And very hip, as chevrons are all the rage here right now. Can't say they are my fave, I'm usually a do-my-own-thing kind of person!) But here they look charming. Hope you had a good meeting!

  3. You're giving me great fodder for my upcoming trip! This is such a beautiful display - I'm surprised that it was so empty. Despite the lovely greenery behind the seats, this strikes me as being a scene from autumn, what with those leaves strewn about...

    1. Well it was 10:45 am and a lot of people are still on vacation...

  4. This place does look very inviting (especially empty like this). Can I just be a Costes brother when I grow up? (Or at least as successful as)

  5. On my list! I didn't get to explore Place de la Bastille when I was in Paris but I know some of its history, so I'm intrigued by it.

  6. 40 cafes?!! Wow, these guys do OK!

    Tomate Farcie