Monday, August 12, 2013

The emptiest week of the year...

In France, and in Paris in particular, the week of the 15th of August is traditionally the most quiet week of the year. First, because the 15th of August is a holiday (Assumption of Mary) and second because it's part of the 3 first weeks of August during which, France is known to be "closed" (I learned why recently; it's because when the French were first granted 2 vacation weeks in 1936, the Government picked the 2 first weeks of August. When they added a 3rd then later a 4th week, they simply added them to the ones already in place).  I took this photo at Place du Trocadero, a square that is usually packed with cars! 


  1. Honestly, when I lived there I loved being in town during August and having the place to myself. Toi aussi, Eric?

  2. And as a "taxi moto driver" it's also the best week to drive in Paris :)

  3. I always understood that Paris in August was too hot and uncomfortable and lots of places were closed.
    Perhaps I need a rethink.

    1. Not too hot, just the right temperature at the moment Drummond. But yes, a lot of places are closed.

  4. I can totally picture this area - this is so cool to see! It is hard to imagine having all of that room to think... :)

  5. Could also be one of the best week of the year, at least to me...

  6. For us in this part of Scotland, this year le 12 août = la rentrée. :(