Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fontaine des innocents

"This" is, la Fontaine des Innocents, a very famous fountain located in Les Halles that I have never showed you before because I never found an angle that I liked! This time I used a piece of urban furniture (a temporary "house" that shelters the mockups of the "new" Les Halles). This fountain was built in 1548, was moved twice (it was part of an old church that has been distroyed in 1785) and completed by famous architects and sculptors. A real masterpiece (but not very useful now that everybody has running water!) 


  1. Wonderful angle, Eric! And a beautiful fountain, beautiful shot. I like the green frame and the red accents. Hope you're enjoying a "Rocky Mountain High"

    1. I am, especially since it started snowing today!

  2. It figures prominently an the American comedy movie of the 80's, "European Vacation"

  3. I also really like the way you "framed" it! Good eye.

  4. J'adore !
    J'ai l'impression d'être derrière l'appareil photo et c'est original. Un peu comme si tu me laissais les clés de ta voiture! Parlant de voiture je devrais dire scooter ! Il ne te manque pas ton scoot' Eric loin de Paris? Si certainement ! ;-)
    J'adore les petites touches de rouge sur la photo. Le sac à dos d'une des personnes au centre et le manteau d'une autre personne à droite, qui prend une photo d'ailleurs. J'adore. Beau puzzle.

  5. Non, mon scoot' ne me manque pas aujourd'hui; il neige à Denver !

  6. I'm glad it snowed while you're there, so you can see the "real" Denver!

  7. What a very cool perspective!!! NICE!!!! :)

  8. It's a nice idea for both framing it and to add something of the sign of times!

    I also like Cartier-Bresson's version. It was a time when Les Halles was still Les Halles, I guess:

    And here is my own two recent takes of the fountain: