Sunday, May 29, 2005

The French say "no" the the European constitution

Today the French had to vote for or against the European Constitution. 55% of them rejected it.


  1. Oui, on peut dire ça ! Mais c'est la démocratie et comme j'y suis autant attaché qu'à l'Europe...

  2. Eric,

    I was very surprised how much air time the US media gave this story; they usually tend to ignore Europe and I have to depend on the BBC for much of my news.

    This was indeed a slap! I can understand the need and the desire to identify with your nation, but I wish that our nations would work together on MANY MORE CRITICAL ISSUES FOR THE WORLD!

    The current federal government of the United States tends to see things only from an American perspective and it this is causing the world and the US many problems.



  3. Eric, do you think France has an identity crisis at the moment? Wanting to be part of Europe yet not risk giving up some of its traditions? The last time I heard the French "wanting their cake and eating it too" the person was beheaded...

  4. Well, in fact I think the French model has come to an end. We wish we could keep up with our social benefits but we are not rich enough anymore to afford them.

    This vote - and the previous one that lead to a boost of the right wing candidate shows our fear; by rejecting the constitution people also wish to to reject the threats: foreigners, competition from low labour cost countries, etc.

    It's probably an illusion but it's understandable.