Sunday, May 29, 2005

Lock on the Canal St Martin

OK, OK you probably heard that Amsterdam, Bruges (in Belgium) or Venice were THE cities of canals... Well all wrong! It's Paris ! No I am just kidding, we only have a couple of canals here but it's enough to spend a pleasant afternoon on their banks. Yesterday I walked down one of them - the Canal Saint Martin in the 10th arrondissement that runs from La Villette all the way down to the Seine River - and I have been lucky enough to see one of the locks in action (I could not help shooting a little video - a Premiere on Paris daily photo!). Hope it will work and that you'll enjoy it.


  1. Some day when I do come to France for vacation, I will use your blog as tourist guide. Really nice - innovative, interesting and informative.

  2. Thank you Baejaar, that is a very nice compliment.

  3. I look forward to my daily Paris fix with your photo blog. Loved the video.

    Someday I will see it all in person; until then I live it vicariously through your lens.

    Merci beaucoup.

  4. Merci utilisateur anonyme! I loved your comment; very funny and touching.

  5. The other thing worth to note about the Canal Saint-Martin is that it runs underground for quite a while. Definitively something fun to do next time you are in Paris.


  6. JM rou're right! Thanks for mentionning it. Precisely, on the little video, when the boat disappears it goeas underground.

  7. Pour l'édification des masses : cette particularité du canal St-Martin a été très bien exploitée dans un hilarant policier nommé "Château en esbroufe" de Donald Westlake, où des équipes de voleurs de tous les pays d'Europe s'associent pour voler... un château en pièces détachées... A hurler de rire et, accessoirement, un clin d'oeil sur l'Europe.
    Voili, c'était le quart d'heure "culturel" de papy Isido...

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