Thursday, May 19, 2005


I lost my camera last Friday so I have to live on my stock until I buy a new one or... use the one of others! Precisely, last week-end I had a picnic around Paris with some Friends and they took this picture. For once today I am IN the picture! (And so are my friends in the reflection!)


  1. Ben désolé pour toi...
    Tu vas racheter quoi, comme modèle ?

  2. J'oubliais. T'es toujours aussi bô !!!

  3. LOL, la photo est truquée !!

    Je ne sais pas, un Canon je pense. Je ne veux pas mettre plus de 200 euros, pas de support mémoire ni de batterie propriétaires comme j'avais avec mon Sony et enregistrement de séquence vidéo AVEC le son. Sinon je me contente de 3 Megapixels. Si qqu'un a des idées... Suis preneur et vite !

  4. Le Canon Ixus 40 (le dernier je crois) est vraiment génial. Rien à redire, je conseille.

  5. Oui mais il vaut 300 euros et la batterie est "propriétaire" ce dont je ne veux pas (j'ai appris maintenant !).

    Kodak n'est pas cher, je ne sais pas ce que ça vaut.

  6. J'ai un HP R707 4 megapixels, pas cher pour la qualite et la gamme de fonctions. J'en suis tres content et il a de tres bonnes reviews.

    Le Canon est excellent parait-il.

    L'Internaute a un tres bon dossier appareils numeriques.


  7. I love this photo. It is so real. The reflection of your friends adds both the photographer and the subject to the photo, which is rare to see. Great photo.

  8. But my very dear, you're really beautiful on the picture. I think you should work for a TV show, not for a specialized magazine !!!
    Did you write yet the page I'm waiting for… !!!?

  9. Eric,

    I am so sorry to hear about your equipment.

    I had my camera equipment stolen a few years ago and I was a total mess. I had to replace equipment with what was out at the time, so while I got the latest equipment I had to go through a phase of learning the new equipment. I now keep duplicate equipment… expensive, but now if I lose a camera body I have its twin in reserve!

    It’s so nice to see you in a photograph. I adore the reflections of the photographer and friend in the window – reflected portraits are one of my favorite things to play with.

    I hope you get your equipment replaced soon!

    Best wishes,


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