Friday, May 20, 2005

Frenchmen with berets - but no baguette!

Who said French people don't wear berets anymore? Ok, these two "samples" might not represent the younger part of the French population but still!

Added on June 08, 2005:
I am told these are not berets, but regular caps. Sorry for the confusion...


  1. t'as trouvé un appareil ou tu recycle?

  2. What a GREAT BLOG! Im so thrilled to have found the pics and often dream of moving to paris! Awww...Im marking you on my favs for sure...amazing photos! Hope you get a new camera soon!! Oh and I happen to adore berets (although we call this style "driving caps") I happen to own two! One pink one and one grey. Haha! Take Care!!

  3. 3 comments only 10 minutes after I posted this photo, geeeee!

    > Jean-Michel : non je n'ai pas eu une minute pour en racheter un, du coup je me suis plongé dans mon stock de photos (heureusement j'en ai un certain nombre, mais evidemment celles qui restent me plaisent un peu moins - encore que les bérets c'est pas mal !!) Je n'aurai pas le temps d'en racheter un avant le WE prochain, donc je vais encore puiser dans mon disque dur!

    > Vavoom. Thanx. I don't have the time to see yours now for I have to sleep but I will!

    > Shelli. Thanx also, you made my day - well my evening! I will check your blog next Tuesday.

    Off to Barcelona now, I will be back on Tuesday. But don't worry, there will still be one picture of Paris everyday on this blog!

  4. Your fotolog is very cool! I love Paris!

    Ton fotolog est très cool! J'adore Paris!

    Teu fotolog está bem legal! Eu adoro Paris!

  5. I'm glad i stumbled on to here.

    Have always wanted to visit Paris, i guess i'll visit here till i really get there.

    Interesting pic.Wonder what they are looking at.

  6. Thanx eveybody! I must really be addicted ´cause here I am in Barcelona I managed to find an Internet Cafe and I could not help having a look at my blog!!!

    No Rock, I don´t think he saw me. Too old...

  7. Ce ne sont pas des bérets !!

  8. Are you sure they are french.

    Once, my cousin born and raised in Burgundy has been shot in Hyde Park for a french magazine as the typicall english woman !


  9. Yes I am sure!

    1) They look French,
    2) I took this photo rue de Rochechouart!


  10. Ce ne sont pas des bérets mais des casquettes...

  11. Ups Major Faux pas. Bon effectivement il n'y a pas la petite tige si reconnaissable du beret basque...

    Bon, ben je corrige de ce pas... Merci Christine.