Saturday, May 28, 2005

Metro, hard Rock Cafe and other signs of civilisation!

When different cultures mix... I won't say where I took this photo because some people will complain it is still in the same neighbourhood! - but I like the idea of gathering on the same picture the Metro (Paris public transportation - by the way if you come to Paris you will find this address very useful) and the Hard Rock Café. Today is Saturday I have two days to wander around the city and bring you more pictures...


  1. Metro in Moscow is more beautiful than in Paris(spesially central stations),but it is very croweded!
    Your Metro is romantic , sluggish and rather comfortable!!I am longing for it!

  2. > Olga, I will proove you wrong!! We have beautiful metro stations here too! Just kidding in fact 'cause I have been to Moscow once but did not take the metro. ALl I know is that I loved most of what I saw.

    > Thanx Rock. Yes I will have a nice resting week-end although it is extremely hot here so it makes it difficult to walk down the streets.

    FYI, the camea I bought is this one:

  3. Damn, I just hate to admit that Hard Rock Cafe somehow represents American culture. (I personally refuse to visit that or any other lame chain restaurant.) Instead, I prefer to think that it represents one facet (albeit the loudest and most garish facet) of the culture. Just curious, but who in Paris goes to this place, besides homesick Americans?

  4. Well, it represents one part of the american culture, not all. In fact funnily enough the Hard Rock café was born in England and not in the States (it was created by americans though).

    Who goes there? I don't know actually for I went there only a couple of times (I find it far too loud, when I go to a restaurant I like to talk!)

    And to be frank I never understood why the Hard Rock café was so popular throughout the world.

    But there are many things in life that I don't understand!