Friday, November 25, 2005

The Louvre in Atlanta

If you live in Atlanta, you won’t have to come to Paris next year to visit the Louvre museum – well at least one part of it… As a matter of fact, according to CNNfor the first the first time in the Louvre's 212-year history the museum has agreed to share entire collections with another museum for an extended period.” Aren’t you lucky? But there is one thing you won’t be able to see: the magnificent Louvre Pyramide at night! So here it is…


  1. Oh, you like to tease Eric, you re so clever !

    Your pics are just the crowning highlight of each of the days of my poor existance, thanks for being there for me. Always.

  2. I do live in Atlanta and am very excited about this collaboration. I think it will help the High Museum tremendously. Seeing the shared collections will be wonderful, but couldn't come close to seeing them in the Louvre, amidst the ambience of Paris. Beautiful photo, Eric.

  3. Nothing will ever be like the original Louvre. But what a coup for Atlanta which, since earlier this week, can also boast the largest aquarium in the world.

  4. .. largest aquarium in the world, which has been donated by the co-founder of Home Depot. In the mean time, our fellow French Parisian (say close suburb) mayors shy away the Pinault Fundation for the creation of a new modern art museum (which will finally end up in Venice..).

    Cherchez l'erreur.. :~{ Allons- nous (ou plus precisement, allez-vous..) finir par regretter les annees Mitterand?


  5. Excellente idée! Tant que l'on ne remplacera pas la Pyramide du Louvre par une bouteille de Coca geante! :-)

  6. I adore you photos! Wonderful work.

    Amanda in Noca Scotia~~

  7. A nice take on a difficult subject, Eric. How to photograph something so famous, so well-known, so... photographed - originally?!

    You've done a good job, with the people milling around at the bottom, the entire shot filled with the vertiginous parallelograms interlacing... and the overall warm nocturnal feel to it...


  8. HELP Sab....

    "vertiginous parallelograms" ???