Monday, November 21, 2005

Paris Daily Photo at Paris Photo exhibit

Each year in November Paris hosts one of the largest photographs fair in the world. It is called – quite logically – Paris Photo and is mostly dedicated to modern and contemporary photography. I went to this event yesterday and enjoyed is very, very much. Here I am (thank you Patricia for taking this shot) by a superb photograph by Arno Rafael Minkkinen; the best in the whole exhibit according to me!


  1. That's when I wish I could be on location, to see this exhibit, which sounds like it was wonderful - and, of course, you Eric. Has anybody ever told you that the adjective "hot" defines you quite well?

    And I agree that the Minkkinen photo is wonderful.

  2. Very cool shot! The best!(I mean you, by the exhibit :-)

  3. I was last in Paris in September and have missed it very much. Your website is wonderful -- not only are the photos beautiful, but the commentary is very interesting. Thanks for the additional photo of yourself!

  4. > Elisabeth. Blush!

    > Tomate. Blush n°2!

    > La rêveuse. Blush n°3!

  5. Thanks Eric for the link to Arno Rafael Minkkinen ! This photographer is just GREAT !