Friday, November 04, 2005

Shivani's flower shop

According to the Yellow Pages (well Les Pages Jaunes!) there are about 627 florists in Paris but some are really different (do you remember this shot?). I pass this one every day on the way back from work, it is called Shivani (after the name of Goddess Parvati who married Shiva), it is located 99 bd Haussmann (8th arrondissement) and it's really beautiful.


  1. One more place where you can spend a lot of money...
    Some florists in Paris (and surburb) have shops that are more and more "modern", very different from traditionnal ones. But, in both cases, I always want to buy flowers. Such great colors...
    Un peu "fleur bleue", le garçon...

  2. What a treat to pass such a beautiful shop everyday!

    I missed the opportunity to comment on yesterday's photo. I was in Paris this time last year and the autumn colors were nice to see - I miss that living in Florida! Here's an interesting bit if information regarding the song "Les feuilles mortes" - it was a French/American collaberation. The composer was Johnny Mercer. In both languages, it is one of my favorites!

  3. LOL. Very nice Eric. I sent it to my sister who is named Shivani.

  4. Toujours "fashion victim", Eric ! Ah, l'horloge de Paris Time...

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