Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bill Poster (Affichage sauvage)

Although bill posters are illegal in Paris, it is pretty usual that a lot of "freelancers" promote their skills in the middle of the street. This English teacher used a pipe in the middle of Le Marais. I did it once, a long time ago, to sell two extra tickets to a concert! It did not work...

ParisDailyPhoto 1 year anniversary minus 10 days!


  1. You can still kind of guess the cute neighborhood in the back. I miss that area of Paris.

  2. Eric, this is simple but one of your best shots. I want to see the rest of the poster, but you left it hidden as a tease. I also like the curve of the pole that mirrors the curve of the street in the background.

    I can't believe it's only been a year since you've had this blog. It seems like you've had billions of photos already! And look at all of the duplicate sites that have been following. Are you planning anything special for your 1 year Paris Daily Photo anniversary?

  3. What kind of camera are you using? Great shots!

  4. Nice Photo! I agree with Michael one of your best. Is this near St. Paul Metro Station?

  5. Two extra tickets to sell and it didn't work… You are not a seller Eric ! Give up all this capitalistic things, it's not for you !!!

    More seriously, very skilly picture indeed.
    À quand une rétrospective à l'Hôtel de Ville ?!!!

    > Michael : nothing to do with this, but I'm with you…

  6. ... or you put it up near a bus stop. That should give you plenty of readers :).

  7. Nowadays, when you have some extra tickets for a concert, you put them for sale on Ebay ...

  8. cant see them here in akita. you can go to jail for that. even during elections, politicians make a big square board for their posters. There are specified places to put up those poster boards though.

  9. Très jolie coup d'oeil. La faible profondeur de champs est bien vu et certainement. ce décalage avec pleins de lignes verticales et ces courbes de l'affiche autour du poteau et de la rue en virage est vraiment bien vu. Aussi, les tons très doux révèle bien l'ambiance du moment.
    Bonne continuation.

  10. Lisa.... Interesting French Lessons given. Hmmm....Well, I don't mind not seeing the rest of ht poster but we could at least have her number ;-)

  11. Thank you, I must say I kinda liked this picture myself although it's very simple.

    > Michael. No I will have taken exactly 365 pics on the March 10th. Am I doing something special? Well, well, maybe... Wait until D-Day!

    > Anonymous. I use a Kyocera camera 4 Megapixels 8x zoom. I did not know Kyocera made cameras (actually they don't anymore!) but the one I have is OK.

    > Rodney. I took it in the Jewish quarter (rue du Rosier if I do remember well), not far from Saint paul but not that close though.

    > GG. Nasty GG LOL!

    > Jean-Hubert. LOL yes you're right! But that was in 1993...

    > Midnitebara. Actually interesting. The use of public space vary from one country to another. We have specific places too but you surely won't go to jail if you do that. A fine if you exagerate maybe...

    > Jimmy. Hey, glad to hear from you. It's been a long time. Thanks for the nice comments. People, do visit his site Jimmy is a brilliant photographer.

    > Ham. Something tells me you have something else in mind than French lessons... LOL

  12. Great photo, Eric and a clever way to advertise...even if it is illegal.

  13. J'aime bien cette photo aussi pour sa composition et le fait qu'elle suggère plus que ne montre. L'oeil et le cerveau reconstitue ce qu'on ne voit pas

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  15. Good idea Suzanne! This URL reminds me of something though...

  16. Affichage sauvage sur le billet qui parle d'affichage sauvage ... faut le faire, non? ;-)