Friday, March 24, 2006

Hello New York!

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a reader named Liz in New York saying "I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and was so blown away I have been telling everyone about it." And Liz did it so well that ParisDailyPhoto and LondonDailyPhoto were both mentioned in the Manhattan User's Guide. I remembered that we have our own New York Avenue here in Paris, so I thought it would make the perfect greeting photo for those New Yorkers who wound up here for the first time. Start spreading the news...


  1. paris new york - new york paris comme un con tous seul à orly
    j'attend mon vol de 8h43
    "jacques higelin"...
    trés beau clichés juste a mes yeux une légére sur expositions mais c'est plutot un coté flateur qui t'es attribué
    a quand une avenue de Bastia? sur panam
    a salute

  2. I love it! My two favorite cities in one great photo.

  3. Jacques Higelin?
    Mai 68? Mais dis donc, ça nous rajeunit pas tout ça!!! ;-)

    With the Satue of Liberty sitting right outside Manhattan, it seems only fair that Paris should display a little souvenir from the USA near its most famous landmark, no? ;-)

    Congratulations, Eric, on the increasing success of your blog. Does this mean that some of us here in the commenting section better start behaving ;-) ?

  4. Beautiful photos Eric! Merci!!
    Quelle joie de voir les beautes de Paris quand on est si loin! Congrats on a wonderful year of photos, from a daily visitor from Las Vegas.

  5. Ok Eric, what proper NY post would be complete without a little Frank Sinatra singing New York New York ?! I can't believe I found this! A real classic and just the right music to go along with this awesome photo.

  6. Very funny Tomate! I didn't know we WERE behaving!

  7. Eric -- Congratulations! Well deserved recognition for your great photos and writing...

  8. Il y a également une Place du Québec, je crois...

    Très belle photo. Je suis très contente d'avoir découvert cette communauté de photo-blogues.

    Continuing in English so everyone understands. I hope some photographer from Montreal will join in. (I'm not a photographer; I'm a painter, and certainly can't churn out a painting every day.

  9. Holy crap that's a stereotypically beautiful photo of Paris' most famous landmark!

  10. The shades of blue and gold are so beautiful...

  11. Very nice, Eric! I have a photo of la tour Eiffel I took one rainy night last October - but my two friends who were visiting from the U.S. were in front of the "Avenue de New York" sign! Quel Dommage! In any case, yours is a much better photo than mine!

  12. Paris looking very festive here. See, the New Yorkers are coming...

  13. I love this picture not only for its wonderful cliche (i love the eiffel tower myself...) but because of the contrast--

    the eiffel tower (the symbol of french culture/civilization)

    and the sign that says Avenue de New York (the symbol of American culture/civilization).

    BIEN FAIT...comme habitude....:-)

  14. i have also been spreading the news....i have many friends who share in my love for your city! this photo is perfect!

  15. What a nice shot as always, Eric, you're mastering the art of colors!

    BTW, am I the only (hobbit) in Paris to feel Eiffel Towel's lazer effect as some kind of Eye of Sauron?

  16. This is superb Eric! and aren't happy that we are a bigger family everyday?

  17. See, this is how close New York and Paris can be... ;).

  18. that link equity of yours just keeps getting wider and wider - you'll have a page rank of 7/8 soon!

  19. Really wonderful COLOR, light,and composition! Kudos!

  20. Beautiful! As many times as I have been to Paris now, I will never get sick of the Eiffel tower, especially at night!

  21. Waouuuuuu vous devenez de plus en plus connu. La célébrité vous guette ;-)

  22. A very nice shot, Eric, and kudos on being mentioned in the Manhattan User's Guide. Now, each time I see one of your shots, I feel like I am going to HAVE TO go and inhale that view in person next time I am in Paris. Maybe that should be a theme for another blog - "Just Like Eric's" could be its name. It would just replicate (obviously the quality would be way way lower...) the shots from your blog. How about that idea? Imitation is the best compliment, isn't it?

  23. So, the good old iron lady still has the same effects on people right?! Mr Eiffel must be so proud (is there DSL in Paradise?!)

    Thank you for all your compliments: Mathieu - the quickest! - Rodney, from Aliso Viejo daily Photo, Midnite bara, from Akita, always so sweet, Anne, from Manila Daily Photo also very sweet (I noticed that Philippinians are always very nice to the French),

    > Grain de sel. Well there is already a Quai de Corse... Il y a déjà un quai de Corse ! A salute à toi.

    > Karine. Yeah, the fastest growing family on earth: one new born every day!

    > Buzzgirl. I knew it, I made it especially for you...

    > Tomate. Don't even think of behaving here. Non mais!

    > Cropstar5. Hey, bonjour à Las Vegas. Why don't you start and Las Vegas Daily Photo Blog I heard Paris has some competition there...

    > Michael. I see you haven't lost the procedure that allows you to insert a link in a comment! Thank you Franky and Paris two good old values.

    > Joe. Coming from you, that is a real compliment. For those of you who would not know Joe makes outstanding New York photos (no offense to newyorkdailyphoto, of course) - as a coincidence I noticed that your photos are featured on this Manhattan user's guide also which definitely proves they have good taste!

    > Lagatta. Oui, il y a une place du Québec! One day, when I appear in Montreal User's guide, then I will show it!! (Just kidding, of course, I may show it before, actually I am not really sure where it is).

    >Soosha. It IS a stereotycal photo of Paris. And so what?! Once in a while...

    > Eurobrat. And these are all - almost - natural colours.

    > Louis. Rainy day in Paris?! Are you sure this was not London? It never rains in Paris!!

    > Brian and Lucy. Yeah, very very festive at the moment (we could do with some circus supplies - private joke!)

    > Nahal. Ooooh, highly political post: I surely don't want people discussing French and American civilization here! Thank you for the compliment anyway.

    > Jackson (Jacklyn). Thanks. When do you start a Dallas daily photo blog?? BTW, I prefer the one with saturated colours on your blog...

    > FredB. Shame on me I did not know what the eye of Sauron was... Thank you for the compliment - a but exaggerated, but I'll accept it!

    > Lisi. Sure I am. I may spend a little too much time on this right now but "quand on aime on ne compte pas" (when you love you don't count).

    > Nicola. Yeah right. Still. 6 000 miles or so! Actually when I took the photo I was wondering if they did it on purpose to put the street sign there (usually it's only at the beginning of streets...)

    > Dean. I don't pay attention to my page rank cause i never understood what it means exactly. But I suppose the higher the better right?

    > Kim. And like I said, it's almost natural colours!

    > Nebel. Wanna bet?!

    > Chris. Eh eh somebody who has memory. Actually I think it's not this light that is copyrighted but the one that makes it blink 10 minutes every hour. I am not sure, though, if you don't see a photo here tomorrow i will be in jail!

    > Amande. Well, not quite Amande, not quite...

    > CA. Je t'en prie. Quelqu'un qui est amoureuse de la vie ne peut pas être totalement mauvaise! Bon pour André Rieu, je suis moins sûr ;)

    > Elisabeth. Don't try that. You are going to be soooooo disappointed by reality... What's nice with a photo is that you can crook the angle, reinforce the colours, remove the dirty paper that sits on the pavement... In real life you can't! As for your blog idea, well, yeah that sounds pretty good but lacks ambition. How about a temple instead?! LOL

    > Lygia. Now I will feel better knowing that you wake up to life with me every morning...

  24. beautiful colours, great shot. the old tower never ceases to amaze with its beauty.

  25. Very nice photo. The colors sure are from the van Gogh palette aren't they! Reminds me of the colors in Starry Night Over The Rhone.

  26. haha, Eric, Sauron is the big one eye evil in The Lord of the Rings, and his whole entity is really just one big eye gleaming from a top tower...

    FredB, now that u mentioned it, i can see it...yes it is Sauron, LOTR to be continued...;-)

  27. Great photographs. I have been to Paris 3 times in the last 18 months and have found the city very friendly, so I think you can fairly remove your "Yes,it does exist." Thank you for the photographs and to your city for not holding Bush against the millions of us who voted against him twice. Best regards.

  28. Didn't mean anything bad by it being stereotypical! Actually what I meant is that that's almost exactly how I picture Paris in my head. And you've basically taken the picture in my head and published it on the internet in all it's beauty! Hmm...I coulda said that better but right now I'm having trouble thinking. My son is being a bit loud and I'm anxious to leave him with the babysitter so my husband and I can go celebrate our annivesary. Too bad we can't go visit Paris!

  29. Anonymous: I am from Paris and I think Eric should definitely leave the "Yes,it does exist." right where it is. Paris is like any other big city; if you give it enough time, it'll get on yout nerves, too. But you can also get lucky and have the most wonderful experiences, there, like in any other big city.

  30. Anonymous - Except my city. Everytime anyone posts in the St. Louis community on Live Journal saying they are moving to St. Louis or gonna visit St. Louis and they want to know what kind of interesting or fun things they can do around here everyone always answers the same. Either visit the St. Louis Arch or visit the the City Museum. Now admittedly the Arch is cool the first time you go in it, and the City Museum is always fun, especially later in the evening, but that's realy all there is to do around here. Especially if you aren't into night clubs that play the same 6 songs over and over again the entire night!!! Not many wonderful experiences to be had here.

  31. il y a une Rue d'Ecosse dans la 5e! et une Rue d'Edimbourg dans la 8e! je viens de les trouver sur mapquest!

  32. This is an amazing photo. I love it! I now visit your site everyday. It is one of my daily pleasures.


  33. Another fantastic photo Eric - keep up the excellent work!

  34. new york also loves you eric!


    a new yorker!

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