Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Brasserie reflexion

It may not look so but it took me ages to take this photo. The round frame is actually a mirror on display in a pharmacist store in which I could see - from a particular angle - the brasserie (restaurant) located on the other side of the street. Right when I pushed the trigger this man went by. He looks like he belongs in the 19th century that is why I turned this shot into black and white!


  1. Bravo, Eric! En effet, ce monsieur guindé avec la moustache en guidon de vélo a l'air de sortir tout droit du debut du siecle dernier!

    Well done, Eric! Indeed, this uptight-looking gentleman with a handlebar moustache seems to come straight from the turn of last century!

  2. Tomato said it best...excellent shot!

  3. For me, one of the very best and most typical french Brasserie i know in Paris is "Bofinger" very near la Bastille :

    That is exactly the place where the guy on the pic would go ;-)

  4. Elle a un air de Doisneau, cette photographie. Le regard est assez comique, et l'effet est accentué par le costume de cette personne (et la prise de vue acrobatique.) Bravo pour cet effet, la patience a ses mérites!

  5. absolutely beautiful!
    how fortunate this man walked by. one of the best photos yet!

  6. Wicked shot, Eric! Well done!

    The best and most interesting photos happen by accident, I've found. :)

  7. Nice reflection. Really looks like an old photo. Great timing! :)

  8. I like this photo Eric. C'est marrant je pense d'avoir vu ce monsieur il y a deux jours au marché dans le 12e ??! un pur hasard :/

  9. that's an interesting shot, Eric, very good capture with this gentleman in!

  10. Ok, actually I forgot to ask, is it ok to say "tres cool" in French like in the first comment?? Will people in France understand me? How about tres sleek, tres smart?

  11. very interesting...your right the man is totaly 19th century material...

  12. Tres cool Eric, as others have said. Nice shot. It's a pleasure when you manage to capture a photograph like this. Chapeau!

  13. > Lisi : "très cool" is typical "franglais" material, quite horrid to the Académie Française and purists, but as matter of fact, you may be assured that everybody in our beloved country will understand the expression. Same to "trés smart". Much less true for "très sleek".

  14. Ah, a Cartier-Bresson "decisive moment" in an image evocative of C-B. Super shot.

  15. You're right that he looks like he stepped out of the 19th century. I'd say the last quarter of that century, to be exact. It's a very intriguing shot.

  16. Beautiful shot, Eric. Well, getting ready to hit France (unfortunately, not Paris except for Charles de Gaulle airport and its TGV station a couple of times), as well as London, Dublin, and a bit of Northern Ireland for the next couple of weeks.

  17. Eric, selon Michèle, il semble donc que la communauté de la Photo soit surveillée... Le nouveau visage de Sauron est apparu, par inadvertance, dans ta superbe compo :-)

    D'ailleurs, un clic sur ladite photo, pour un plein écran, ne donne pas la photo en entier : il manque le tiers bas.


  18. Very interesting shot... He probably has no idea he ended up in your photo, and that we are all commenting on his sense of style !

    A bit voyeur-esqe...

  19. Lisi: You're gonna hear a lot of English words slipped into the French over there if you listen carefully.

  20. what a beautiful, timeless photograph! well done!

  21. I love it when things just happen at the right time to make your photo that much better.

  22. Elisbeth, have an awesome trip. Will you be blogging from over here?

    Darrell, see you soon.

    Eric, unique and interesting as ever!

  23. Marvellous shot. A chance in a million.
    These types of photographs always look best in black & white.

    PS. Wish my blog got as many visitors as yours!

  24. gail's man: your blog is going in the right direction with cute pictures and everything. Just be patient and curious clickers will come your way, too :)

  25. > Carnet. Merci, merci. Dis, quand on voit ton blog on se dit que tu dois avoir une vie bien dure ;))

    > Pink, BlondeTown, Philos, Carol, Anonymous. Thanks a lot.

    > Tomate. Marrant hein. He looks like my grand grand father! Maybe there was no one he's just a ghost that can only be seen on a photo. OK, I watch too much X-files!

    > Haxo. Ye and Brasserie Lorraine, Boeuf sur le Toit, Flo, etc. Paris is full of cool brasseries. Bofinger is one of the best though, you're right.

    > Blandine. Plus le hsard que la patience pour être totalement franc !

    > Barista. Thank you. I would rank it on my top list too!

    > Mrs B. True, but this one is not 100% an accident, only 90%!

    > Nicola. If you look at it on Filmloop it's in colour. Interesting too.

    > Michelle. Well that would really be a sheer coincidence! I took this shot in the 7th, rue de Verneuil.

    > Lisi. Thank you. Très cool of you to say it's a good capture. Sleek, nobody will understand and "smart" in French means nicely dressed not "intelligent".

    > Bazainville. He does, doesn't?

    > Wilf. Thanks. once in a while I have to be lucky!

    > GG. Very true, as always...

    > Passante. CB?! Wahoo; let's not exagerate ;) But thank you. Big blush.

    > Nerissa. Like I said he looks like my grand grand father.

    > Elisabeth. It's a shame IU won't get to meet you. On the way back maybe? Have a safe trip tp France AND Ireland (never been there but I have always been told people are very friendly there and the country is very nice)

    > Chris. LOL pour Sauron ! J'ai réparé le problème du tiers manquant (en ces périodes de déclaration d'impôts ce n'est guère recommandé de manquer d'un tiers !

    > Darrell. Yes, he surely does not know that exactly 907 people from all over the world have seen his face today!

    > Terri. Thanks. True it looks timeless and yet it was yesterday in the middle of Paris...

    > Natalie. A little help from inspiration and a little help from fate...

    > Jenny. Thank you. And thank you for drawing my attention on the blogger problems. Is that fixed now?

    > Michael. I see you made some friends here!!

    > Gail's Man. Yes, well to be honest I used the continuous shooting mode that helped... Number of visitors? Well I must say that being in Paris helps. Come on people do pay a visit to Nottingham Daily Photo! And look at Tomate wrote (Tomate you are always so positive are you sure you're French??)

  26. Fantastic shot and you're right: the B&W gives it a splendid touch!

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