Saturday, May 13, 2006

May flowers!

At last it's really spring. The weather is very nice, people are sitting outside the cafes, I just had a nice ice cream while wandering in the streets of Paris and flowers are blooming in the Luxembourg gardens. I just love it!


  1. So this little widget popped up on my screen earlier today and you can't imagine the suprise and the pleasure I got when this shot loaded and expanded at full resolution on my screen! WOW! Gorgeous! What a nice way to end the week! Flowers from Paris, right here on my desktop in SF. Awww...! Thanks, Eric! :-D

    (I'm using Eric's "Film Loop Player" you can find on the left side of Eric's Blog, right under the clock, 4th category after "JOIN ME", "MAILING LIST" and "WIDGET". It's pretty cool!)

  2. I see I'm the first to leave a comment today. I like that. Flowers, ice cream, the Luxembourg gardens, nice weather... And underneath it all: sewer pipes!

  3. OK. Second. (I should have typed faster.)

  4. Luscious apricot tulips! So beautiful, so spring! Wonderful shot.

  5. Luggi: I'd rather have the sewer pipes run UNDERNEATH it all ;)

  6. So beautiful. Tulips are over now in Washington so it's like spring all over again to see them here.

  7. Without reading Eric's comment, i knew it was the Jardin du Luxembourg.
    Proably because of the green chair which is typically from this garden.
    Now i notice that one can recognize the map of the garden on the little house on the back of the pic.

  8. what a beautiful photo! i'm still fixated on yesterday's photo! seriously eric!!i don't know what it is about it! i just love it! i even told the husband about it! do you ever sell your photos?

  9. Paris in spring has got to be the place to be.However an ice cream and a walk that is something I can do today.

  10. gorgeous shot! Ice cream, walk combo. is a must!

  11. Joyeux printemps Eric...Spring has sprung in SanFrancisco as well; warm weather all week!! Yet we are lacking those magnificent tulips and a garden as beautiful and as full of history as the Luxembourg. Enjoy..and have another ice cream for all of us!! ;-) kpg

  12. I started following-up this blog a while ago. I founded it innovative, charming, simple.

    Now it is full of silly gadgets, commercials, ads, and all those stupids things used to make money on the net. It turns out to be more and more profesional, and not a nice simple hobby thing as I used to like it. Sad.

    Why does money in our world spoils everything ?

  13. What a gorgeous picture! I wish I was wandering the streets of Paris eating ice cream.

  14. Hey, I have film loop! I'm totally subscribing to yours, eric!

  15. Flowers everywhere in DP blogs now! And yours are brilliant!

  16. Nature in all it's splendor. I do love colorful flowers.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  17. Lovely! The tulips are blooming in Canada too, although it is still a bit chilly.

  18. Agree with Antonio that blog of Eric is simple and simply charming. Nice photos and interesting captions, difficult to refuse taking a look at it daily ;-)

    Does money spoil our world ? always an argumentative topic... I think that money is only a means of living in our modern world. Don't you think that it is rather us the world has changed, that rather we people are spoiled? complicated, life is too complicated... right, its easier and nicer to appreciate and smell the flowers of our friendly Parisian today.

    By the way, the sunlight has just come back after a terrible thunder here this afternoon. Let's take advantage of the nice weather... Good day to all !

  19. Bonsoir,

    Personnellement, je ne trouve pas que le site soit encombré de gadgets inutiles... Il est très facile de se concentrer sur la partie droite de la page et d'aller à l'essentiel sans être perturbé par les éléments présents sur la partie gauche.

    En résumé, Eric, continue sur la lancée et fournis nous notre dose quotidienne de nouveautés sur Paris. Cela distrait nos journées et c'est le principal, n'est ce pas ?



  20. Very nice photos and blog, from a fellow Paris blogger. :)

  21. Aie, I'm afraid I started this with my comment on the widgets.

    "...Now it is full of silly gadgets, commercials, ads, and all those stupids things used to make money on the net. It turns out to be more and more profesional, and not a nice simple hobby thing as I used to like it. Sad..."

    Antonio: Ordinarily I would agree with you. I do, too, tend to avoid commercial sites, annoying pop-ups, etc., as much as possible. But this blog is far from being a commercial site!

    The widgets you see here are only added for our convenience and fun, to enhance our experience on this blog and others like this one, and do not to take anything away from us. They are free, and you don't have to download them if you don't want them.

    And besides, isn't criticizing a little advertisement ("little" being the key word here) on a blog a little bit like like criticizing a street musician for putting a hat in front of him/her while playing music?

    Don't be so harsh! :-D

    By the way, while I'm at it, along with the widgets and advertisements on the left side of the blog, don't forget something else that wasn't there before either: 77 DAILY CITY PHOTO BLOGS!!! That's a lot of people people around the world volunteering to give us the pleasure of visiting their cities and bring us fun and interesting facts about them EACH DAY! 77!!! Can you imagine? They wouldn't fit in my living room!! If we gave them rendez-vous in a restaurant, they'd have to rent the whole damn restaurant!

    And I'm not even counting the multiple city blogs underneath (which, by the way, I've been really tempted to join, too, eventually, but that's another story).

    Blogging takes a LOT of time ! You'd be surprised the number of hours it takes to complete some of these posts, take the pictures, fix them up, upload them, do the research on them, translate them, etc ... the great majority of bloggers do not make ANY money doing that.

    Personally, when I see all these cities added to the blogroll every week, I find it extremely positive and uplifiting. Isn't it the next best thing to watching people hold each other's hand around the world ?

    OK. I think I'll shut up now ;)

  22. Oh how I've missed reading you Tomate! Brazil just wasn't the same without your comments.

  23. Euh, yeah Eric, nice flowers... but I really love the gadgets you've got blooming on your site.

  24. Michael, you went to Brazil? cool! Well, we certainly missed you around here :-D Did you bring back some good pictures? A tan? Some good memories? :-D

    Yeah, poor Antonio, I didn't mean to jump on his comment with both feet, but it's just that I'm not sure people who write comments like that appreciate the kind of effort and commitment it takes to keep a blog like this running, especially on a daily basis!!!

    And besides, what's wrong with a hobby turning into something else? Didn't Steve Jobs start Apple as a hobby in a garage?

    * * *

    So, Eric, à quand la multinationale "Daily City, Inc." ? ;-)

  25. kbythebay: you're just too nice and I'm blushing! :)

  26. I believe the correct spelling is Berthillon. The original store is at 21 rue de St Louis en Lile in the 4th arr. I think you can also now get this ambrosia at other sources in the city.

    Oh, and Eric, I like the photo!

    Here in Chicago the tulips have mostly come and gone.

    Since I haven't made a comment in a while, I want to thank Eric for taking all the photos of the stars a few posts back on the 10th. I also enjoy sewer lid and photograph any that strike my fancy.

    I appreciate the homeless shot. When I visited Paris in 2002 I was struck how docile they were. They actually had signs that seemed to appoligise.

    Also, has everyone noticed that hard working Eric seems to always posts these delightful images after midnight HIS time? Along with his demanding day job, he does a first rate job of keeping this blog going with fine images and educational captions that often lead me to do research on the net to learn more.