Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hot seat

More and more people travel by bike in Paris now and quite logically they carry their children (well, more likely their child) on their bike too. Of course it's a little dangerous (those who came here know that the Parisian driving is not very pedestrians or bikers friendly) but with the new bicycle lanes it's not that bad. I just liked the contrast between the orange seat and the grey sidewalk.


  1. Eric, great photo as usual. Thanks for making me want to come to Paris to see it all in person!

  2. es ce que tu peux encore monter dessus... hihihi...
    bon mercredi...

  3. OK, just one question: where does the dog go? ;) Cute picture, I like it.

  4. I thought you'd done a color effect yourself! What a great shot. Boy, one can tell the French aren't law-suit happy by the looks of the design of the child seat. So simple and free.

  5. Nice shot! I like the bright Orange color of the seat. Funny this post is somewhat related to my post today.

    The color is related.

  6. I like it too. A nice intimate detail.

  7. What are you talking about Tomate? The seat IS for the dog! Nice photo Eric.

  8. Is that litte white rope (or string, actually) tied onto the back strut the seatbelt? Beautiful photo, yet scary thought to imagine a child (or a dog) sitting there in Paris traffic.

  9. Mmm, il y a bien un effet (je serais amusée de trouver ces pneus bicolores) mais cela met en valeur le contraste!

  10. Oh, I guess this seat is quite old, I had the same when I was a child, now they're made of plastic... Good memories... And to answer to Tomate Farcie, the dog go on the front, in a little basket (and if it's a big dog, he runs with the bike) : that's how my mother used to do with me. :-)

  11. Well, riding the bike IS less expensive and better for your health--assuming you don't get hit by a car. =)

    The orange seat is very classic looking.

  12. Great photo - you'd NEVER see a seat like this in the US though - plastic, with safety harnesses and helmets for everyone too!

  13. When I was a child growing up in London, you saw small children being ferried around in seats like this all the time. They didn't wear helmets and nor did we when we rode our bikes. I'm not saying helmets aren't a good thing -- but my generation managed to grow up in spite of not wearing them!

  14. I just read on Marie's Alexandria Daily Photo that tomorrow is theme day for daily photo bloggers -- but she doesn't say what the theme is. Eric, can you enlighten us?

  15. In Amsterdam, the only cyclists I've ever seen with helmets are tourists from abroad... Prefer bicycle lanes as a solution to safety problems, and am very glad that Paris is getting more! Bravo!

  16. > Debs. That's a good idea... Why would not you come to Paris some time?!

    > Terra vecchia. Non, pas vraiment!

    > Tomate. The dog is in a basket, up front...

    > Kbythebay. Well actually I think this bike is really old. Those seats are much more modern now.

    > Rod. LOL. Not the same orange though. Yours is more eatable!

    > Soosha, Luggi. Yes, nothing fancy, just a nice mix of colors.

    > Michael. LOL.

    > Madame Tut. I agree, quite scary, but not that bad though.

    > Blandine. Non, non pas vraiment d'effet, juste un petit renforment des couleurs...

    > Philos. Merci.

    > Mam'zelle Lulu. We had the same idea on where the dog would be...

    > Charlus. N'est-ce pas ?

    > Natalie. Yes but I don't know, I cannot get used to the idea of driving a bike in Paris.

    > Jenny. Well, recently I went to Florida and noticed that bikers did not wera a hlmet on the motorway. Now this would NEVER happen here.

    > Passante. Yes but the were much more dead people on the raod at that time (well I don't know your age but in France there are now about 6 000 detahs on the road compared to 20 000 in the 70s). I actually don't know about this theme day - I find it very hard to follow themes, shame on me.

    > Lagatta. Yeah but the bike lanes are part of the bus lanes which makes them a little less secure...

  17. I can't believe that there weren't any comments mentioning "A bicycle built for two". Of course, the original lyrics go...

    Daisy, Daisy,
    Give me your answer do!
    I'm half crazy,
    All for the love of you!
    It won't be a stylish marriage,
    I can't afford a carriage
    But you'll look sweet upon the seat
    Of a bicycle made for two.

    And the funnier one in response is:

    Harry, Harry,
    Here is your answer true,
    You're half crazy,
    If I would be seen with you,
    If you can't afford a carriage,
    You can't afford a marriage
    And I'll be damned,
    If I'll be crammed,
    On a bicycle built for two!

  18. Viscount Linley, (son of Princess Margaret, UK) was recently slated in the press for cycling his young daughter of 4 to school sitting on the back WHEEL ! The pic in the paper brought shivers to my spine. I don't know how to link on here so here is the URL