Thursday, June 08, 2006

Botanical garden

Not far from the Porte d'Auteuil in the 16th arrondissement there is a spectacular botanical garden, also called Serres d'Auteuil. They have all sorts of plants and trees, including a caramel tree (that smells like caramel in fall!) and more than 5 000 plants in huge greenhouses. I shot the entrance door (well one of the entrance doors) because it reminded me of the fashion museum. The weather is superb in Paris at the moment, you should definitely come to the PDP meeting Friday evening for it will take place outside and everybody is welcome to come... (more details here).

PS: Paris Daily Photo general meeting minus 1 day (Friday June 9)


  1. It must be interesting to visit. I think you must envisage to stay at minimum 1 day? This place must be large!


  2. Oooooh. fabulous gate. I love botanical gardens. I do hope you will someday post pictures of the inside!

  3. Thanks for this, Eric. I remember this place when I was (supposed to be) studying at the Sorbonne years ago.

    Also reminded me of the gates into Lisbon's most luxurious hotel, the Pestana Palace. Curiously, it also stands in a tree-lined avenue, very reminiscent of France and directly opposite is an old, empty 18th petit palais that was obviously modelled on a French manoir. I guess i'll have to post pictures of the street so you can feed back on that.
    Now, on to tomorrow's big day & Saturday's follow-up postings...Bonne chance, tous et toutes!

  4. Great shot. Sounds like a must see

  5. A caramel tree?

    That sounds MAGICAL.

  6. I'm with Monique...I've never heard of a caramel tree. It sounds as if it's straight out of Willie Wonka!

  7. Great gate! I will have to visit this next time I'm in Paris.

  8. I agree with Buzzgirl...the large gate is the entrance to Willie Wonka's as well!

  9. Aw you guys! It's KILLING ME not to be able to make the PDP! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! ;-)

    Next time we're in Paris we'll arrange another one!

    Have an AWESOME TIME and take lots of pictures!

    Bon jour!

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