Monday, June 19, 2006

Tourists in Paris

It's June, it's warm(er), it's sunny... No wonder tourists start coming to Paris (speaking of which, I unfortunately missed Nahal - one regular commenter here - this week-end because I was away but I spoke to her on the phone). I thought this photo of an Italian couple on the Pont des Arts (yes, again!) wondering what they were going to visit next was a perfect example. The woman on the bicycle is definitely French! Have a nice week.


  1. I love this photo Eric, it has nice movement and it also brings back some good memories. I used to ride a bike around Paris back in the early 90's. This is on Le Pont des Arts,n'est ce pas?

  2. Pont des Arts is my favourite pont in Paris :) Thanks for this nice reminder.

  3. Wow, there are some great color levels and contrast in this photo! Very nice shot!

  4. They look cold (jackets...) was it early in the morning?

  5. Bonjour Paris. Great photos. Can I ask the million euro question: what is it that makes the woman on the bicycle 'definitely French'? All the best, Ger

  6. Beautiful shot Eric! Have to ask too why the girl on the bike is a sure French?

  7. Tourists start coming… and Tomate Farcie is gone !…

  8. I suppose you always have hordes of tourists in France, but with the summer it must be a real invasion! And, by the way, is it easy to ride a bike in Paris? Isn't there too much traffic, or do you have a cycle lane?

  9. Carmen,you just put your life in the hands of the Gods!
    Don't forget it’s the Saint Maxime DP funny caption competition tomorrow.

  10. > Mark, yes, it's le Pont des Arts and, OK, we won't forget you funny caption competition!

    > Single. You're welcome. It's a very nice bridge, I agree.

    > Nebel. Thank you. How is the world cup doing on your end?

    > Michael. Yes, it's was early in the morning. Congratulations on your observation sense!

    > Ger O'Rourke. Good question LOL. I don't know actually! She simply seems to know where whe's heading unlike the other two people. But I agree I should not assume she's French!

    > Anne. Thank you and same aswer as above...

    > GG. True but good news, she'll be commenting here again.

    > Carmen. Well there are about 12 million tourists per year in Paris (and 2 million inhabitants, excluding the 8 million in the suburbs). But we're happy to greet tourists, it's good for business!
    And dislike what Mark said, it is not THAT dangerous to ride a bicycle in Paris!! Yes there are lanes (but they are mixed with the bus lanes!)

  11. hello! dans quel rue du 9e vivez-vous? parce que j'ai moi-même vécu dans ce quartier, dans la rue st-lazare. j'adore paris c'est une ville magique!!

  12. Let's make some forensic investigations about this picture.

    First, as some blogger noticed, the sun is on the left of the photo. As the bridge direction id roughtly north-south, we can guess that the sun is on the east side, so it's undoubtly the morning.

    Second, you can see the photos of Francis GAZEAU on both sides of the bridge. This exhibit started on june the first (Google is your friend). So this picture was taken between the 1st and the 19th of june 2006.

    The sun is rising early in june and when you look carefully, you can see the shadows on the main entrance of the Intitut (the dome). The sun is allready high in the sky, so this photo was not took in the very early morning, let's say between 09h00 and 10h00am.

    Looking more closely to the picture on its full size (1024x768). You can now discover a clock right in the middle. And TADAAAA !!! it's 09h20 am, simple isnt'it ?

    Wait a minute, I didn't told you everything about this photo. Let's save it on a computer (save this picture as...) and have a look with a picture viewer. Click to show the properties and I can tell you that this photo was shot on june 2nd 2006, at 08h15:24s with a M410R Finecam Kyocera Yashica Camera.

    So Eric, your camera setting is late about an hour and five minutes. May be some summer dayliht saving time with a little bit of time drift.

    Conclusion : A good photo has always a good story to tell us.

    And by the way, the girl on the bike is french, no doubt about that. I will tell you why next time.


  13. Wahoo! Michel, or should I call you Sherlock (!) I am really impressed!!

    PS : Rosepomme. I live in Le Passage Verdeau.

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  15. I was in Paris last week for my 6:th time. I've never seen so many bicykles in the streets before as this year.

  16. Hi Eric!!

    Congratulations!!! It's my first time here, your blog is great and i would like to insert a link in my blog. Can i? In july i will be in Paris for the second time. i'm sure it will be a great time.

  17. Michel: I want to know NOW. ;.) (Because she could be Dutch. I've seen some Dutch girls who live in Paris and have that "air.")

  18. Eric, I'm afraid I have to say the World Cup is going slightly better for us than for you...

  19. Eric, happily I can tell you today that my dreams of coming to Paris (and adding to those tourist numbers!) will be realized this October. I will be spending my 30th birthday in Paris! Thank you for the daily inspiration. As I've said before, your beautiful photos have inspired me and now I am finally acting on that inspiration. Much thanks!

  20. Yeah, I gotta ask the same thing: why is that woman "definitely French?"

    gg: I guess it was very good timing on my part, then, eh? ;-)

    Michel: There might be a job for you on CSI Miami or something! ;-) Seriously, WOW!!!

    Eric: no offense but commenting on a blog isn't half as fun as being there...

    By the way, this looks like a good spot to write this, or as good as any: I really enjoyed meeting all of you guys, cause you're all awesome! Looking forward to doing this again, maybe next year! :-D

  21. hello everyone, sorry i have been absent...i have just returned from my european trip and incredibly jetlagged...

    sorry i missed you in paris, eric!

  22. Eric, just stumbled on PDP and love it. My family - wife + 2 teenage girls will be in Paris on 8 jul for a few days. From this photo it looks as if jeans are the norm. Other shots of people and tourist fashion? I believe my girls will look good - it is me I'm concerned about.
    Phil - your age +7

  23. Phil:

    Parisians NEVER wear shorts in the summer, even when it's 80F or 90F!! It's like they have an extreme tolerance for extreme heat! So yes, pants or jeans are the norm. In fact, someone wearing shorts is automatically identified as a tourist. It's a matter of being "too casual" for being out in public. I never really understood it.

    If you want to blend in as a local, Parisians also almost never wear baseball caps, visors, bright colors, running shoes (the big white variety, worn with jeans), (rarely) backpacks, fanny packs. Avoid all these things, and you'll blend right in. If not, you'll certainly of course, be welcomed as a tourist! Paris thrives on its tourists!

    Have a GREAT time!

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