Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The city of light

I just had to give you another look at the 14th of July. When you see how close the fireworks are to the middle of the city, and look at the reflections made from them, it’s really wonderful to see. I am unable to tell you what the tower in the background is (anyone here knows?) but I can tell you that the lit dome on the right hand side belongs to the Grand Palais.


  1. Yeah, I agree! The blue one was sharp but this one is really interesting. Where was this shot from, do you know? We can probably figure out what the tower is, given that we can see the Grand Palais and given the camera's angle. Or we could just wait for Haxo's return? :)

  2. Great shot. From this angle it looks like some buildings were a little too close for comfort. Fireworks have a way of always making great photos though.

  3. Hello...nous avons le même feu d artifice pris sous un angle different ..Très jolie photo.

  4. wow!great shot! next month will be "matsuri " or festival season here in Japan, and there will be fireworks too.I hope I can take photos like this,too!

  5. Is it something in the cluster of bulidngs along the Seine southwest of the Eiffel Tower? Sort of along and beyond Parc Andre Citroen?

  6. > Eric, Tomate Farcie : I'm sorry to give the answer in French but it is a little beyonf my ability to make it in correct English, so :
    La "tour" à l'arrière plan n'en est pas une ! Je crois qu'il s'agit en fait de la cheminée de la chaufferie du quartier Front de Seine (XVe), dont on peut effectivement voir les tours autour de celle-ci.
    Voilou !

  7. Yes, Eric, I believe it is in that group of buildings, and that you can see it on the left side of this photo of mine taken from atop the Eiffel.

  8. Another beautiful photo. Thanks for sharing...

  9. Tower in background is "Maison de la Radio" I think. It is very similar.

  10. Wow, that looks very close to the buildings.

  11. > Jazzy. It is impressive, isn't?!

    > Tomate. Yes I took it from the same spto I took the blue one, that is from to to of a parking lot in the 9th arrondissement. Haxo would definitely sort that out!!

    > Orange County. It's only an impression, because in reality the buildings are really very far from the fireworks!

    > Slowdown. Yeah, we must have been thousands that night... Nice photos you have by the way.

    > Rodney. Thanks!

    > Midnitebara. You'd better take good shots! We want to see them. What is this Matsuri all about?

    > Sally. I believe you are very right actually. It must be this chimney that one can see on your photo.

    > GG. As always you have the asnwser - you can be a good replacement for Haxo while he is away!! Thanks.

    > Ovelikios. Thank you ; my pleasure!

    > Anonymous.Well I don't think so...

    > Natalie. Yes, but like I said above, it's only an impression.

    > Charlus. Merci !

    > Michel. And if you too confirm it, there is no doubt now!

    > Fred. Thanks, but don't exagerate!

  12. I love this photo Eric...even better than the one you posted on the 15th. For those who describe this tall tubular structure as a smokestack (chimney), are you sure? Isn't this right next to the Australian Embassy in Paris? A smokestack?

  13. super photo ;o)

    michael, I checked on a map and I think this Beaugrenelle chimney is next to the Australian Amabassy

    L'ambassade d'Australie est tout près de Beaugrenelle et de sa chaufferie

    Il n'y a pas trop d'autres endroits bourrés d'aussi hauts immeubles modernes dans Paris en dehors du Front de Seine (Beaugrenelle)

  14. c'est le genre de photo sur lequelles vous ne savez quoi dire!

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