Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Paris plage 2006

You think I took this photo on the French Riviera last week end? All wrong, I took it in the middle of Paris on the embankment where, for the 5th time now, they have turned the expressway into a giant beach, with real sand! If you want to have a more global idea go back to my last year's posts, between July 21 and July 24. With the current heat wave, Paris Plage is fully packed, but still it's really fun. If you want to see a little video (in French) click here and select "A la Une" (the yellow tab on the upper left corner of the little screen.)

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  1. Excellent photo Eric! How did you get so close without getting punched by this guy? Speaking of which, it looks like Darrell from Miami!

  2. It's not a bad looking set of toes, actually.

  3. I love it!!! Exactly what you need to see in the middle of a work day - on a Monday, no less! - stuck in a high rise ...

    Very cool shot. Definitely one of my favorites!

  4. Haha! That's so funny! I never would have thought to take a snapshot of that. It's great. :)

  5. ben pour ma part il y a Bastia Plage et ca je ne l'echangerais jamais contre un Paris plage...
    enfin ceux qui veulent venir il y aura du vin de la charcuterie du fromage du sable du ciel plus beau que tout ceux du monde de jolies loulouttes et p'tit mec pour vous mesdames sinon je pars me baigner dans un eau un peu trop chaude a mon gout "28°" quelle envie ....
    a vous de prendre l'invitation...



  6. ... ceux qui veulent venir il y aura du vin, de la charcuterie, du fromage ...

    Tiens, ça me rappelle quelque chose, mais quoi?


  7. For all the people who think that with digital photography you loose the depth of field, this is a text book illustration that you do not!
    Great job Eric and an fun photo too.

  8. Thanks for the movie link too - looks like a lot of fun

  9. Great pix again! I had to link to it :)
    Enjoy the beach and keep cool.

  10. Great Photo. Did that guy know you were taking his picture or did you just sneak the shot?

  11. This little piggy went to market,
    This little piggy stayed home,
    This little piggy had roast beef,
    This little piggy had none,
    And this little piggy cried,
    "Wee, wee, wee."
    All the way home.

  12. Ok, I just finished the reading of the previous comment ... and I can add my comment.
    It is one of the most humorous photos I have ever seen. This is a pure talent, Eric. Thank you!

  13. ... ceux qui veulent venir il y aura du vin, de la charcuterie, du fromage ...

    Ouais, enfn, nous à Paris, les "bouffeurs de saucisse, c'est pas trop notre truc" !
    ha ha !

    Ceci étant dit, par cette chaleur, on se sentirait bien mieux en Corse qu'à Paris, et plutôt du côté des aiguilles de Bavella que sur la côte !

  14. haha Michael has another song for this post!

    Eric, that's a humorous way to show the Paris Plage. Actually it was covered in TV news here which showed a swimming pool as well.

  15. 5 years on - what a success story! Such an innovation! Do any Parigots now stay at home instead of packing into legrand départ du mois d'août like sardines? Good job the toes guy was having a siesta! E c'est plus qu'évident que Terra Vecchia n'en a pas besoin, comme moi au Portugal Sur Mer!

  16. What Michael! No link to a musical rendition of that lovely song?!!?

    This person, whoever he is, has great toes!

  17. Yeah, this paris plage is really a great idea. I am so amazed every year of this fabulous idea. Of course it's not a real beach, but still. To delanoe, i say "well done" !!

    Nasty gg: for your record, i heard that paris mayor is actually quite a gourmet of saucisses...

    Eric, and what about the Polish tents that were burning ? did you get any picture of that ? could be pretty fun as well...

  18. Hmm how many people expect Paris Hilton stuff when they come to your site?
    Just curious :)

  19. I think the polish had a great idea actually. You must have a marvelous view from the camping du "Quai Conti".

    I actually would suggest to have tents on the Pont des arts. Isn't it the ultimate latest trend in Paris, to give back their town to the city inhabitants ?

    Much nicer than the view from the camping of "Palavas les flots".

    I myself decided that I would tonight sleep on the camping du Champ de Mars, as the camping du Canal Saint Martin was full for tonight (damn !).

  20. Eric, I was just thinking the other night that Paris plage would be coming soon. Thanks!

  21. Super, super photo, Eric! This so captures it all. Love the fine sand on toes slanted just so, and the "Dick Tracy" nose and glasses point of view.

    LOL on Michael's bringing up "Piggies." Is there a French version of that nursery ryhme?

    And camping on Champs du Mars? This sounds like a wonderful way to beat the heat, too.

  22. How does one know if somebody has "great toes"?? As Gertrued Stein said, a toe is a toe...is a toe.

    The last piggy must have been riding a bicycle in the Tour de...never mind.

    Man, it's been hot here.

  23. The toe is superbly taken (especially the sand, i agree with kim).

    The guy however looks like kinda fat, doesnt he ?

  24. Il est difficile d'aider les pays pauvres. Au Rwanda, les catholiques belges s'étaient cotisés pour offrir un taureau de race sensé fertiliser les vaches rwandaises qui donnent bien peu de lait. Le bestiau avait été trimballé en avion, bien sûr, au frais de la communauté belge. Mais elle a dù se contenter, pour vivre, de brouter, comme ses confrères du pays, de pauvres pâturages et de boire l'eau des marigots. Quinze jours après, bien sûr, la pauvre bête était morte.

    Mclerc, blog du monde, en reaction a l'article sur les egoismes agricoles.

  25. Kim asked, "Is there a French version of that nursery rhyme?"

    I'm not sure if it's an exact french rendition, but I think it has the same idea:

    Cinq petits doigts qui s'ennuient
    S'en vont en voyage
    Cinq petits doigts qui s'ennuient
    S'en vont cette nuit
    Le plus gros part en camion
    Le deuxième part en avion
    Le troisième part en auto
    Le quatrième en vélo
    Le petit dernier est parti à pied

  26. Do you know when the Paris Plage is going to be dismantled? I'm going to Paris at the end of September, and while I'm sure it will still be tres chaud, I have a feeling it's already going to be gone!


  27. Ha ha, Hé hé...
    Funny, and that saucisse story - lol

  28. I must be really out of it, because I had no idea what Perfido and Fred_ganesh were talking about.

    Apparently, the Paris police have begun dismantling tents for the poor throughout the city. They were mostly distributed by the Medecins du Monde (Doctors of the World) charity, but since they are viewed as embarrassing during tourist season (unlike the Paris Plage), they are being removed.

    Did I get that right?

  29. Exacto.

    I can even tell you that this story is in the Sao Paulo daily newspaper...

    They say that they were kicking the poor (mostly Polish emigrates with no visa) ouf of the Seine banks, now, just because they wanted the space to install paris plage.

    In any case, the story about "tent camping" on the banks of the Seine is pretty appalling. I couldnt believe it when I saw it. Not digne at all. I hope they'll soon find a solution for these people.

  30. > Michael. Well, the guy was sleeping so I don't know his name and I did not wake him up to ask him if he was OK with my taking a photo of his toe!

    > Luggi. Well, his feet don't look 100% clean, but it's Paris plage, not Bora Bora!

    > Tomate. Smack! Always a pleasure to make you happy.

    > Khouansiva. Thanks. Well, you know, you're like walking down a site that has been shot from every angle so many times you have to come up with a funny idea.

    > Terra Vecchia. Oui, bon évidemment paris Plage ça ne rivalise pas avec les plages de la Corse. Mais bon, on s'en contente !

    > A photographer. Welcome back, it's been a while. You are right, but I have had to come very close to the guy's toe though. Otherwise there was no depth of field.

    > La Frog. Thank you very much. For your visit and for the link.

    > Natalie. I sneaked the shot but the girl next to me was hilarious when she saw me taking the pic.

    > Philos. Sorry I removed the comment you're talking about because - after a quick Google translation, it appeared that it had really very little to do with this photo! thank you for your compliments ;)

    > GG. Well, en Corse, il doit quand même faire très chaud.

    > Lisi. Yes there is new swimming pool on the Seine, you're right. I tryed to photograph it put it's not pretty. I am surprised they had that on the news in Hong Kong though. That's cool!

    > Ovelikios. Efkaristo !

    > Nowhere man. Yeah yeah. OK, you have an ocean, big deal! LOL "Parigots" still leave the city between July 14 and August 31. Paris is empty at the moment, that is very cool.

    > Elisabeth. Welcome back too! If I see him again I'll pass him the message (providing I can recognize him though!)

    > Perfido. No I did not take a photo of the burning tents. I have tried to photogrpah these tents a couple of times but I have always made bad photos with them.

    > Mike. Interesting question. Difficult to tell. Not that many according to the keywords people enter in Google or Yahoo before they land on my site (one day I will give you some examples). Besides, PDP deals with Paris Hilton too from time to time!

    > Fred. Hum...

    > Debs. Yep, every year after Bastille day. How is Megan by the way? (sorry, private message !)

    > Kim. Thank you. Camping is not really camping, see Michael's comment above. I don't know about a French versioin to that song but there might be (it seems that Michael found one).

    > Jeff. LOL. Very funny!

    > Luderica. Well I don't know, I was concentrating on his toes!

    > Jose Bove. Jose Bove reads my blog?! Quite unexpected! LOL

    > Run around... Yes I know, it lasts untel August 20ish. So yes, when you come in September it will be gone. But I don't think it will be très chaud. Don't worry.

    > Chris. Yeah, well...

    > Michael. thanks to enlighten everybody on this tent story.

    > Perfido. The Mayor of Paris says it has nothing to do with Paris Plage.

  31. Eric, Megan is fine. Still looking for a "real" job. And mailing sand in envelopes. She is a Hallmark store's dream customer! Thanks again for the photos.

  32. Next time aim for the nose hair Eric! LOL! I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaad! ;-)

    Another great shot, one where you don't mind the "graininess" huh? I swear, I can almost count the grains of sand on that big piggy!

    And Eric, you never cease to amaze me...you replied to almost EVERYONE who commented!

    You're a doll!
    Au revoir!

  33. yes, I saw in the news, nice girls playing voleyball so near to Eiffel tower. And did you upload pics from Louvre?

    Greetings from Perú

  34. Eric, your photos are terrific. You have an eye for photos of substance, humor, glamour, etc. We love your labors of love.

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