Thursday, July 20, 2006

From Bercy to Beirut...

Sometimes the Metro (underground) has to cross the Seine. Some lines run underneath the river but some others have to use a bridge, like here on the Pont de Bercy between the 12th and the 13th arrondissement. What you can see in the background is the Ministry of finance, a controversial building completed in 1989 . When I see such a quiet scene I can't help thinking of Abdallah who runs the Beirut Daily Photo blog and who had to leave his country. Drop him a line, if you have the chance, I am sure he can do with a little extra comfort...


  1. hi Eric, I think the generosity and kindness of spirit reflected in your comment here is something that goes towards adding a little magic to your photographs as well. I am really loving seeing Your city, every day!

  2. I just sent him an e-mail, thanks to you, Eric. You seem like such a nice and very cool guy. I hope I can return to Paris soon and meet up with you. I'll buy you a drink! Salut

  3. Ditto on above sentiments.

    I've never seen this bridge. Same idea as Pont Bir Hakeim it looks like, but less pedestrian. Where are the cars?

  4. Roger that, Eric, will do.

    Now, I have just one question: how early do you have to get up to see a street of Paris THAT EMPTY?!!

  5. i just love this bridge actually. i used to cross it a lot, when doing the ballade en rollers; it often was included in the itinerary.
    the metro line above, on the viaduc, is indeed just great - which is quite unexpected from a metro line...

  6. une penssé pour abdallah nous l'avons tout les jours...

  7. ERIC! Mon Ami!

    Long time no hear! ;-)

    Hey, thanks for pointing us in Abdallah's just boggles my mind how destructive some areas of the globe can be...

    Sure makes me think twice and appreciate every little freedom I have here in the States...

    Take care and stay cool everyone!


  8. I think this is a great shot, the large version showing the details makes it even nicer ;-)

  9. This photo is among your absolute best!

    . . .. and you say you're not a professional photographer???? ha!

  10. Nice shot and angle Eric. Is ths the same pont that has the stores underneath it near the Bastille?

  11. Hope Haxo will come back soon to enrich this comment: this bridge has been "dobbled" at the moment of the construction of Ministry of Finance, so now one may drive on both sides of the Métro.

  12. Eric, at last I've found the PDP pics again, but I'll write you a mail to explain - it's weird!Anyway, this reminds me of the many times I crossed that bridge to/from work, either on the mètro from Place Daumesnil to Porte D'Italie, but often on foot, 'cos I just loved walking all over the city - unforgettable joy. No Min.Finances building back then, so it's strange for me to see. Right now, we can look at just about anything around us in our Western World &get a chill from comparing with Beirut. I had thought of Abdullah too. Will visit...

  13. Bonjour!
    what a lovely blog. love looking at all the pictures. can't wait to visit some of these places when i visit.

  14. wonderful shot eric and yes, thanks for sending us over to Abdallah

  15. It's a very nicelooking bridge. It looks too quiet though, almost desserted. Fitting.

  16. Thanks a lot Eric for being so caring and compassionate about the people who suffer, and for displaying warmth and attention towards the members of the cityblog community.

    Dorothee(from Bostonweeklyphoto)

  17. yeah eric, it s really whta is happening in beirut. I´ll visit the DP of our friend to support him. Good pic, better messagge.

    Greetings from Perú.

  18. Extra !
    Le Paquebot le plus luxueux de France.

    Big support for the suffering ones.

  19. gg: this bridge has been dobbled? .. what do you mean?

  20. > Photo a day. Thank you, that is a nice thing to say. In fact, I do mean what I said, I never experienced war but I kind of imagine what it's like to be forced to leave one's country because of the bombs.

    > Floski. With pleasure Floski, with pleasure! (Diet coke then!)

    > Luggi. Yes, exactly. Same principle as Pont Bir Hackeim. And there are cars! I have just been lucky when I took this one.

    > Tomate. LOL Well 6 am. No, I am just kidding. Like I said, I have been lucky, that's all.

    > Charlus. True, and it gives it a special flavour that I love.

    > Terra Vecchia. C'est gentil pour lui ;)

    > Ame. Hey, welcome back. Where were you?! Difficult to stay cool at the moment, let me tell you! You're right, we don't realise how lucky we are to leave in peace. I was thinking of that the other when I was watching the fireworks. Besides the nice coulours the noise made me think of the bombs in Libanon and how awful it must be to find yourself in such a situation.

    > Lisi. thank you, you always say the nicest things ;)

    > Zen g. Thank you! I swear, I am not. But I may buy myself a brand new camera soon...

    > Michael. I see, it's what we call the "Coulée verte" (the green thoughway?). It used to be a former train line that they turned into gardens. So it's not the same bridge, but probably from the same period.

    > GG. Oh yeah? You mean enlarged? I did not know that.

    > Nowhere man. OK, save the PDP URL into your favorite links now! I am glad this photo recalled a - good - memory. Come back here, there will be plenty of other ones!

    > Heather. There is always a first. And believe me after what you said I hope this is not the last either! Come back anytime!!

    > Missy. Thank you. Yes, Paris is really worth visiting in real, not only through PDP!

    > Edwin. Thank you. ANd thank you for him.

    > Natalie. Believe me it's only because it's July and that I was lucky. Normammy it's totally packed.

    > Dorothée. Thank you, that is very nice of you to say ;)

    > Irredento. Thank you. I think he'll be happy to see that people from all over the world support him.

    > Chris. LOL. Yes! So I heard. But, well, now it's there, so...

    > Tomate. I think he meant enlarged (that is they made twol lanes instead of one on each side of the Metro.)

  21. Tomate---"dobbled" is really "doubled" I think.

  22. Eric , Tomat, Michael : yes "enlarged", that's it. The correct word couldn't come right yesterdy and I was to lazy to bother looking for it ! Blame the heat !!!
    BTW the Pont de la Concorde has been enlarged exactly the same way, though much a longer time ago. You can see it when sailing under on the Bateaux Mouches.