Thursday, July 06, 2006

One more step...

I can hear you from here: "What, I come here for a daily pic of Paris and all I get these days is a lousy world cup photo a day!" Well, what can I say, we won again tonight so I could not help going down my street. And guess what, this time the crowd was twice the size of what it was Saturday evening... I am so thrilled I cannot help sharing my enthusiasm with you!

PS: Today, the wonderful world of the Daily Photo brings you the first international quiz. Your mission is to discover the two Daily Photo sites that have a linked post today. More details on London Daily Photo.


  1. Fantastic Shot, Eric! Beautiful! Really captures the feeling.

    However, I don't expect to sleep at all tonight.


  2. on n'est en finale...
    je t'invite a voir un veritable post de victoire...

  3. VIVE LA FRANCE! I "watched" over the internet and screamed from my office at the final moment. Everyone came running!

    The funny thing is, I'm an Italian American rooting for France. Shhhh, don't tell!

  4. Do you guys need a shipment of ear plugs? We can probably stick a few in a DHL or FedEx package ;-)

    Nice shot, Eric! Look at this beautiful flag, too! Looks brand new and you can still see the marks from being folded...

  5. Wowsies! It must be very exciting.

  6. Felicitations. I haven't experienced that kind of public joy since 1991, and never in Paris! I love how the celebration occurs with every victory, and keeps getting bigger and BiGGer and BIGGER. Dimanche est le jour!Allez Les Bleus!

  7. zidane is such a great player. that penalty kick was a thing of beauty!

    i too am rooting for france (and was over the moon that they kicked brazil out of contention!).

  8. I watched the game with a crowd at the Alliance Française here in San Francisco (the game was at noon our time.) It was great fun.

    The genuine good sportsmanship and respect of Zidane and Rigo was wonderful to see when they hugged and exchanged jerseys.

    I'm going back on Sunday...I can't wait to see France kick their neighbor's butts!

    Allez, allez les Bleus!



  11. I am sooooooooo happy that France won and wish I were there to celebrate...Zidane is grrrrrreat!

  12. Great shot, Eric! I can almost hear the cheering. I rushed my errands today to be home @ 3 PM to watch the game. We'll have a BIG viewing crowd at our clubhouse on Sunday for the championship.

  13. Mais où s'arrêteront-ils ? Jolie façon de "mourrir ensemble"...Merci les "vieux" (et pas seulement Zizou).
    "Congratulations" aussi aux portugais qui ont donné du fil à retordre à nos p'tit bleus.
    Jolie photo. Je ne sais pas pourquoi, mon coeur bat un peu plus vite lorsque je vois ce drapeau ;)

  14. from an Australian living in Germany, I can only wish France all the best for Victory on Sunday :-)

    And thank you for this fantastic daily moment in the magical city of Paris!

  15. MLL said... "
    Je ne sais pas pourquoi, mon coeur bat un peu plus vite lorsque je vois ce drapeau..." (I don't know why, but my hear beats a little faster when I see this flag)

    Eric, I thought I understood that it was badly considered to be "patriotic" in France. And when I see that the team members don't even sing the French National Anthem, I wonder why. Can you or someone shed some light on this?

  16. Michael
    In fact if you whatch well, You will see that Thuram and Makelele always sing the anthem. People is not obliged to sing, for us it has no meaning. Patriostism is something very individual here. You do what you want.
    Regards and thks Eric for your blog.
    Allez les Bleus !

  17. Great pix, I can feel the vibe all the way from L.A.!
    Could we repeat ther magic of '98?..

  18. After such an exciting victory, it would have been disappointing not to see photos of the celebration in Paris. Viva Les Bleus!!! Bon chance a dimanche!

  19. I'm loving all the World Cup images!

    We will be cheering for you.

  20. Michael, I'm afraid you won't have a satisfying answer to your question here. Let's say self denigrating is part our identity which amusingly goes along with our reputation of arrogance. Anyway, you could spend diners with friends, read books, atend many debates about that difficulty we have to simply enjoy the fact of being French and… recognize it !
    But tell me, you have some experience now, don't you ?

  21. They didn't sing the national anthem? Interesting...

    * * *

    You guys should know that the French team is getting support here in SF from all kinds of people I didn't even know paid attention to soccer! One kid (Hispanic) at work even told me yesterday that she had been rooting for France because she " getting tired of seeing Brazil win all the time!"

    * * * *

    Buzzgirl: how was that, watching it at the Alliance Francaise? Did you have fun? That place is usually rather stuffy. Just curious.

  22. > Mrs B. So did you get some sleep eventually?

    > Terra. Oui, on est en finale! Je suppose que c'était la grosse fête en Corse.

    > Suzy. Italian American supporting France... Well at least if we lose Sunday you

    can always remember your Italian origins!!

    > Tomate. Yes I could have done with ear plugs, beleive me. But it's alright, I


    > Luggi. It WAS exciting. So, don't you regret supporting the Portuguese??

    > Jeff. ;) Allez les bleus, allez les bleus...

    > Barista. No wonder we won with all these supporters! Thank you.

    > Buzzgirl. I bet it's cool to watch it over there with the French community of

    SF. I am sure the atmosphere must be as wild as here.

    > Anonymous. I took this photo at the Grands Boulevards Metro Station at the

    crossing of Boulevard Montmartre and Rue Montmartre and rue du Faubourg

    Montmartre. Right there.

    > Lisi. Thank you, thank you.

    > Ujima. I did not think that many people would watch this game from so many different places in the world actually. I love the idea.

    > MLL. Et oui, comme quoi , dans certains cas, le patriotisme revient dare dare...

    > Lakhia. Chi vincerà? Lo vedremo domenica sera...

    > Photo a day. Thank you very much. What is an Australian doing in Germany???

    > Michael. Yes, it is badly considered to be patriotic unless the country is being attacked, unless somebody criticize the French and unless we're doing anything good in sports...

    > Louis. You're probably right, I never thought of that.

    > Jazzy. Thanks.

    > LA Frog. I wish very much we'd repeat the 98 magic. But let's not count our chicken yet, the Italians are very good.

    > Natalie. It is, isn't?

    > La reveuse. Merci. A dimanche.

    > Monique. Thank you very much.

    > Carmen. Merci, gracias... In 4 years it will be Spain's turn ;)

    > GG. Very true. Good analysis and a real mystery. The fact is that we're proud to be French but that it is badly considered to show it.

    > Tomate. Yeah, it's great all this support from all over the world. I feel the world loves us (even the US!!)

  23. what i wouldnt give to be in paris right now.....

    what's funny is that i was in italy and france just two weeks ago! and they both made it to the's sad that the US isnt as into the games as europe...when i was visiting, there were people all the time in the streets and the games were playing in EVERY restaurant and bar....

  24. Nahal: I wouldn't say that! When it's SuperBowl time, you can hear the game come out of practically everybody's windows, and of course, every bar in town ... or is it just San Francisco?

  25. Woah, eh bien, Eric, cela en fait des réponses, quel courage...Puis-je dire au nom de tous..."MANY Thanks" :)

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