Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Make war, then love!

I remember that when I was young, I would not even think of watching the July 14 Champs Elysées march because I thought it was really tacky (and also because going to the army for a year was compulsory at that time which was not something I was looking forward to!) Now I'm older, I've performed my military service and I have a better appreciation of what all these men and women can do for us. So I have no problem watching the march, on the contrary! Worse, I even took the excuse of having to take photos for PDP to go to Les Invalides where a big PR event - after the march - to show the French how well protected they are. At the end I saw this couple (he's wearing the famous Polytechnique uniforme - Le Grand U) and thought they were cute. If you want more photos, check this little Animoto.


  1. They are more than cute. Brings a tear to the eye actually, a man in uniform in love.....ohhh. lol. I know, I'm a sucker for romance.

  2. Bet they'd love to have this photo! I hope they come forward.

  3. They are cute. I wish for them lots of love and an end to war.

  4. What a gorgeous couple, even from behind. Nice capture, Eric!

  5. This has a sentimental sweetness to it. During the Vietnam war, in my youth, service men were not popular, although I did go out with a couple.

  6. Nice shot, on many levels.

    Glad you didn't have us guess! I would have said St. Cyr, but wait, wrong hat.

    I remember when my father took me to a defile on the Champs a LONG time ago. There was 1 (ONE!!!) sole woman marching in front of a whole regiment of men. Apparently she was the first woman admitted to the class of ... I forget. Can't remember which school it was, maybe it was Polytechnique. My Dad pointed her to me and said "hey that could be YOU someday!" Memories.

    Happy July 14th!

  7. "Polytechnique" or whatever "technique" is certainly working for this couple. :-) Good to see romance is alive and well in I ever doubted it. Hope you're enjoying your holidays.

  8. Oh, that's adorable! Love your animoto too, Eric. {Great choice of music.} There's certainly something about men in uniform - and dinner suits. All the better when they have their sweetheart with them.

    Lynn, congrats GF! Perhaps some heart-shaped bronze buttons to dangle off your crown?

  9. They're soooooo sweet looking and soooooo French looking. We sure don't have hats like that for our young men in uniform in the US and it seems that no matter what generation of young women, upswept hair never goes out of fashion in France. Le Grand U is quite stunning. And so is your photo. I hope you had fun!

  10. Now THAT is the way I want to promenade on the Champs!!! How romantique.
    Thanks for sharing the info about you in the army. Did you save your uniform? Any pix that we, your loyal viewers can chuckle over, or,that some of us can drool over? (The uniform thing Carrie mentioned).

  11. La Feuille Blanche
    En vérité, une feuille blanche
    Nous déclare par le vide
    Qu’il n’est rien de si beau
    Que ce qui n’existe pas.
    Sur le miroir magique de sa blanche étendue,
    L’âme voit devant elle le lieu des miracles
    Que l’on ferait naître avec des signes et des lignes.
    Cette présence d’absence surexcite
    Et paralyse à la fois l’acte sans retour de la plume.
    Il y a dans toute beauté une interdiction de toucher,
    Il en émane je ne sais quoi de sacré
    Qui suspend le geste, et fait l’homme
    Sur le point d’agir se craindre soi-même
    ~ Paul Valéry

  12. Cool photo, Eric. (And thanks for the links.) He has one hand on the girl and the other on his sword! I used to live on the place de l'Ecole Polytechnique—now I see they've moved the school elsewhere.

  13. Make love and then make love again. Forget war.

    Wonderful photo Eric.

  14. lol Shell thanks! That's a perfect crown yes indeed. Wearing it now lol. Perhaps a small addition to the crown?....a uniformed handsome man dangling about my person? ;)

  15. Young and in love - you certainly captured it! Thanks for the dreamy photo.

  16. What is it about women and men in uniforms?
    Er, I mean not women in uniforms - men in uniforms.
    Didn't quite mean that either, not that I don't like men in uniforms at least not in that way. I prefer women in uniforms in a different way.
    That didn't quite sound right either. Better stop now.

  17. LOL Drummond ahahahaha laughing hard. Well, I'm not sure what it is - authority? Knowledge? Taking charge? Proficiency? Dominance? Maybe I had better stop too. Giggle.

    Forgot to say, Eric, nice depth of field! Good, large aperture huh?!

  18. Hello ku u ipo
    Your photo is so good. Eric you are the only one on earth ( yes I'm thinking my words) who are able to see everything to be everywhere at the fine time : you are unique and that's why we, I do love you. You own something the others have not or less or nope ;)
    Well, I have a little sweet time just for me by now and that's so good. The weather is magic, light, sounds, quietness wow. I needed that time as since the beginning I mean since the beginning of my week I had so many things to deal with. And now and here I'm alone and enjoy very much. Alone with the sky, the birds and with myself. I confess it I like a lot to be alone with myself. If you knew...
    I'll stop because I know I could speak more than reason right now. Ahhhhh pdp. Such a place to dream to evade myself. Thank you so much you are the best you know it;)
    I'm returning in the living world :)) take care.

  19. Sooper!!! Great pic Eric!!! Merci!! I have friends from SF visiting in Paris right now so I am looking forward to their stories when they return. I'm sure they had a great day yesterday!!

  20. Eric,

    It's all in the way you look at an image. I just see a romantic sweet couple in beautiful Paris.

    Ahhh Paris and romance. I dream of wandering in the streets of paris with my love. Non, I would be dancing and it would be with my lover. LOL

    Paris is for lovers after all.

  21. Lilledebeauté: blush!

    Thanks everyone for your nice words, it goes directly into my heart!

    Mind you, I knew more or less that this photo would move you.

    Sorry to comment a little late, I'm working on the "new PDP"!

  22. NEW PDP????? You come in here and give us THAT? Well, we want more information dear Eric, that alone will not do! New? How so? :)

  23. New PDP? Subscription only? LOL. PDP would be worth it though.

  24. Well done ! I just wanted to say it !
    Since i discover your blog and your beautiful photos
    i have the feeling to re-visiting Paris :-)
    it is a real pleasure, please keep doing it !