Saturday, August 15, 2009

The sun returns

After a terrible week, the sun finally decided to return. Next week is even going to be very hot, they said... We usually have a long weekend at this time of the year because it's August 15, the Virgin Mary's celebration day (for the Catholics). But this year the 15 is a Saturday, so no extra day! Well, I suppose I should not really complain should I? Anyway, have a wonderful summer weekend everyone (well for those of you who are in the Northern hemisphere!).


  1. This picture will be great to return to when we are covered in snow! Love the fuzziness of the picture!

    We are finally getting our warm temperatures here in Ohio - just in time to return to school.


  2. Please, send some sunshine further north!;-)
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. Nice green summer grass but I can't read what is written on the sign ;)
    You did not have a beautiful sun during last week, Eric?
    I thought you had, though, according to the weather forecasts. But glad the sun returns!!!
    There are many Parisians I know who are also going on their way back, this weekend...
    Don't know if that's a good new for you Eric ;)

  4. Well the fact that the skies cried when I left is a comfort somehow! HA

  5. Must be a field. It's really hot here. Jungle. I planned to go to gallery opening, but it's too damn hot. I stayed home and drank wine. What the hell. My new life begins tomorrow. Goodbye to a chapter.

    By the way, has anyone heard from notre reine?

  6. I'm interested to know what this photo actually is Eric. Where did you find so much grass in Paris?

    Yes, it has been a miserable summer this year, so bring on those hot temps.

    What new chapter Jeff?

  7. Hi Eric. I've found your website about two months ago and - I'm sure you've heard this before - ever since I became a regular making your page one of the first stops of the day. Anyway, after lurking for two months I thought it is time to stop and say hi and thank you. Also, I'm sure you've heard this before too, you inspired me to create my own daily photo blog.

    I've been to Paris in July and when I got there the temperature was 21 Celsius but by the time I left a week later it was 14 Celsius. I had to go out and buy a sweater - didn't bring one because where I live it has been a sunny summer.

  8. There she goes again, talking about the size of his aperture.

  9. Green, oh, it looks great. Everything here is so brown.

    Welcome, Andreea, and good luck with Bucharest Daily Photo. The pictures you've posted already are wonderful.

    Jeff! Come clean, you tease.

  10. Virginia, that's a classic quote...

    I am actually going to mow the grass right now in the sultry humidity of New York in August...

    I won't enjoy it as much as if it were a lawn in Paris....not just because if I had a lawn in Paris, I am sure it would in a pot!


  11. Ooooh, this picture combines 3 of my favorite things; sunlight, green, and nature! I love it!

  12. Funny Sean and pretty realistic...

  13. it's nice to be back to your blog after a long time and see that you continuing posting some very good photos from Paris (France). keep up the good work.