Tuesday, January 24, 2012

农历新年 (nónglì xinnián)

So it's the Chinese new year... and it's the year of the water dragon apparently, a symbol of strength and power. Since I've started learning Chinese (with a wonderful - and very patient! - teacher), about a year ago, I learned a lot about the Chinese culture and language differences (and God knows they are numerous!). FYI, marches and celebrations will mostly take place during next weekend, but I won't be in Paris, so I'm posting this photo that I took during a previous new year celebration at Hotel de Ville.


  1. In a suburb here there used to be a Chinese restaurant that offered a New Year dinner feast if you made a reservation for at least six people. Unfortunately, it closed a few years ago. It's a great celebration, like the Western New Year.

  2. Eric, I'm so impressed that you're studying Chinese--and you used Chinese characters in your title, too! I suppose it's not enough that you already speak French and English fluently.

    Mon dieu, I really need to find a good French teacher in Pasadena. And don't tell me Academie Francaise, they are outrageously expensive.

  3. ...and Italian, German, Spanish...such a worldly guy that Eric!

    @Petrea - why not an online course or a Skype teacher?

  4. The Chinese New Year is so festive.
    Happy New Dragon year.

    I'm very impressed that you're learning Chinese, Eric.
    I think French is hard enough to learn ;o)

  5. I'm with Bettina and Petrea! French is hard enough to learn! (Of course, it would help if I didn't start a sentence in French, then have my brain slide it over into Spanish by the end of the sentence! LOL)

    Happy New Year of the Dragon!

  6. Michael. Duh. The internet can do that?


  7. @Jeff "In a suburb here there used to be a Chinese restaurant that offered a New Year dinner feast if you made a reservation for at least six people" Wow! That sounds like a real good deal! Too bad it's closed...

    @Petrea (and Bettina and Christie) "Eric, I'm so impressed that you're studying Chinese" Don't be, I really suck (I have no time to work at all, so no wonder). It's not that hard, it's really a matter of work - especially to remember the Chinese characters. But it's very interesting a language.
    Re French: Michael is right, you should try the web - that's what I do with Chinese and it's really good - you forget after 2 minutes that you're on line and not face to face (I've started with www.lingueo.fr).

    @Michael "...and Italian, German, Spanish..." you're on drugs!! It's not because I know how to order food or where the next museum is located that I know how to speak all these languages LOL

  8. Eric -- even speaking some of all of those languages is still impressive (and you speak English like an actual Brit)! Looks like you're studying Mandarin, so let me say Xin Nian Kuai Le—and I'll throw in a Gung Hay Fat Choy for extra prosperity! :~}

  9. @Alexa "and you speak English like an actual Brit)" The Brits don't think so LOL!
    Thank you for your best wishes Alexa, or rather 谢谢 (this one everybody knows!)

  10. Happy Chinese New Year Eric,
    Wishing you good fortune, happiness, wealth and longevity! from your friend and colleague, Lois

  11. Happy Chineese new year. I dont get why they are on horses tho. Love their culture, many positives in it.

  12. Does your Chinese teacher love your French accent?