Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pavé parisien

I know it's less impressive than yesterday's photo, but it's also VERY Parisian: le pavé parisien - or les pavés parisiens -, (in English:Cobblestone) are famous not only because they are everywhere in the streets, but also because they are used in several French expressions: "battre le pavé" (long and hard walk in the streets), "sous les pavés la plage" (under the cobblestones lies a beach), slogan used by students in 1968, not to forget "pavé au chocolat" which is a chocolate cake shaped after a cobblestone (which can feel like a "pavé sur l'estomac" ( a cobblestone in your stomach!) if you eat too many of them ;-) Have a great weekend everyone, I'm off to bed after a long long day...


  1. It's a perfect photo after yesterday. From the heavens to les paves.

  2. Thank you for sharing those very interesting expressions. I like how that ribbon of sky draws the eye all the way down the lane from the lovely texture of the wet stones in the foreground. Did that guy walking along say anything to you?

  3. great shot, my kind of shot
    minus the gentleman and the minivan

  4. Yes, plage. I went to my notebook from that insane time and found a couple more:
    Autrement,, nous n'avons que le pavot. Aujourd'hui, le pave.
    Je jouis dans les paves.
    And must say that is an excellent example of the famous Tenin perspective!

  5. I love the cobblestones of Paris! I always give a thought to the workmen who spent their lives laying them down for the benefit of millions of people they would never know. Would they be called paveurs?

  6. I think those workers would be called fatigué.

  7. Loved yesterday's shot and love today's...I'm so crazy about the cobblestones in Paris particularly when glistening after a shower of rain have even featured them in a poem. So atmospheric. Thanks Eric for brightening up a slow Sunday morning.

  8. I sure didn't like them when I was wearing high heels. But now I think they're lovely and make me nostalgic.

    Tomate Farcie

  9. @Kim "Did that guy walking along say anything to you?" Nope!

    @Katie K "You meant plage, right?" Yes, of course! Shame on me...

    @Anonymous "minus the gentleman and the minivan" Well I have one without the gentleman, and I must say I hesitated...

    @Alexa "Je jouis dans les paves." ??? Really. Must be very uncomfortable!

    @Terry "Would they be called paveurs?" Yes!

    (And fatigué too! Jeef...)

    @ANN "Thanks Eric for brightening up a slow Sunday morning." Sunday?!

    @Tomate "I sure didn't like them when I was wearing high heels." LOL Yes, I've heard that...

  10. I do remember the previous shot! This one is lovely as well. Such a beauty.... you are awesome.