Friday, November 01, 2013

Celebrating the dead

Today is the first of the month and for once I will not take part in the CDP theme day! Why? Because today in France is La Toussaint (all saints' day), the day Western Christianity celebrates the dead people. And, well, even though I'm more eager to celebrate the living than the dead, I thought this photo of this tomb (a famous French writer), was just perfect for today. Enjoy life everyone, it's precious. I took this photo at Le Cimetière de Passy, by the way.


  1. Magnifique... Sobre & élégant, so beautifully photographed and chosen.
    I wish you could take such a photo of my tomb one day. Sorry this can appear a little morbid. It is not. It is just a compliment. My way to say I admire each piece of your work. I am sure it is important to be able to rely on those who live with us to take care of our death. I love your choice.
    I would also have loved to see your picture for the theme month though. I already miss your eye ...
    Enjoy life too with all saints.

  2. This is, as you indicate, quite a fine memorial to the dead.

  3. A powerful photo. And moving memorial.

  4. Good choice—a member of the Académie, and he lived a nice long life.

  5. I just realised that you missed Theme Day! Isn't that like another record for you? Wow. Just wow! :-)

  6. Hello Eric - as always a wonderful photo.
    However..... Yesterday was All Saints' Day (la Toussaint) which is a holiday in Catholic countries for celebration of the saints, known and unknown, not the day for focusing on the dead.
    Technically, that day was today, 2nd November: "la commémoration de tous les fidèles défunts".
    I know that the two have become melded together, largely because "la Toussaint" is a holiday and it is when people are free to go and visit cemeteries etc.
    (Then there's the American "Hallowe'en" influence!)
    P.S. no chrysanthèmes for Maurice Genevoix?