Monday, July 25, 2005

Armstrong wins the Tour de France for the 7th time

Here is a photo of Lance Armstrong on the Champs Elysees yesterday (actually I stole it from the television because it was raining and I was too lazy to go out!). I am not a big Tour de France fan but I admire this guy not only for his sport abilities but also - and above all - for his goodwill.


  1. It's a good capture Eric!

    Lance is very controversial here in the states. We admire him as an athelete and cancer survivor, but many don't like that he supports the tour in France.

    It's a pity.

    Live Strong


  2. Why would americans not like that he supports the Tour de France? And if not, aren't all those yellow rubber bracelets supposed to be in support of him and cancer or something? Now I see all different colours, but haven't asked anybody what they are for.

  3. i was watching his interview on the cnn this morning too. he has impressed me so much as he has such a strong personality to defeat his cancer and to achieve so much in his cycling career. i ain't that crazy about tour de france either, but his story caught my eyes!!

  4. Whether you like bicycle racing and The Tour de France or not, this was a momentous event in the annals of sports.

  5. Nancy,
    I am from the U.S., and never heard about any controversy regarding Lance's participation in the Tour de France.

    I am interested in hearing more on that.


  6. The guy is REALLY impressive indeed. I dont give a sheit about cycling, but I had to see this one. it was so unique. i was so impressed.

    he probably was on something, but i guess they all are, so it does not really matter (at least for me). he demonstrated formidable goodwill and strength, year after year, and that's what counts.


  7. Oh, I get it now! Let's all get over it shall we? The Tour de France is not just about Lance or one person, but about a long, hard training and human accomplishment. If I could ride 1/100th of the distance of the last rider I'd be pretty happy.

  8. Helena, I agree I've followed his career closely too and have never heard of anyone not supporting his participation , even amongst conservatives. If there has been any grumbling i'm sure it's a very very small (and obviously not very vocal) percentage.