Monday, July 11, 2005

Le Passe-Muraille (The Walker-through-Walls)

Isn't that cool? It's a sculpture by famous French actor Jean Marais made after a short story by Marcel Aymé (1902-1968) called le Passe-Muraille (the Walker-through-walls). As you can deduct from the title, this short story (that most French pupils have read!) tells the story of a clerk who finds out one day that he is able to walk through walls... He can then listen to private conversations, read confidential documents, steal, get even, etc. This statue can be found in Montmartre (18th arrondissement) quite logically on the place (square) Marcel Aymé.


  1. I have seen this sculpture in guide books over the years but never knew the story behind it. Now it is even more enchanting. Merci.


  2. I heard about this very neat sculpture but I had never seen it (I sort of knew that Jean Marais was an artist too, but I did not know that he sculpted and that he had done this work.) I have to look for it next year! This summer, I read Les Contes du chat perché by Marcel Aymé. They are basically tales for children, but they are quite hillarious and adults can definitely enjoy them as well.

  3. Thanks for this tid bit - we used to live in the 18th and often wandered past that lovely little squre, with the kids kicking the soccer ball around and old ladies in the building above camped in open windows watch the world slowly roll by...

    Never knew this story - thanks so much for adding an extra dimension to an already fond memory.


  4. I love this sculpture and m@ describes the spot perfectly. Out of the way from the tourists of Montmartre, but just close by, it'a worth the little detour.

  5. I had never seen this sculpture before and I think that is is very cool, indeed. In fact, it has replaced another of your pictures as my new desktop!
    I never miss a day to visit here.

    Thank you, Eric.


  6. >Floski. thank you, I am very happy to hear that. Come back anytime! And actually this screen background idea is a pretty good idea!

  7. bonjour,
    Cette statue représente pour moi un homme politique. Entre le passé et le futur, visionnaire, mais sans cesse présent dans la réalité. Capable de se déplacer entre les peuples et les gens différents. Cette l'histoire sans fin. Cette sculture est magnifique.

  8. Does anyone know where I may get an English translation of the story 'le Passe-Muraille' by Marcel Ayme for my grandchildren? It has intrigued me since my walk of Montmartre last year.

  9. another part of the story is that if you're very quiet, at night, you can hear music playing for the man in the wall. :)

  10. Merci Eric!

    I have this very same picture and could not remember what it was since it was taken almost 4 years ago.

    Kelly in Colorado

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