Sunday, July 17, 2005

In Paris, miracles do happen... (Overnight!)

OK, here is just a photo of a main thoroughfare along the river Seine in Paris that I took yesterday around lunch time. Nothing really spectacular, I agree! But come back here around 2 pm today and I will show you the same exact point of view...

2 PM update. Oops, it seems I have been a little presomptuous... In fact the miracle will take a little longer than what I thought! You will have to wait until Thursday July 21 to see it. Sorry for that;))


  1. Such "miracle" is impossible in Moscow! Days and nights our traffic is hard not only in center (about 20 million inhabitans is not a joke, specially if most of them wish to move in enormous cars!!!)You are so lucky because there are a lot of Smarts and motor-cycles in Paris, that's why this picture doesn't surprise me!

  2. Eric, as you know I love this Paris Plage thing. It's just one of those things that Paris does so well. Lights, fireworks, and even a beach along the Seine. Now, if we had only won the Olympics we could have shown the world a good time.

  3. Oh yes, it's true that Paris-Plage is coming soon! That really makes this place special at this period of the year. I love it. I live now in the USA but I miss Paris so much sometimes. Congratulation for all these wonderful pictures of the city. I am a new fan of this blog. That makes me remember my life when I was there.

  4. j'attends les photos de paris plage avec impatienz.

    au passage, essaye de prendre des bo mecs en maillot de bain...

  5. I am waiting for the Miracle ( on my Birthday) July 21

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